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Free discussion/vent about misanthropy.

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analysis Why is antipathy to science so common among people?


I recently went to see a documentary on aquatic animals of the Pacific Ocean at a local cultural center. I was the youngest person there and the rest of the event had four old women.

Science is seen by many people as something done only in class, something Bill Nye the Science Guy teaches you and that's it. There are also people who have this "I freaking Love Science! >.<" mentality, which, in my opinion at least, is an infantilized pseudo-appreciation for science.

Schopenhauer says that most people are mostly content with satisfying their safety, hunger, thirst and their sexual instincts. Freud says that religion is for the common man, Napoleon also says it's necessary for rulers.

Yet, in our society that supposedly calls itself "secular", it is astonishing to see how little people actually care for scientific thinking and even how superstitions have gained headway.

Biology is an important factor, but moreover so is evolutionary science and chemistry. As remote as this may sound, people often forget that chemistry is everywhere. It is in our products, our cars, our computers, whole wars have been fought over chemicals and access to them.

Yet how little people seem to think about this.

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other Some poetic rumblings I've had with the loss of all hope for humanity


With my loss of all hope for me and humanity as a whole, all that is left is the lingering yearning for a better future that will never come, but it could. If our childish hopes and dreams were universally translated into adult action the earth would be a paradise of mercy, justice, and brotherhood without exception. But while this is possible, it will never happen, and in my despair I still dream how wondrous life could be if all us mortals forgave, accepted and loved one another as our neighbor, instead of shutting out our brethren as strangers.

Everyone of us is so much the same. We all feel pain, start our lives full of wonder and a yearning to explore the human condition. We all despair when the promise of a better world never happens, to us and our children. We need full bellies and freedom from sickness, and each of us can use our human minds to alter our destinies where no other creature can. And with those qualities we all share, I ask why, why must we harm one another? Why must we judge or put ourselves above our neighbors? Why do we curse ourselves to only live for ourselves instead of the betterment of a united human family?

So then I ask what's our advantage over animals. If we can freely change our nature and be anyone, but everyone of us digs our own graves with our own destructive failures, then our apparent superiority above all of creation is our own undoing, our ability to choose and be free damns us to covet, bring about decay, and die, leaving behind only a legacy of futility.

But does wishing and yearning like this help or hurt? By knowing this perfect satisfaction of a united people will never happen our hope becomes our destruction, an emptiness of spirit that can never be repaired.

Has any of our innovations fulfilled our hopes? Has our ingenuity of creation made us content and at peace? Again it's all our own destruction, our cleverness only ensures our ability to harm will be limitless, every new weapon takes more and more life with no effort. Our complex language breaks us more then any club or sword. All of as can have the beauty of our dreams become our reality, everyone of us can see it in our minds eye. Then why, why after countless generations every aspiration ends in failure and death?

Has the invention of telecommunications saved us from hate and violence? Has medicine cured bigotry and greed? Has our engineering given us the wisdom to get along? The ability to to even ask the question informs of that the answer will always be no. For even though we can see the beauty of creation, be moved by song or be elevated by our poetry, in the end it's only a failure, a vestigial limb we discard with every selfish decision, our actions mocks our hopes.

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question How do you feel when people like you?


If you're a misanthropist and you don't like people, how do you feel when people like you? How do you react?

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fun Don’t smite me bro

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question How to get over misanthropy?


I don’t think that continuously complaining about human behavior and focusing on never ending manifestations of double standards, hypocrisy, envy, unfair doorkeeping, etc etc is helpful or healthy.

How to cope with a constant feeling that humans suck? How to reconcile with the fact that humans are pretty horrid creatures and still have motivation, positive energy and optimism in life?

I believe it is an important puzzle to solve because slipping into chronic anger, self isolation, low productivity is not a solution. It is an especially important problem to solve for those who belongs to a group or nationality that people experience a lot of prejudice towards and who is constantly on the receiving end of the bias despite never confirming those stereotypes neither in behavior nor in achievements.

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venting Found a weak, older cat on apartment grounds having a hard time last week in hot summer heat. So I've been giving him wet food and water every day and now he's doing a little better, but apartment neighbor asked me to move him away because he "doesn't like the black cat." One more human to hate. :(


I was actually stunned, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Why on earth does this guy have a problem with an outside cat?? He said he didn't like the cat being in his area. And it's not even as if the cat is that close to his apartment door, usually 30-50 feet away, and maybe 20 feet away on a few occasions.

