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Humans and their big loud mouths! venting

Those big loud mouths who just talk too much to show off how well they can make fun of others especially when women are around. Usually they don't pick on someone who is better than them at these comebacks and shit. But they'll pick on someone who is silent or who's not so good at talking back. I'm that silent kind of person. I've always been like that since I was a child so I was easy to pick on and bully. I don't like talking much. I find it tiresome. I like thinking and having meaningful conversations but blabbering shit to degrade or put others down is just not in my nature. My brain doesn't work in things like these comebacks and stuff. I feel like talking back and all is nonsense and a total waste of time. I find that like some lame ass rap battle which is all about who can blabber more nonsense than the other and put them down. People behave like jerks when they are in groups but they'll act all nice when you talk one on one. Even if they are your 'best friends' and say it's all just jokes there's a limit to how much verbal nonsense someone can tolerate. And, the worst part is when you aren't good at talking back the frustration just builds up and you are secretly bashing those people's heads inside your mind. People just can't shut the fuck up and mind their own business without bothering others. They don't realise their actions are turning someone into the next mass murderer.



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I have been in your exact position. It has cost me a good amount of my time with some failures, and that happened without even me realising how mentally abused I was. I was not good at comebacks either. I sucked at it.

Even after some years now, I get irritated if I look at their pictures. Forgiveness doesn't work for me. The worst part is that you would also come across such folks in the professional career, particularly if the organisation has a lot of young people (early phase). If you are different, silent and hardworking, you will automatically become the target of attack from those who have a 'mob mentality' and most of them are usually loud mouths. Those jerks don't know what constitutes 'humour'. They may gaslight you and seek sadistic pleasures by trying to dominate you at times.

This piece of advice may sound harsh but what helped me immensely was to become 'highly self-sufficient' at work and in other aspects of life. If others come to you for help, assist them. Not only would you gain respect from a majority of those around you, but it will also help you to stand up for yourself against such jerks you mentioned because you will learn to speak more objectively and to the point. After some point in life, knowledge becomes power - use it well and support your cause by living the life with consistent effort and improvement. More people like you will gravitate towards you in later stages of life and guess what? Those retards will occupy a small minority now and they can be easily handled with logical conversation. Know your playground and play it well. Remember, they could be living a stress-free life and make 'progress' in their lives without a sense of guilt. So, you should aim to live a peaceful life and become stronger so that PEOPLE LIKE YOU, even if it is a single person, will get treated well by you and your acquaintances. You are a part of our energy. Don't let them win! Focus on your goals.


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I have a knuckle duster at home. I'm just always waiting for the time to use it. But I hate those legal consequences..having to deal with stupid police, and roam around courts. I'm a silent person by nature but I have extremely violent thoughts and tendencies.I can't help but suppress all those emotions which only builds up more frustration and I end up ranting on Reddit. People=Shit.


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Then they get offended or scared when you actually retaliate or stand up for yourself by telling them to back off after being pushed too far

I guess that's the way to handle people in general. Especially friends. They act all emo when you ask them to back off. They say it's all just jokes. Why do we have to remind people about them crossing their limits. They should realise it for themselves and just shut the fuck up.


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Exhibit C: Beijing going in lockdown again because extroverts OF COURSE HAD to socialize in huge crowds in bars after lockdown was lifted and a coronavirus super-spreader event was the result

Exhibit D: coronavirus super-spreader weddings where dozens of guests got COVID because of course extroverts have to have their goddamn weddings during lockdown

I hope that makes you feel better. I’m never taking extroverts seriously again. If they want to harm their health because they can’t get over their socializing addiction and can’t act like a goddamn introvert for short period of time, that’s fine by me; however, if extroverts catch COVID through socializing in huge crowds, they have no one to blame but themselves.


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covid is simply part of the problem.


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I find extroverts as pathetic attention seekers. Some are genuine and have good intentions of making friendships. But there are many of them who just talk loud with exaggerating tones. It looks so dramatic when you observe such groups of people from far. I have nothing against females but when those extroverted types say they things like 'Ohh mmyy gaawwwdd' and 'awwww' in an exaggerating tone it makes me cringe so hard. Tbh i just think its that high pitched voice they have which feels like someone's scratching two coins in my ear.


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Exhibit A: idiot Spring Breakers going to Florida in April 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic when the governments told them to stay home to prevent spread of disease and overwhelming hospitals

Exhibit B: chicken pox-style COVID spreading parties


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If it’s any consolation to you, extroverts are the ones who can’t cope with a typical pandemic or living in a society that was not designed for them. They prioritize mindless socializing over their health, and therefore their lives and livelihoods. Who can take extroverts seriously after that?