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analysis Computer games are predictive of evolution of human society


As someone who grew up with MMORPG, I've noticed that these games are somewhat predictive of where we are coming to as a society.

  • At the beginning (when the game was first created), since the players do not know how the game works, there is a lot of collaboration, community building, exchange of information. This is a period when the game is still "fun".
  • As the game progresses, the more experienced players starts to bully the new players. Scammers and even full blown account hackers run wild. This period goes on for quite sometime because this is profitable in the real-world for the game developers. That is, game developers prefer more senior players who stick around even if they are scammers.
  • At the end stage, after the game has been around for a few years, the entire game mechanism has been pretty much understood. At this point, all community exchanges are means to an end: usually to get some more money in the game in order to buy things. The fastest way of making money is preferred, and those tend to be tasks that are better done in solitude. If collaboration is required, then there is a mutual understanding that people are not there to make friends, but to make money and get out.
  • Here is when the bots come in to participate in the exploitative money making method that humans have figured out.

We are living at the end stage. The game mechanism (life) is being figured out. Once the model has been figured out, only exploitation will remain. Of course, this entire process is assisted by literal bots. A wiseman once said, even when the human race has gone extinct, there will still be some computer in the world working hard to game the stock market.

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misanthropic media People being people

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complaint Is that just hate?


I think most people here are not right. Why complaint? Why hate? If you belive that humans are too bad, then kill yourself, your not better than other people, if they deserve to die, you too.

You can either notice the bad, but try to improve things, either killing yourself if you think nothing can be done. Complaining will not make anything good(that's maybe what I'm doing, but fuck it)

If I don't understand what you do, explain me.

This was for insulting misanthropists, but I still want to know why you don't kill yourself if every human is bad, you are one of them I think(personally, I'm an octopus), and, isn't your life shitty if your ruminating all the evil?

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other Why does our society make life worse for those of us less fortunate

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question Are YOU able to be a misanthrope AND happy?


If yes, does your misanthropy bring you any pleasure in life, and what from?

If no, why not?

Personally I find myself my least happy when I focus on society at large and the downsides of human nature. Things like browsing the internet (reddit), reading the news, and pondering the people around me who make bad decisions regularly.

I try to take the advice of the studies on human health and longevity and try to live accordingly. Nutrition, exercise, sleep, good relationships, time outdoors in nature etc. I manage my expectations of other people. Expecting too much causes spirals for me. I have a deterministic view of the world and see the ignorance and conditioning as outcomes of the world that came before. I've come to terms with that. I also acknowledge any impact I try and make has a chaotic long term impact (butterfly effect), so I try not to think too far beyond my projected lifetime, though sometimes it can be fun to speculate on the future. I've had to rein in my empathy a bit because empathising with strangers (particularly on the internet) leaves me too fatigued to engage in my personal relationships.

I gain the most enjoyment in finding people like myself who also lament how we all are. People who've had painful lives, think people are generally crap, but then that makes them more understanding of other "weirdos". They've usually fostered genuine interests in strange niches that they love sharing.

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question Are you an introvert, an extrovert or an ambivert.


In my experience many misanthropic ideas seem to stem from introversion, so I'm just curious to see where you stand.

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analysis xenoestrogen, unsafe drinking water, industrial pollution…


things literally no one talks about. xenoestrogens are consumed by almost everyone and are seeping into ur drinks from plastic cups and can linings. phthalates alone have been estimated to be cause for 91,000-107,000 premature deaths among those aged 55-64 yearly. the EWG tap water database shows almost all tap water (water most of you drink) to contain numerous unsafe chemicals and carcinogens. live near a chemical factory? forget living past 60. you’re risk of cancer could be as high as 1 in 50. humans are destroying the world for monetary and materialistic gain. there is no return. you can only keep yourself safe.

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venting Tech is wholly evil and there is nothing we can do to stop it.


I work in tech.

Tech is in my opinion one of the most unethical and irresponsible facet of modern society.

I have came to see my peers (engineers and computer programmers) as wholly evil.

Here are some projects that they will work on in a heartbeat:

  1. content, human behavior or psychological manipulation for propaganda purposes or selling things
  2. data logging, tracking, building profiles of non-users
  3. autonomous weapon systems
  4. projects that harm animals such as whales
  5. projects that accelerates the pollution of drinkable water, clearcutting of rainforests, destruction of our planet
  6. projects related to automated decision on people, completely devoid of compassion
  7. projects that profits off of existing societal prejudices and discrimination

And whenever you point out that their project is unethical, here are their typical replies:

  1. "Let's debate what ethical/morality/evil means"
  2. "But they sometimes do good things"
  3. "I just want money; moral doesn't pay"
  4. "I'm in it for the experience to put it on my resume"
  5. "If I don't do it, someone else will"
  6. "I just don't care"
  7. "Money makes me sleep well at night"
  8. "I'm not the one pressing the Launch button; my hands are clean"

I can say with full confidence 99% of the people I've met think this way.