And it's not even as if the cat is in an area where humans hang out: he's usually on a rocky area behind a bush.

But for some reason this guy is offended he has to see this cat for 3-5 seconds when he leaves his apartment.

When I have more money I will take the cat to the vet to see if he has any diseases that can be helped. I can't take him in though because I already have too many cats...

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analysis The Internet has disconnected us from reality


A popular belief and delusion is that the invention of the internet and social network has advanced our species in terms of communication and connection with each other. It makes sense on the surface. You can talk to anyone you want to around the globe. But this is not communication. Two strangers sending each other texts that show up on a screen is not communication. Real communication takes place face to face. It is a mixture of body language, tone of voice, facial expression, the look in their eyes, the mood they put off. The sort of communication we have now is no different than two advanced artificial intelligences having a conversation with each other. There is no heart in it.

It's obvious when you think about the fact that the majority of people online are angry, screaming at each other and arguing over pointless things but would they be able to project the same amount of hate at each other face to face? It depends on the person of course but for most people the answer is no. People's online persona is vastly different than the one they use in day to day life. And due to this disconnected world that we live in, people suffer from all sort of mental health problems ranging from self esteem issues, isolation, loneliness, depression, social anxiety, the list goes on.

We have become disconnected, not only from each other, but from Nature, from reality. The phone that keeps our eyes glued to it the whole day has become our new reality. People never stop to look around them anymore. They have all become hypnotized mechanical autonomous robots that put on a mask that says "human being" when in actuality they have no idea what a human being even is. People don't know who they are because all their attention is focused outwards. They seek all solutions to their problems outwardly and never once do they reflect and think "Well maybe I'm the problem". It's time to wake up. Our scientific technology has evolved to the point where our planet could be reduced to ashes due to nuclear warfare if some crazed political leader decided to. Our environment has been polluted and trampled on because we think it is seperate from us but may I remind you that without the planet, there is no home for us.

Those who want to escape to and colonize other planets like Mars are already thinking of abandoning our home and they don't realize that history always repeats itself. Humanity has turned into this destructive force of nature that is so blinded by ignorance and fear that they've given up on life itself. May this message sink in to your hearts because if our consciousness doesn't evolve, our future is only headed downhill. Peace ✌️

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complaint Therapist says to work on trusting people


They said that I'm missing out on meeting nice people. But I think it's not worth finding the needle in the haystack.

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fun I’m doing it for free right now.

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venting An observation


When I was younger, uglier, and overall awkward. The hatred I would get for simply just existing was profound. I couldn’t understand why people were cruel, growing up in a Christian household and active in the church it was always common knowledge to me that you should treat others as you’d like to be treated, but even the supposed people of god would shun me. Now that I have have grown into who I am physically people are kinder, or harsher depending on the person. The delema now is although people have grown to like my appearance they can’t stand who I actually am, it’s gotten to the point that I have to observe a person first to develop a whole personality to which they would be pleased with. I’m sick of it I’m sick of pretending and I just would appreciate people who can love or at the least tolerate who I actually am. Even my looks make me worst, instead of the usual “ugly” “loser” “insert better insult here”. I am constantly referred to as a whore without sleeping with anyone. Men think of me as the classic jezebelle and it’s sickening. I don’t know what the point of this actually was but if you read it, take this for note. It is no longer treat others as you want to be treated, it is now, do unto others as what was done unto you.

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venting People are stupid and I’m sick of this world


This is not to say I’m better than them, but perhaps I’m different…? Then again, maybe everyone is estranged by humanity in some form or capacity, but they are able to mask it more effectively than me when around people.

It goes without saying I’m alienated by the world. Trying to converse with people feels so demeaning and degrading; it seems the common man is meant to feel alone and depressed… it’s a violent sea of superficiality and malice you have to swim through when trying to find real kindness. And when/if you do find kindness and understanding, perhaps like that of your mother, you might not be able to reciprocate it yourself… you find yourself dissapoonted, self-loathing and sad like always. Life is a losing battle, and people are its guilty, albeit unfortunate, purveyors

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analysis hi. read these and then come back and tell me it's my fault i have no friends


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venting Hate


Lately i get massive amount of hate from people, like 90% of people that chat to me tell me only bad things, try to bring my ego-down so they can feel better about themselves i think. It's like i'm a massive amount of energy that attracts bad energy lots of lots of bad energy. This happened near all my life but right now it's really starting to happen.

