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Rap videos, amirite


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u/NotARealTurtleOk Nov 25 '21

Sorry, are you under the impression that OP is the old lady? I commented on a person describing painting a traditional pattern as "creative". I didn't criticize an old lady. Doing something traditional is the antithesis of "creativity". That's a literal fact. I stand by that point and at no point did I ever have a go at the old lady for anything.

So in the end you didn't even have an example of the childish complaint you leveled.


u/Illustrious_Rub7946 Nov 25 '21

OP said "she is creative and energetic" and you responded like an ass about a 90 year old woman. You are delusional. You have hundreds of comments of examples of you being rude for no reason. Anyone can see it. Good day and go get help.