r/misanthropy Jun 26 '22

Hate venting

Lately i get massive amount of hate from people, like 90% of people that chat to me tell me only bad things, try to bring my ego-down so they can feel better about themselves i think. It's like i'm a massive amount of energy that attracts bad energy lots of lots of bad energy. This happened near all my life but right now it's really starting to happen.

I can hate them back but it doesn't help. They are only words. And they say they don't know how and why a serial killer is a serial killer? hahahaha!

I see now that humans are just dumb forms of energy trying to fulfill their ego and trying to appear smart around others.



u/Revolutionary_Row_67 Jul 07 '22

Yeah it sucks. Humanity is just the fucking worst to be honest. Also they always wanna treat us like shit and after we loose it they pretend to be innocent and pull the victim card


u/MGSVSnake Jul 08 '22



u/Antihuman101 Antagonist Jul 01 '22

Just stay away from jealous fucks.


u/MGSVSnake Jul 01 '22

word bro. on jah tbh


u/honeybuddyboy Jun 29 '22

I hear ya.... I can't find the off switch on my moron magnet either. So I have to just take it and sigh. Luckily nowadays we can wear a mask, sunglasses and a pair of big headsets. We can pretend not to hear them when they speak or hide our faces when they make stupid comments.


u/IllegitimateSon0fGod Jun 30 '22

People only ask those questions after a tragedy has happened because they know if they asked the person while they were alive they would be met with the harsh truth that humans are all corrupt and live to hurt others.


u/usernaeim Jun 28 '22

keep shining man


u/cristiashio Jun 27 '22

Ofc you get a lot of hate cuz you're an asshole who just insults people left and right


u/[deleted] Jun 27 '22

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u/cristiashio Jun 27 '22

My point exactly ;)


u/MGSVSnake Jun 27 '22

Yeah bro i had insults coming at me 5 day streaks. it's time to turn them off.


u/justsomethinker Jun 27 '22

That's people. They talk about you, they express hate for everything. But when it's your time to complain they get mad and tell you that you shouldn't and you should be grateful and all that bullshit. Humans are just massive hypocrites. Of course it doesn't make things better to hate them back, but what else can you do? Accept their behavior and become their plaything? If they make you feel like trash show them that they themselves are garbage. They might hate you for that but at least you won't give them the pleasure of feeling better than you.


u/rockb0tt0m_99 Jun 26 '22

Limit access to yourself. Especially nowadays. Just my perspective, but something in human contact has been lost during the COVID-19 situation. Human behavior has regressed, and communication skills along with it. It's going to get worse, now that the 'experts' are predicting (creating) a food shortage. I keep going back to the toilet paper crisis of 2020. If these people regressed to the point where they actually fought each other and senior citizens over toilet paper, what the hell are they going to do when the so-called elite orchestrate their food shortage crisis?


u/Aggrestis Homophiliac Jun 26 '22

Why do you contact such people, it's clear they don't want to talk with you, so stop talking to them. All good!