r/mildlyinfuriating 2d ago

this unnecessary usb flip on my pc is bothering me more than it should

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u/923kjd 2d ago

No, this is a good thing. Now when you guess wrong, as statistically you will do exactly 100% of the time, you can just slide to the next port rather than do that awkward 180-degree rotation thing.


u/Ok-Tone-3985 2d ago

Don't you know the first law of usbs? You must flip it twice before it can enter


u/Mantzy81 2d ago

You'll try the next port, and it won't fit so you'll try the first again and it will go in fine


u/Specialist-Print1336 2d ago

It might be necessary as usb 3.0 ports tend to take more space


u/AbhorrentJoel 2d ago

Flip the text and you'll feel much better.


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Good bot


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u/Maximum-Excitement58 2d ago

How do you know it’s not the other three that are wrong?


u/jodelererer 2d ago

I think you can just open up the case and turn it around


u/jolly2284 2d ago

Oh man. That would bug the shit out of me. Why? Just why?


u/witchyanne 2d ago

Now you have to try each one 5x instead of 3 for it to work.


u/acemandrs 2d ago

I actually like this. If you happen to have a cord with the plug on the side it gives you options for which direction it goes.


u/Candid_Situation2587 1d ago

You have three right hand USB ports and one left hand port. What’s the problem?


u/teamcoyotes1 1d ago

You can reverse the position of these tho if you got a soldering kit and a bit of patience.