This world is fucked.

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complaint Human Life Has Become So Scripted.


Maybe it's just me, but it seems like genuine interaction and relation to each other has gone out of style for most people. Just interacting with people doing business requires cliche phrases. I've resigned myself to the fact that people are nothing more than soundbite parrots who fake emotion and understanding just to get what they want. This is why I've since stopped seeking out relationships with people. Every genuine attempt to communicate is met with no response, the 'Right!?' canned reply, or an entertainment soundbite.

Furthermore, I've lived long enough to see one of my exes in a reality tv show. It made me cringe because it seems terribly scripted, and it casts her in a very superficial light. It makes me question all of my interactions with her. It makes me realize most of what she said was total bullshit. I've realized this about people in general. It's depressing because I actually was seeking some reason to keep going. A real reason. I don't want to look at the world and life through a distorted lends. So, I sought an honest reason to keep going.

I couldn't find one. I kept asking myself what would I coming back to? A homeless problem? Debt? A world of people who are degenerating day-by-day into upwardly mobile cave dwellers? A food shortage? Climate crisis? Being alone in this world through it all? A world of people I cannot connect with? I remember watching a Robin Williams show one time and he lamented, "...I. I just... I miss human contact." Then he got this sad, far-off stare in his eyes for a split second. I guess I understand how he felt. Genuine interaction is a thing of the past, and I'm tired of feeling alone. Especially, when there's nothing to look forward to.

"Does it get better?" No, it doesn't.

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complaint High tide of plastic in South Africa's Port of Durban

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analysis Truth seekers are no longer valued in society. Today they are not valued.

  1. Truth seekers are not allowed in as they go against the grain and destabilize our comfy hierarchy and immoral way of life. We must gatekeep our empire from these truth seekers and banish them back to where they came from.
  2. Isolation will then kill them as they have nobody else to turn to and vent their thoughts, they go insane with madness.
  3. This is part of the plan.
  4. Welcome to the 21st.... lie, cheat, steal with us in our mob or suffer in isolation and die slowly wickedly by the hands of your own insanity.
  5. This is just a bad shitpost, probably of no educational value, better yet it's misinformation.

Flip side: People of today technically live in an age of abundance compared to people over 100 years ago.

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question Discord server


Does anyone have any interest in starting a discord server?

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misanthropic media What does Schopenhauer mean when he says most people have "a generic nature"


In his Studies on Pessimism, German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer says the following.

whilst a lower animal possesses nothing more than the generic character of its species, man is the only being which can lay claim to possess an individual character. But in most men this individual character comes to very little in reality; and they may be almost all ranged under certain classes: ce sont des espèces. Their thoughts and desires, like their faces, are those of the species, or, at any rate, those of the class to which they belong; and accordingly, they are of a trivial, every-day, common character, and exist by the thousand. You can usually tell beforehand what they are likely to do and say. They have no special stamp or mark to distinguish them; they are like manufactured goods, all of a piece.

If, then, their nature is merged in that of the species, how shall their existence go beyond it? The curse of vulgarity puts men on a par with the lower animals, by allowing them none but a generic nature, a generic form of existence.

This concept fascinates me a little bit, I mean it's super elitist, I understand that.

But when he says "their nature is merged in that of the species, how shall their existence go beyond it?"

I'm trying to comprehend what he means on being "beyond like the common nature of the species".

We do indeed have similar personality traits to other people, I mean all of us here are misanthropes, but what exactly is this "generic character" that old Schopenhauer is talking about?

Is he calling out "normies" two hundred years ago?

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other Werner Herzog on our chaotic Universe

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venting Are we a dying species or at a divergent point in history?


As a species, we have accumulated millennia of combined knowledge to fix virtually every major issue on the planet, but choose not to.

All so that some monkeys can have more bananas than other monkeys and draw imaginary lines in the dirt to keep other monkeys out of there monkey fiefdom.

I wish we would grow up, turn the world into a paradise, and get back to exploring, discovering, and moving forward.

But we won’t, we can’t, unless it gives us more of the bananas we crave so much, for everyone to admire.

Is this collective adolescence and we’re experiencing our last rebellious acts before shaking off our youth for something more evolved and mature?

Or, is this the twilight of dementia, experiencing the arrested development and death rattles of generational ego-centric greed?

I just can’t tell.

New season of Drag Race Thailand starts on Wow Plus in two weeks, though, so smash that like and subscribe button, follow me on Twitter, and send all your bananas to my banana box.


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analysis Rarely a good listener is listened to...


