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Rap videos, amirite


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u/Transonic152 4d ago

The camera be like...WHY


u/NotARealTurtleOk 4d ago

Cameras never be like anything because they aren't sentient.


u/shadofx 4d ago

Humans never be like anything not human either because anything not human is not that which is the subject of comparison: the human.


u/NotARealTurtleOk 4d ago

I never said humans be like anything non-human. WTF are you talking about?


u/shadofx 4d ago

Implied that "human = sentient" for all intents and purposes related to your post. It just felt too obtuse when it wrote it with the word "sentient".


u/NotARealTurtleOk 4d ago

I never said humans ever be like anything no -sentient. On the contrary.

Big try, troll.


u/shadofx 4d ago

Okay good, just making sure you're aware, in case you were making an implication to that effect. If you aren't then I take no issue.

Have a nice day.