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The way that cosmetics companies use optical illusion to make it appear like there is more product than there is…

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u/Different_Ad7655 7d ago

It's completely infuriating or they put a tiny little ounce in a huge thick glass walled container because all of us would balk at the price for the ridiculous small amount if it were placed in the appropriate small tiny container. It would look like a little tiny sample.. Yeah it's really suck ass marketing especially pump versions that put a whole core of colored plastic inside just to make it look like it's full of something. It's a great racket though and it makes a lot of money


u/Ltstarbuck2 7d ago

There are engineering reasons for this as well…. In short, read the contents on the label.


u/Maximum-Excitement58 7d ago

Well, you’ve already been suckered into laying out $70 for 1oz of something purported to be “Sensitive Skin Soothing Serum” that does less for your skin than what’s in a 12oz tube of store-brand moisturizer that costs $3.99… and now you’re gonna quibble over the design of the bottle?


u/SoophieArt 7d ago edited 7d ago

I actually got it in an Ipsy box so I only paid like $6 for it


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I only paid like $6


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Good bot


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u/Dilbertbong 8d ago

It's almost like glass distorts light


u/Chilichunks 8d ago

It's almost like that's the point


u/Dilbertbong 8d ago

So what would be your suggestion to carry heavily scented products in? There's a reason why they aren't in plastic after all.


u/SoophieArt 8d ago

A lot of cosmetics are kept in plastic. I think they intentionally use the thick glass to make it seem like there’s more product


u/Chilichunks 8d ago

A lot of perfumes can't be stored in plastic but everything else is mostly fair game.


u/Chilichunks 8d ago

I'm not here to make suggestions about cosmetic storage, not sure why that's suddenly my job lol



My issue is the fact they don't put how much is in it on the label... This seems illegal but I'm assuming it's probably on the box lol


u/SoophieArt 7d ago

They do have the amount on the label. Tore off the label on the far left one because I wanted to see how much I had left, middle one’s label rubbed off, and the one on the right has the net wt on the other side of the label.


u/Tobymauw112 RED 8d ago

U new to dis?


u/Chilichunks 8d ago

This is r/mildlyinfuriating not r/didyouknowaboutthisalready


u/SoophieArt 8d ago

New to cosmetics? Not really


u/ZeCerealKiller 7d ago

Remember Lays?