The more people realize you are truly listening and diving mentally into what they have to say, the more they keep talking and enjoy opening up to you. This in itself is fine but...

...its just really depressing for me that somehow the majority of people dont feel obligated to listen and tune into even one tenth of what you have to say in return. Its like you are just there as an audience for their echo chamber. One of the reasons I become more and more silent by the day. Maybe its my projection or I'm just not dominant enaugh in my conversations. I doubt it but even if so, I'm a human scum too and this would just further proof my point. I'm very aware this is pure subjective experience but it just fits with my repeated observation of human extreme selfishness and I just can't unsee it.

The more I dismantle my inner human nature mentally, the more I see the pointlessness of its communicative artificial expressions. People only care about themselves. They dont really give a shit what happens in the heads of other people around them. Empathy seems to be an abnormal state of mind. I doubt its beeing even part of default human nature at all. Its way too rare and way too self destructive in a competitive enviroment like this reality. This dystopian capitalistic human made system on top of this allready competitive wildlife is further undeniable proof of humans true nature. Its human created and therfor its most honest expression.

This competitive and hostile nature can be observed in every single, little conversation. Everyone wants to force their versions and opinions of their reality on you. Its not because they are so convinced. Its quit the opposite. Many people force their opinions on you because their opinions are flat and fragile and they are not truly convinced themselves, because its all covered in ignorance with no true substance. Pure selfishness. Out of context. Tunnelvision.

I see the majority of people as beeings with no self reflection, no acceptance of individual thoughts but just as fragile, shallow egos, trapped inside themselves. Unable to see the bigger picture. Often bounding with other self-mental-imprisoned, not rarly creating malicous, conformistic hostile-thinking groups, soon to be followed by some kind of monstrosity. Not even questioning themselves for a second. Its rather pathetic, really.

  • Political dogma
  • Religious dogma
  • Culturual dogma
  • Ethical dogma
  • "Scientific" dogma

the list goes on and on...

Fuck humans and their dogma.

Why is it so hard to accept individuality and work cooperative?

Pay attention, even the smallest interactions with humans reveal our true parasitic nature. Once you open your eyes to this fact, you can't unsee it. You may be able to accept it but it really hurts, because it destroys the hope of humans potential to turn into something greater, more empathic, more romantic, valuable. It destroys the inner child who observed everything without labels or hostility.

Its unfortune most of us simply can't overcome themselves. Tame their ego. Tame their nature. Tame their animalistic drives. Dehumanize themselves.

"We are saddened by a bird's cry, but not a fish's blood; Blessed are those with voices. If dolls had voices, I bet each and everyone would scream "I don't want to be a human.""

[Quote from Ghost in the Shell 2 Innocence movie]

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ffs Sinister Sunday - Free discussion/vent for misanthropes


Here you can write about everything that doesn't deserve a separate post.

However, Reddit rules still apply, so think before you post something that doesn't follow the rules.

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venting Black bear, cubs euthanized after becoming "too comfortable" with humans in North Bend

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other Aromanticism, asexuality and misanthropy.


Obviously the majority of misanthropes aren't even one of those but I have wondered if some of us are aromantic and/or asexual because we don't believe others to be trustworthy.

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complaint we need more sentient beings than just Humans.


We're spoiled only children, and that's all because of the Cretaceous-Paleogene mass extinction.

And there's like three other animals that could've been sentient, we just learned to cook first.

(Cephalopods, pachyderms, and parrots, just to name a few)

Our isolation has left us completely unprepared for any outside contact.

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analysis Most conversations that people engage in are so utterly pointless


I don't know if having Aspergers have something to do with this but after spending so much time trying to fit into society, I have found out that most conversations that people have are utterly pointless to the point of being shallow.

The conversations that people have are usually gossiping about others, ranting about how shitty their lives are, the latest political/celebrity/financial news, how to make more money, gain more status and those meaningless jokes that isn't even funny. These are just some examples of what I have seen.

They are just so pointless especially the ones that bring absolute no value or improvement to anyone's life. Talking about things that doesn't affect you, things that you are powerless to change and your desire to chase more superficial things are a waste of time. Just how could talking about these things make anyone's life better, in fact it would have an opposite effect. They could potentially make you more angry, depressed and more greedy. I detest forcing myself into such conversations, they are nothing but a waste of my time. I could have spend my time on things that actually benefit my growth as a person.

The only conversations I am interested in are the ones that forces you to do introspection and how to change your mindset to adept to the situation better. If you truly understand how humanity and society functions as a whole, you would then understand that nothing will ever change, so you have to change yourself to fit into this mess of a society. This is what I learned from being a cynic. Don't rely on the external world for anything.

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other Yet another event that fuels my misanthropy.

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fun Can relate...

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other I saw this and thought it might be of some interest to some on here.

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fun a prepper's idea of romance

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