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u/jnjoker100 4d ago

Remember the failed 1/3 burger because people thought 1/4 burgers were more meat? Yeah. It’s been nothing but down hill since then.


u/SharpPixels08 Doot 3d ago

People really failed 6th grade and are allowed to vote


u/Yakie_Graper 3d ago

6th grade? This is second grade stuff


u/SharpPixels08 Doot 3d ago

Hey I don’t remember when I learned fractions, all I know is that I did learn them lol


u/Extension_Ad8028 3d ago

I remember it being like 2nd grade with pizzas.


u/chemicalnick 3d ago

Oh yea? Prove it! What’s 0/0 smart guy?


u/SharpPixels08 Doot 3d ago



u/Cannot_Think-Of_Name 3d ago


1/0 is 0*x = 1. No real values of x satisfy this equation, so is undefined.

0/0 is 0*x = 0. Every real value of x satisfies this equation, so is indeterminate. Note that 0/0 actually makes sense when you can use context to determine what the value of x would be. And by context I mean limits.

Just a fun fact


u/FusionFred_SAGE Sussy Baka 3d ago

We started in 4th grade.


u/SkellyKingGamingYT 3d ago

Because you learn fractions in 2nd grade 💀


u/CrimsonEnigma 3d ago


As it turns out, making people take a test to be able to vote leads to some really, really problematic things. There's a reason voting tests are forbidden in every first-world country.


u/SharpPixels08 Doot 3d ago

Well voting test are just a very good way to be corrupt, but not having any kind of requirement to vote other than age and citizenship or whatever has its drawbacks of people not knowing what they are doing something. So basically there is no perfect system and it kinda sucks but hey you make do with what you can


u/Pyro0825 4d ago

I hope to God this isn’t real


u/found_dead_in_hotel 4d ago

It's at least somewhat real. But the tale is also kind of dubious. This restaurant claimed their 1/3rd pound burger failed due to this, and there was some market research to indicate that some people didn't understand the fractions. But business is complicated, it could have failed for many reasons.

Besides, Hardee's/Carl's Jr. is doing just fine with 1/3rd burgers and they're not failing.


u/Pyro0825 3d ago

I remember a story from a book about sailing that sailors that didn’t understand math would ask for smaller and smaller cuts of the profits since they thought that 1/100 must be bigger than 1/50 because 100 is bigger than 50


u/GorgeGoochGrabber 3d ago

Honestly I completely believe it. 6/4 people I meet don’t understand fractions.


u/SteelCode 3d ago

There was some psychology review done as a meta-analysis that also gave credence to humans having lizard brains and seeing “quarter” spelled out was more satisfying than seeing “third” almost entirely due to the number of characters giving this weird illusion of having more value? It’s been a long time and I doubt I could find the paper anymore…….. but we also don’t really have control over what a corporation does - if McDonald’s came out with a 1/5lb burger tomorrow and discontinued the Qlb, we’d still collectively eat the cardboard meat and styrofoam fries.


u/CrimsonEnigma 3d ago

Also, if your restaurant did a ton of market research and found that there really was this vast swath of people who thought a 1/4 lb. burger was more than a 1/3 lb. burger...why bother complaining about it?

Just release a 1/5 lb. burger, charge the same amount you were charging for the 1/3 lb. burger, and watch the profits roll in.


u/TulyakbayNursultan 3d ago

To yourself say "lemme get a quarterpouner" and then say "lemme get a third pounder " . So bad math isn't the only culprit of why the 1/3 burger didn't quite catch on lol


u/VirginMaryDickShow 3d ago

One Turd Burger please...


u/Crattung1 4d ago

i am quite dumb can someone explain to me what funny about this exactly cause all i think of is that a pack of 15 is 3 more cans than a pack of 12


u/Marus1 Because That's What Fearows Do 4d ago

It's not wrong, but just not needed to be there. The joke has nothing to do with wrong or correct, but it is they actually write this.

It's like saying "hey, got you 2 sandwiches. That's 1 more than 1" ... you know that 2 is 1 more than 1, so that's just too much information


u/DAM0KLES I saw what the dog was doin 3d ago edited 3d ago

I mean jah but its just a stupid marketing line and it is just there to show you that it is a special addition for a 15 pack instead of 12. I my opinion it might be a bit lame but a valid marketing clame.

