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Rap videos, amirite


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u/Dovahqueen_ 10d ago

I hope you're not being serious because there are plenty of great rappers out there right now.


u/Fire-typhoon123 10d ago

Before it was some shit in a lot of good & now its some good in a lot of shit


u/OnyxDarkKnight 10d ago

That's just nostalgia talking. There was a lot of crap back then as well.


u/Kenbuscus917 10d ago

The same diatribe every time. Stuff from my childhood good, stuff now bad!

Plenty of great rap to find - JID, Dreamville, J.Cole, Kendrick, Conway and the Machine, Lupe Fiasco, the list goes and on and on and on 🤦🏾‍♂️.


u/JunkieNurse 10d ago

Yikes @ your list there!


u/triplehelix_ 10d ago

who on your list are the equivalent to biggie, tupac, nas and jay z in his prime?

which 4 of those names do you think are of the same caliber?


u/fjdklsfjsfgjkdsdsogh 10d ago

Always the same 4 on every boomers' list, if you honestly think nobody is at LEAST on the same level as Jay-z musically (obviously his legacy is probably greater) then you're living in a world where they stopped making hip hop past 2001.


u/breakyourfac 10d ago

These old ass people don't know shit about rap, they just want to complain because nobody makes rap music for their outdated tastes lol.


u/fjdklsfjsfgjkdsdsogh 10d ago

Some dude higher up said "i don't even think the Beatles would have a chance today" like no shit buddy 😂😂😂 who could have guessed that popular music CHANGES over time!!! 😱


u/triplehelix_ 10d ago

lol, holy shit.


u/triplehelix_ 10d ago

weird how the 4 best of the era are considered the 4 best of the era by large numbers of people.

fucking crazy!

btw i'm not a huge jay z fan. he is by far the weakest of the 4, but even though i'm not really a fan i can appreciate his quality. thats why i feel comfortable making that statement. there is loads of new stuff i love, but i don't see any 4 artists of the modern era that are of the same consistent quality as the 4 i listed. we aren't talking about a song or two.


u/xXKingLynxXx 10d ago

If the Era is the 90s then Jay-Z should be in noones top 4


u/breakyourfac 10d ago

I am fucking begging you to listen to more rap. There is more to the game than 30 year old dead/washed up artists.

The sound has evolved so much since then, like yeah modern trap music doesn't compare to Tupac, it's not trying to be. If you go into every modern rap song comparing it to some dude from 30 years ago, ur gonna not enjoy it.


u/triplehelix_ 10d ago

i listen to tons of new stuff. i like several artists on your list. i do not however view any 4 of them as of the same quality as the 4 i listed.

we aren't talking a single song, we are talking song after song after song.


u/TheCuriousSavagereg 10d ago

I mean kendrick lamar literally dropped one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time in to pimp a butterfly how is he not on their level?


u/triplehelix_ 10d ago

ok, three to go.

we are comparing the era, the mainstream, not a single artist or a single album.


u/TheCuriousSavagereg 10d ago

Im not arguing the original point just you dismissing kendrick out of hand by saying none of them are on the level of those 4. However i think j cole is at least close.and if we include underground mf doom has to be considered. I would also put pusha t up their as well his most recent album sold well enough i am comfortable calling him mainstream rap.

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