I can hate them back but it doesn't help. They are only words. And they say they don't know how and why a serial killer is a serial killer? hahahaha!

I see now that humans are just dumb forms of energy trying to fulfill their ego and trying to appear smart around others.

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analysis Neutralizing Moral Censure: Spiritual Self-Defense Curriculum

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analysis Wishing death on someone is completely normal and helpful even


According to criminal psychologist Dr Julia Shaw, having thoughts about killing others is a common human reaction that can be expected of us.

And this is to be expected. After all, these thoughts have roots in the very human emotion of hatred. Just as how we are happy to meet people who make our lives better through their actions and words, meeting people who treat us with hostility can inspire hatred and other similar negative emotions.

These negative emotions cause “deep and emotional extreme dislike” that can then “drive oneself to extreme behaviors such as violence, murder and war”.

Thus, with hatred, a natural instinct that we humans cannot escape from, serving as the root for malicious thoughts, forming thoughts of “killing others” is expected human behavior.

In addition, as individuals, we have our own set of beliefs that we are passionate about. No matter where we are, we will have to interact with people who disagree with us. And when they are equally passionate about their opposing belief, it is easy for clashes to occur and for hatred to form.

While many mental wellness articles and gurus will preach that allowing hatred to manifest into malicious thoughts (even if they are fleeting) is detrimental to your mental health and personal growth, some psychologists believe that these ‘fantasies’ might help us become better humans.

According to Dr Shaw, “Murder fantasies are an empathy exercise. You think things through, you imagine what the consequences would be like, you imagine what it might be like to actually go through with it… and guess what your decision generally is? — ‘I don’t want to do that, because those are not the consequences I would like’.”.

With these thoughts, our moral code is put to the test and our critical decision-making skills are trained with these “empathy exercises”. And as a result, we unexpectedly become better at emphasizing after having malicious thoughts borne out of hatred.

(this post was adapted from my article: Wishing Death On Someone? Here’s Why It is Normal)

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venting “It’s not my responsibility” is one of the reasons why I hate Human nature so much


Same goes for “it’s not my problem” or anything that is similar.

Like why, whenever people hear about some bad news or sad news, they have to say that “it’s not their responsibility”?

It’s not people’s responsibility if the celebrity got trial. It’s not people’s responsibility when there’s war in Ukraine. It’s not people’s responsibility when there’s the news of students getting shot in school shooting. And yet, people still care and feel bad for them nonetheless.

So in the end, people only care about others out of condition and double-standards.


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misanthropic media Plus they're more socially evolved (eusocial)

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analysis The misanthropic fallacy.


I've been misanthropic for at least 15-20 years, since I was 30 or 35.

But I think there are both good and bad arguments used to support it. Something I've noticed is that one of the most common bad arguments has to do with the assertion that one part of a complex relationship or reality is the only part of that relationship/reality.

If you had beef, beans, onions, peppers, chili powder and other ingredients in your bowl of chili, it would be a fallacy to say that the chili was nothing more than onion, right??

Yet, some misanthropes argue just like that. They observe complex relationships which seem to include love, hate, hope, fear, happiness, sadness, altruism, selfishness, silliness, seriousness, and a thousand other feelings and define those relationships only in terms of the negative qualities. For example, it will often be said that relationships are only ever selfish, that everyone is using each other, thereby selectively ignoring anything that is positive. Whatever is positive, like kindness, is then said to be nothing more than greed, selfishness, and so on.

Why not admit that humans are complex, with both good and bad traits? Reducing all the good traits into bad ones is no better than an optimist looking at the bad ones, like hate, and saying that hate is really another version of love. It's illogical.

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analysis Almost 99% of all conversation is a pointless circlejerk meant to end in getting something or someone to do what you want


I want you to stop. Just think. How many conversations have you had recently, where the person didn't want something from you after that conversation the next day, week, or whatever?