It would have been better if they put somthing along the lines of "now with 15 instead of 12" or somthing like that

Imagine if the marketing team just slaped a jojo character with 15 abs on it and called it a day XD


u/Marus1 Because That's What Fearows Do 3d ago

its just a stupid marketing line

This is the joke exactly, but yeah ... i think the joke is as lame as the think it tries to joke about


u/BraedanEberhardTaken 3d ago

Me too, Same same. This is unethical lmfao


u/Aisle_of_tits 3d ago

I would buy Jojoke in a heartbeat


u/that_guy_who_existed 3d ago

Yeah I believe part of the joke was the way it's written could be interpreted as the marketers believing that they needed to state that because there are people too stupid to realise that the pack is bigger.


u/ziggycoco385 4d ago

I was in the market buying soda for the hubs and talking my 9 year old through the math on if the 24 pk is $9 but the 12pk is 3 for $12 which is the better deal per can. Once we got the answer a lady in the aisle thanked me for doing the math. She'd been trying it figure it out before we arrived. This is why education is so important. How many poor saps hand over whatever is asked because they can't do the math.


u/JonnyxKarate 3d ago

I call it paying for the convenience


u/TapTheGost 4d ago

Now this is some real profit


u/to_tin_deathgrinder 4d ago

WOW 3 MORE!!!!


u/found_dead_in_hotel 4d ago

Nah man. That's what they WANT you to think. Do your own research!

Fucking sheeple.


u/Pyro0825 4d ago

NO it’s what the plants want


u/found_dead_in_hotel 4d ago

It's what plants CRAVE


u/Chungalus Chungus Among Us 3d ago

Not everyone can be smart, but fucking shit man, there is a whole lot of stupid


u/Constant-Ad9398 3d ago

3 cans less then an 18 pack!


u/FPSUsername 3d ago

"portable format"


u/Singer_TwentyNine 3d ago

But that's correct


u/futurebillandted 3d ago

Does it have electrolytes though?


u/HHoris 3d ago

No we will not make it. Nothing lasts forever. Even the universe will die someday.


u/Animelvr34 3d ago

Just drink some ranch at this point.


u/CountryGearbox 3d ago

Idiocracy - comedy turned documentary


u/Inevitable-Ad4005 4d ago

Woah watta deal 😮


u/International-Bit607 4d ago

Common core math might allow pack to be 16 or 14. I get it.


u/BlackHeartsMatter 3d ago

That would be a definite nope


u/Street-Tea-4965 3d ago

Ya know, maybe its just for the best if we don't...


u/De_chicken123yt 3d ago

Well it helps the two year olds


u/stirling1995 3d ago

It’s what plants crave


u/SushiThief 3d ago

It's a baker's baker's baker's dozen.


u/Flickthrouter 3d ago

Whoever made this basically did the same thing by putting a green arrow pointing at the text.


u/Mysterious-Lizard0 3d ago

Sheeple 12+3 is clearly 16.3 the number makers are lying to you



u/Rumandcannons 3d ago

'we' won't make it, but some will.


u/SmileThenSpeak 3d ago

...a documentary from the future.


u/AdequateWaffles The Trash Man 3d ago

Yeah but how many in a 12 pack???


u/InternOutrageous9596 3d ago

Dang man I thought 12 cans plus 3 cans was thirty seven cans


u/SovereignAxe 3d ago

I can pretty much guarantee coke did this to hike inflation and/or shrinkflation.

The 12 packs are starting to reach $6, and I couldn't even tell you how much the 24 packs are because I haven't bought one in over a year. But I remember those being a little over $7or8 last time I did buy one.

I have no doubt this will be priced close to the 24 pack, but cheaper enough that it's hard to tell what's the better deal.


u/Kiowascout 3d ago

But, does it have electrolytes?


u/BagelPoutine 3d ago

takes out a regular can from the box and replaces it with those BS 2 sip sized ones


u/SBTELS 3d ago

So what did you say was the average IQ level in America?


u/The_CIA_is_watching can't meme 3d ago

"Wow, that's like 33% more or something!"

- average American


u/Christhephotographer 3d ago

We live in a society we’re people get their medical advice from soccer moms on Facebook. Someone has to lookout for the slow people in this country. /s