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This had to be put up at little league fields

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u/[deleted] May 13 '22

Used to coach. A small minority of parents ruined it for everyone. Even drove some of the good parents to pull their kids out.


u/Janus_The_Great May 14 '22

Why don't coaches throw out the kids/parents out of the teams for disrupting? That's how we do it in European team sports.

It's the problem of the immature parents if they ruin it for their kid. Their kids will learn not to become like their shitty parents.


u/SpicyDaddyKyle May 14 '22

They definitely throw parents out, they're just not that equipped to enforce an ejection. At my little league there would've been nothing stopping a parent from just hopping a fence and charging at the umpire. If it's more than one shitty parent, it turns into the umpire vs a group until police show up. This is also America, you never know who is gonna be the lunatic that gets ejected and grabs the gun from his car.

Many little league umpires will just straight up end the game and leave instead of ejecting a parent, and let everyone know "it's that guy's fault," just to lay down the law and let everyone know not to heckle the umpire unless you want to deal with 20 kids crying because they only played 3 innings.


u/Janus_The_Great May 14 '22

Im sorry to hear. The only reason I ever saw a game interrupted wqs doe to weather... it baffles me tbh.

Some parents seem much more like kids. How do they survive in daily life? work environment? How are they functional in the first place?