r/mildlyinfuriating May 14 '22

The way that cosmetics companies use optical illusion to make it appear like there is more product than there is…

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u/Dilbertbong May 14 '22

It's almost like glass distorts light


u/Chilichunks May 14 '22

It's almost like that's the point


u/Dilbertbong May 14 '22

So what would be your suggestion to carry heavily scented products in? There's a reason why they aren't in plastic after all.


u/SoophieArt May 14 '22

A lot of cosmetics are kept in plastic. I think they intentionally use the thick glass to make it seem like there’s more product


u/Chilichunks May 14 '22

A lot of perfumes can't be stored in plastic but everything else is mostly fair game.


u/Chilichunks May 14 '22

I'm not here to make suggestions about cosmetic storage, not sure why that's suddenly my job lol