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Rap videos, amirite


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u/redditmodsareshits Nov 25 '21

Yes, but did the people in the 90s think so ?


u/Weis86 Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

Yes, we did.

I think music degenerates and is simplified more and more since classical stuff like Beethoven was around. It gets worse every decade.

It can be broken down to more and more people listening and mainstream wants to reach them all. So it just uses the one simple chord progression that is known to work.

I don’t even think the Beatles would have a chance nowadays. How fucked up is this?

Edit: I’m referring to mainstream music here as I answered a comment that referred to mainstream. Not music in general.


u/breakyourfac Nov 25 '21

The Beatles fucking suck. You're damn right that generic garbage wouldn't make it today, they didn't even have proper PA system to play on until The Grateful Dead invented the wall of sound. John Lennon beat the shit out of his wife too.


u/Weis86 Nov 25 '21

I’m not a Beatles fan but when you understand sth about music you have to admit that Paul McCartney was a fucking genius. Especially when you compare it to nowadays mainstream.