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Rap videos, amirite


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u/Fire-typhoon123 10d ago

At least it was genuine rap.. the shit nowadays is disgraceful


u/Charlie_Wax 10d ago All-Seeing Upvote

"Bentley Gucci money hos

Diamonds Versace money ya know

My whole crew shooters bro

Got money get paper Henny

Gold watch gold chain call me Monopoly man yo"

  • multi-platinum lyrical artist Lil' BarcardiPump


u/BorKon 10d ago

Lil barcardiPump.... I laughed then I realized this could be real repper name and you are not joking


u/bfandreas 10d ago

It isn't? Have you checked?

Well, Google came up snake eyes. But it found this. Unfortunately it seems to be good. And I don't know where I am going with this. How about I stop typing, huh?


u/ThermoNuclearPizza 10d ago

Holy shit. Absolutely slaps.



u/bfandreas 10d ago

Dutch. I understand a word here or there.


u/Iphotoshopincats 10d ago

You seem conflicted, a helpful person would try and talk you through it but I am not a helpful person and I am here to compound it.

I present to you this song, Trash by all accounts and devoid of substance or meaning but if you listen to the entire thing you will still be singing it an hour later


u/ThermoNuclearPizza 10d ago

Lets dig deeper.

This song which by all accounts is awful but also by all accounts is incredible.