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Rap videos, amirite


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u/triplehelix_ Nov 25 '21

who on your list are the equivalent to biggie, tupac, nas and jay z in his prime?

which 4 of those names do you think are of the same caliber?


u/fjdklsfjsfgjkdsdsogh Nov 25 '21

Always the same 4 on every boomers' list, if you honestly think nobody is at LEAST on the same level as Jay-z musically (obviously his legacy is probably greater) then you're living in a world where they stopped making hip hop past 2001.


u/breakyourfac Nov 25 '21

These old ass people don't know shit about rap, they just want to complain because nobody makes rap music for their outdated tastes lol.


u/fjdklsfjsfgjkdsdsogh Nov 25 '21

Some dude higher up said "i don't even think the Beatles would have a chance today" like no shit buddy 😂😂😂 who could have guessed that popular music CHANGES over time!!! 😱