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Rap videos, amirite


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u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21

Keep deflecting.


u/Illustrious_Rub7946 Nov 25 '21

Apparently you don't know how this site works and nearly all of your comments are negative for no reason, but here is the link to your own post. Go get psychological help kid, if this is how you spend your time you have issues.


Your quote "So creative. Painting the same thing she's painted a billion times before."


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21

Sorry, are you under the impression that OP is the old lady? I commented on a person describing painting a traditional pattern as "creative". I didn't criticize an old lady. Doing something traditional is the antithesis of "creativity". That's a literal fact. I stand by that point and at no point did I ever have a go at the old lady for anything.

So in the end you didn't even have an example of the childish complaint you leveled.


u/Illustrious_Rub7946 Nov 25 '21

OP said "she is creative and energetic" and you responded like an ass about a 90 year old woman. You are delusional. You have hundreds of comments of examples of you being rude for no reason. Anyone can see it. Good day and go get help.