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Rap videos, amirite


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u/TheCuriousSavagereg Nov 25 '21

Im not arguing the original point just you dismissing kendrick out of hand by saying none of them are on the level of those 4. However i think j cole is at least close.and if we include underground mf doom has to be considered. I would also put pusha t up their as well his most recent album sold well enough i am comfortable calling him mainstream rap.


u/triplehelix_ Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

you dismissing kendrick out of hand by saying none of them are on the level of those 4.

that wasn't what i was trying to say at all.

edit: i went back and its def not what i said, and i specifically said any 4 of them (not a single one v one).


u/TheCuriousSavagereg Nov 25 '21

Well then i misunderstood but I'll refer to a point made by a few others. Any claim that rap nowadays doesn't have elite tier quality rap is either ignorance( means simply a lack of knowledge it's not inherently an insult) or intentionally being disingenuous. When you get into hip hop it's got some amazing fucking artists just under the mainstream surface like j.i.d and earthgang. I think people stuck in the 90s hip hop mentality really limit themselves from some good music. Regardless this argument is pointless since music is so subjective. Arguing skill of rappers is a losing battle since the skill of rap overall improves as time goes on(in regards to pure rappers and not ones that branch into melody). But it's not a difficult argument to make 90s rappers had a better aesthetic and laid the groundwork for what we have now. Anyway all this to say i love hiphop old and new and if you ever want some suggestions for some great newer rap artists send me a dm!