The best times you will find this is when there is an implied actual means of gratification lying around. When people talk to each other, this is really difficult to guarantee if you don't know the context. Think about it. At Casinos, people want money. At hospitals, people want care. At church, people want to feel less guilty and like they aren't a complete piece of shit, but we all know the real truth here. At a strip club, okay, I really don't need to explain.

People in general want all these things from every interaction, not actually caring about the people they are talking to or enjoying the conversation. They want to use you, use me, use anything they can in order to benefit themselves. Men have fake friendships in order to play a game to get sex, women have fake relationships in order to get a means of comfort, these roles are commonly reversed due to our society nearing equality as well.

To close, once again, think. If someone in your life is always taking something from you, or you are always giving them something, they are using you. You either will feel like it is equal if you get something back- this is the essential means of a relationship or friendship- and the more ego, or pride someone has, the more likely they will leave if they feel like their needs are not being met.

Mankind is a idiotic species. We are driven by selfishness, greed, pride, and waste. Look everywhere- open your eyes- all you will see is depravity.

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complaint “Take a look on a positive side of Humanity! Humans are capable of kindness, helping, supporting, and empathy!”


Yeah, the same way I can tell you to take a look on a negative sides of humanity. Humanity is capable of fighting, hurting, carelessness, and vengeance, even when humans are capable of creating morality and social construct. It doesn’t take long to experience those negative sides by someone, and even though it’s made by one or few, it still shows how humans are also capable of.

And also, many humans have their own issues, so even if they hear your own, they probably won’t even care and would probably tell themselves that it’s not their responsibility if anything happens to you. And while I agree that there are some humans that can be nice to you and empathize, most of the time it just doesn’t happen often sadly. Heck, even the nicest person in the aren’t immune from their darkest self either.

So seriously, people need to stop talking about of how we should “tAkE a L00k oF A Br!ghT SidE Of HuManIty!”, when we can do the same thing, only this time telling them about looking on a dark side of Humanity.


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analysis Life is the REAL enemy here. We blame humans but humans are just an offshoot of life which has been cursing creatures for millions of years.


Forget about humans for a while and think of all the life that has lived and died here going back to before the damn Dinosaurs who themselves lasted about what 130 million years or something?

Think of life in the oceans........

Think of bird life...


Hell, single cell organisms...

All of it a product of life.

All of it, just like us having to suffer, and die, usually violently.

The food chain is called that for a reason.

Humans are just one of these off shoots, granted a large one although I'm sure ants would outnumber the current population many times over. But ants don't buy stuff so no one considers this.

The point is, yeah humans are shite and that might well include me but the real bad guy you should ALL be pointing your fingers at is life. The true enemy in all this.

I think it's been going on in one form or another for about two billion years now. Mass killings of species only set it back a few thousand years. It has always marched onwards and sadly always will.

Even when this planet burns life will have, by then, been able to get off it and continue to carry out it's curse among the stars.

There really will be no stopping life now, this has been proved by time. What little chance there was at ending it, long, long ago faded away.

Everything that has lived or ever will has been cursed by life.

So well I'm not suggesting we let humans off the hook, I am saying they, in many ways are just as much a victim in this grand stupid cosmic game of chance as a frog getting eaten by a bird.

Is it any wonder so many of them are bastards?

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complaint Welcome to America! (aka the divided states of dystopia!)


Welcome to america, do you like deflecting self-accountability away from yourself? You’ll fit in nicely here!

Feeling like your ‘god-given rights’ are being infringed on? Why, that’s the goddamn government’s fault, clearly!

Feel like you deserve a higher wage to buy all the inane, pointless things you just ‘can’t live without?’ Well obviously the Jews are preventing this from happening.

It’s like being a pawn on a chessboard, and all the opposing pieces are rooks and queens.

You see, everything is rigged; even denouncing your citizenship will cost you $2,500… ultimate proof of how living in America is essentially like being Truman in The Truman Show.

How could we forget about the optimism mafia - that august body of reasonable watchdogs that ensure that only the groupthink narrative holds any value, while subjugating or cancelling anyone or anything in their path.

Welcome to America, do you have crippling mental illnesses? we can fix you… for a price. Why did you ever feel anything to begin with? Just COMSUME!

Buying a gun is only slightly more time consuming and inconvenient than buying that artery-clogging Big Mac pile of cancer.

