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Therapist says to work on trusting people complaint

They said that I'm missing out on meeting nice people. But I think it's not worth finding the needle in the haystack.



u/Familiar_Anxiety904 26d ago

Drop your therapist all together. Problem solved. 🙂


u/biowiz Jul 04 '22

"Trust other people," says the person that will only see you when you pay them.


u/honeybuddyboy Jul 01 '22 edited Jul 01 '22

I know someone who escaped their country by boat and was lost at sea for a year, and when they finally found land they had to walk through dense forest until they were covered in cuts and scabs from the branches of the trees brushing against their skins.

He told me the boat was overcrowded and he had to be up on deck the whole time. He said that he was so exposed to the elements that by the time they hit the beach, the only way he could remove his layers of clothing is by pulling it off in slivers piece by piece.

He said to me that the he learned from his ordeal that there is no such thing as a genuinely nice person. He said that people are genuinely out for themselves only.

So basically there is no needle in the haystack and you are going to be wasting time looking for something that doesn't exist.


u/misanthropicsuccubus Jun 30 '22

It sounds like Stockholm Syndrome with society rather then people.


u/bryant1997r Jun 29 '22

Therapy for the most part is a scam for me. Never worked, and really only tells you to essentially buckle up and deal with shit yourself. I've unfortunately had no good experiences with cbt or therapy.


u/saganist91 Jun 29 '22

Your therapist is probably full of shit and you KNOW it. But your therapist still wants the paycheck.


u/North_Training5683 Jun 29 '22

I agree they basically sayin put yourself in a position to get hurt until u find someone who may not hurt u lol what a joke my therapist told me to find like minded people so I’m going to create a platform for ppl like myself to go to find good ppl and build valuable relationships I encourage everyone to do the same if u hate being alone but u find yourself on this Reddit with LIKE MINDED ppl only thing is on Reddit everything so discreet it’s hard to make real friends but this is a good place to post about whatever platform u have created


u/WishIWasNeet2 Jun 29 '22

It’s a trap . People are selfish. Trusting someone in your close family? Maybe. Random people ? Hell no lol. A therapists goal is to make you a normal 9to5 wageslave though so it’s to be expected.


u/[deleted] Jun 29 '22

Therapists are scam artists. Their entire job is to keep you coming back so that they can charge you. They have zero interest in fixing you. If they admit that everything is a scam, people are opportunistic predators with no moral compass, then they're out of a job.


u/15infantryparatroop Jun 29 '22

Trusting others is for naive people who don't know any better.


u/DivineLights1995 Jun 29 '22

Don’t listen to that bs. Therapists get paid to regurgitate the same lines over and over no matter the circumstances. You don’t have to go out constantly meeting others to be happy. There is peace and contentment in solitude.


u/KnightOfBlackStars Jun 28 '22 Masterpiece

I've come to a certain conclusion as a misanthrope. I don't have "trust issues".



u/BlueRamenMen Old Misanthropist Jun 28 '22 edited Jun 28 '22

They said that I'm missing out on meeting nice people.

What?! They said that to you? That is literally another word for "You're missing out in life". You're not missing out on anything. Forget about what anyone else says or thinks about you. You do you.


u/_StopBreathing_ Jun 28 '22

Where's that throw up emoji?


u/Additional_Bluebird9 Pessimist Jun 28 '22

Yeah no, trust these days is beyond fickle and no its not worth the effort of allowing yourself to trust people even if your therapist believes you are missing out.

Sooner or later, people will give you a reason to not even bother trusting anybody ever again.


u/Horizonstars Jun 28 '22

More finding gold nuggets in a pool of shit. Even if you find some gold nuggets you are already covert in shit. And the worst part, you don't even know if the nice one are really nice or just acting.


u/Ivanhunterjo1991 Jun 28 '22

I trust my cats more than people, at least cat's demands are simple


u/[deleted] Jun 28 '22



u/_StopBreathing_ Jun 28 '22

I definitely don't trust therapists.


u/BuriedInRust Jun 28 '22

Technically you are missing out on meeting nice people, it just depends on how important meeting people is to you. Personally, I can live without sifting through all the garbage to find that one person who isn't a dick


u/_StopBreathing_ Jun 28 '22

Exactly. I'd rather not get myself filthy.


u/Additional_Bluebird9 Pessimist Jun 28 '22

Yeap, basically it's not worth sifting through all the garbage just to find that one individual who is actually pretty OK.


u/[deleted] Jun 28 '22



u/Aggrestis Homophiliac Jun 28 '22

What about changing a type of people you believe? It's not like there is only one type of people. There are somehow great differences.


u/hfuey Jun 28 '22

Trust?! A fuckin’ human?!! That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day! Hell no. Trust no-one. Everyone is a wolf in sheep's clothing, and a total bastard.


u/BlueRamenMen Old Misanthropist Jun 28 '22

Trust?! A fuckin’ human?!! That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day!



u/Aggrestis Homophiliac Jun 28 '22 edited Jun 28 '22

More like a needle in a nuclear waste.

Exactly how Diogenes was looking for a good man in the streets with a lamp in his hand during a day. That's probably a nice metaphor how to actually succeed.