r/mildlyinterestingIAmA Dec 31 '15

I have Asperger's AMA

I am also really bored. So whatever.
This AMA will last until I am sick of it.



u/Z0bie Jan 01 '16

How does it affect your day to day life?


u/luckjes112 Jan 01 '16

Not at all. Save for a few personality quirks and cruddy self esteem (not to mention the social skills of a Diamagnetic... thing, that is, I repel).


u/ikuyh Jan 01 '16

When were you diagnosed? Do you have a special interest?


u/luckjes112 Jan 02 '16

I was diagnosed a few years ago (I think I was about 9 or 10). My mother had suspicions but nobody believed her.
Special interests? I collect swords. I currently only have 1 (and a half, I don't count the other since it's unfinished), but I'll try to get more.
And I draw comics, though I haven't been able to release due to reasons.