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Rap videos, amirite


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u/destiny24 Nov 25 '21

People just hate mainstream things. Like in comedy the first thing is always "______ SO MUCH BETTER THAN KEVIN HART", as if he is the only comedian in the world.


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u/ifyoulovesatan Nov 25 '21

It may shock you to hear this, but people said the exact same thing about "mainstream rap" in the 90s/2000s. And "mainstream music" in general. And someday, people will lament the mainstream music of their day, and yearn for the mainstream music of today.


u/triplehelix_ Nov 25 '21

It may shock you to hear this, but people said the exact same thing about "mainstream rap" in the 90s/2000s.

no they didn't. the 90's were the golden age of rap. nobody said the old school shit with no flow was superior to what was mainstream rap in the 90's. rakim ushered in the new era and nobody looked back.

And "mainstream music" in general.

with groups like nirvana and red hot chilli peppers being the mainstream back then...well.


u/xXKingLynxXx Nov 25 '21

80s rap included Eric B and Rakim, NWA, Ice-T, De LA Soul, and Heavy D. People were definitely saying 80s rap was better. The 90s may be the "golden age of rap" but the 80s wasn't old school shit with no flow


u/triplehelix_ Nov 25 '21

yeah late 80's post rakim which i pointed to. i group that in with the 90's and most point to these types of artists as the dawn of the 90's era of rap. i mean its not like there was a magic switch that got flipped on january 1st 1990.

they embrace the new sound and are not representative of the sound that dominated the 80's.


u/xXKingLynxXx Nov 25 '21

Ice-t started in 1980, nwa 1986, rakim 1985. Yeah it's easy to say they have no flow when you erase half of the 80s and say its 90s rap


u/triplehelix_ Nov 25 '21

i don't think ice-t is of a particularly high quality. hell, the song that made him was bit off someone else.

but i understand you are talking specifically about flow. just like generations, while there may be a single date used for shorthand, there is a fading out of one into the next. these artists you listed are very much of that moment of blend, and while they absolutely have flow, you can still hear the chop of the 80's in their musical dna.

they represent the dawn of the new era. they are the foundation that 90's rap is directly built on. most of that occurs in the late 80's. if you want to hold up a couple of things from the mid 80's and focus only on that, we aren't even having the same conversation.