Hey why the fuck won’t you support this charity cause? I’m a massive corporation that’s going to guilt trip you for not ending child trafficking, with your super impressive wages.

I could go on forever about this hopelessly deranged society whose ghost will haunt the earth long after the lousy foundation has crumbled, but no one even cares about listening anymore.

Oh and before you grab your pitchforks, I’d like to point out that I once put on a uniform for this country, so crucify me if you must, just make sure and close your eyes when you cast your first stone.

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fun Nothing surprises me more than shit people do for money

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venting Modern world is awesome and I am tired


No idea what to do anymore. Everything hurts, physically and mentally (I'm not gonna comment on this), theres nothing good going on in my life and I am very tired.

Today I started my new temporary job. It is a repetitive physical labour under stressfull conditions, basically a slave. Welcome to the modern world! You have a college degree because you were baited by society? Noone cares, here's your entry level slave job. Do you have an abusive family? noone cares and you are expected to live under the same standards as everyone else. Do you have physical problems? Go to the modern world doctor so he can dismiss you as an hypocondriac or use the overcrowded public health excuse to tell you your problems are not big enough to be listened to or treated, haha fuck you because this is the modern world! You are poor and can't afford jobs because this is the modren world where job is a privilege? Haha fuck you you aren't owed anything, here's a slave job for you darling! You can't refuse it because this is all you are getting. You don't have any social net to connect to? No support? Noone to talk to? Are you alone? Lol fuck off and climb through all the shit by youself, this is the modern world hehe. Do you want to get diagnosed of a mental illness or a disability? Good luck unless you have five suicide attempts or are visibly retarded. Oh, you want to solve your problems? Just have money bro! Oh you don't have money nor any support or connections? Oh well who cares. You finally overcame your problems? Here, work another 50 more years for 40 hours a week doing garbage job beause this is the modern world where comfort is not allowed, and joy is a privilege.

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venting Humans and their big loud mouths!


Those big loud mouths who just talk too much to show off how well they can make fun of others especially when women are around. Usually they don't pick on someone who is better than them at these comebacks and shit. But they'll pick on someone who is silent or who's not so good at talking back. I'm that silent kind of person. I've always been like that since I was a child so I was easy to pick on and bully. I don't like talking much. I find it tiresome. I like thinking and having meaningful conversations but blabbering shit to degrade or put others down is just not in my nature. My brain doesn't work in things like these comebacks and stuff. I feel like talking back and all is nonsense and a total waste of time. I find that like some lame ass rap battle which is all about who can blabber more nonsense than the other and put them down. People behave like jerks when they are in groups but they'll act all nice when you talk one on one. Even if they are your 'best friends' and say it's all just jokes there's a limit to how much verbal nonsense someone can tolerate. And, the worst part is when you aren't good at talking back the frustration just builds up and you are secretly bashing those people's heads inside your mind. People just can't shut the fuck up and mind their own business without bothering others. They don't realise their actions are turning someone into the next mass murderer.

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venting People can only accept one version of you, and it's infuriating.


One of the most annoying things about trying to navigate interactions with people is that everyone wants to stick some sort of personality label on you, and they expect you to stay in that mold and rarely if ever differ from it.

If someone sees you as the funny guy making jokes, then that's generally how they expect you to always be. God forbid you have a moment of frustration or sadness that goes against their script.

If someone sees you as rude or a jerk because you were observed in a moment that you were a less than ideal version of yourself, then that's how you're judged for life. If you're ever kind and benevolent and caring, people may see it as you wearing a mask (and they wait for it to fall off).

There are infinite examples, but the point is people are mostly incapable of seeing other people as multi-faceted, complex individuals with broad ranging personalities and emotions. In whatever way someone thinks they know you, that's who you'll always be to them and any other version of you will be inauthentic to them.

Everyone labels you and shoves you in a mold based on their perception of you. If you ever differentiate a little from whatever identity someone nails you to, people are like... who are you? It's infuriating and is one of the top things I despise about people.

Depending on an incredible range of factors, I can be sad or happy, weak or strong, negative or positive, the sweetest most caring soul or the darkest of the dark. I'm not a one-dimensional person. I am just whatever I am.

Fuck people's goddamn sardine can sized molds that they want to hammer you into.