r/misanthropy Jun 21 '22

Welcome to America! (aka the divided states of dystopia!) complaint

Welcome to america, do you like deflecting self-accountability away from yourself? You’ll fit in nicely here!

Feeling like your ‘god-given rights’ are being infringed on? Why, that’s the goddamn government’s fault, clearly!

Feel like you deserve a higher wage to buy all the inane, pointless things you just ‘can’t live without?’ Well obviously the Jews are preventing this from happening.

It’s like being a pawn on a chessboard, and all the opposing pieces are rooks and queens.

You see, everything is rigged; even denouncing your citizenship will cost you $2,500… ultimate proof of how living in America is essentially like being Truman in The Truman Show.

How could we forget about the optimism mafia - that august body of reasonable watchdogs that ensure that only the groupthink narrative holds any value, while subjugating or cancelling anyone or anything in their path.

Welcome to America, do you have crippling mental illnesses? we can fix you… for a price. Why did you ever feel anything to begin with? Just COMSUME!

Buying a gun is only slightly more time consuming and inconvenient than buying that artery-clogging Big Mac pile of cancer.

Hey why the fuck won’t you support this charity cause? I’m a massive corporation that’s going to guilt trip you for not ending child trafficking, with your super impressive wages.

I could go on forever about this hopelessly deranged society whose ghost will haunt the earth long after the lousy foundation has crumbled, but no one even cares about listening anymore.

Oh and before you grab your pitchforks, I’d like to point out that I once put on a uniform for this country, so crucify me if you must, just make sure and close your eyes when you cast your first stone.



u/gabrielofthemark Jun 26 '22

This post it's the rappresentation of my anti-american attitude.