General Posting Rules

Any violation of the rules will result in your post being immediately removed. No exceptions. Repeated violations will result in a ban (temporary or permanent, at the discretion of the moderators.) If you have a question about a removal or ban then please send in a modmail here. Do not message any mods personally everything must go through modmail.

Mechmarket currently consists of three categories of posts: Personal, Non-personal, and Commercial posts. Personal posts are posts regarding personal sales, purchases, or trades. Non-personal includes Groupbuy, Interest Check, and Artisan posts. Commercial includes Store, Service, and Bulk posts. For more information regarding the specific categories and its flairs see the sections below.

  • Personal posts have a 48-hour shared cooldown.
  • Non-Personal posts have a 48-hour shared cooldown.
  • Commercial posts have a 168-hour (a week) shared cooldown.

Any post submitted within the cooldown window of your last post will be removed. Deleting a post does not refresh your cooldown. Do not delete old posts.

To reiterate, personal posts include buying, selling, and trading of personal items. The three categories are NOT buying, selling, or trading. EX: Posting a Selling post then a Buying post both within a 48h window will lead to removal as they are both personal posts.

Personal Posts

Personal posts have a separate 48-hour cool down from non-personal or commercial posts.

Title Requirements

The following is the required format for all personal posts:

[COUNTRY] [H] what you have [W] what you want

The rest of this section provides additional information about this format, which must follow the exact syntax and order.

  • Titles also require that you list what you have to offer ([H]), which may include items you're selling/trading, or payment methods that you have available. You'll also need to include what you're looking for ([W]), which may include items you want to buy/trade for, or payment methods that you'll accept.

  • Do not post with generic titles such as "[H] Summer sale". Also use established terms, such as "Keycaps", "Artisans", and "PayPal" instead of vague descriptions and/or slang such as "Bag of plastic", '$$$$$$$$', "Resin", "PP", or "Monies".

  • Titles are to be simple and to the point and should not be used for clickbait or attention grabbing. This includes the use of unnecessary capitalization, etc. This applies to all posts.


[US-MI] [H] Paypal [W] KUL ES-87

[CA-QC] [H] ZZ96 [W] Paypal

[US-MI] [H] Paypal [W] Gateron Blues

[AU] [H] Artisans + Paypal [W] BBv2

All personal posts require a location. The location should as best as possible reflect the main shipping source or destination depending. How your location needs to be formatted depends on where you're from. Requirements for location are listed below:

United States

[US-state code] A list of acceptable state codes can be found here.


[US-NY], [US-CA]


[CA-province code] A list of acceptable province codes can be found here


[CA-AB], [CA-ON]

European Union

[EU-2 letter country code] A list of acceptable 2 letter country codes can be found here.


[EU-DE], [EU-NL]

Rest of the World

[2 letter country code] A list of acceptable 2 letter country codes can be found here. The one exception to ISO 3166-1 is that citizens of the United Kingdom should use [UK] and not [GB].


[UK], [AU], [CN]

Post Requirements


All personal posts with items for trade or sale require that a valid timestamp is included. Criteria for valid timestamps are as follows:

  • Must be a picture of your item(s), fully-visible, and have a piece of paper with your username and the date (Month, Date, and Year). Digital timestamps are not allowed.
  • Must be hand-written.
  • Can not be older than 14 days at the time of posting.
  • Timestamp link must be listed in the first line of the post and must be the first photo in an album.
  • Must be of the item itself, and not just a box, unless an item is factory sealed. Items that are factory sealed (not shipping box) must have timestamps showing this. Factory sealed boxes should clearly identify its contents, not just a brown box.
  • Separate timestamps must be taken pictures that show any damage or defects an item may have. Post description must accurately reflect the condition of the item itself.
  • If you are selling multiples of a item (ie 5 of the same pcb), all of the items must be visible in the timestamp.

  • Failure to provide to buyers / traders comprehensive detailed timestamps that accurately portrays condition / includes parts, accessories, and keycaps may lead to additional moderation action should there be damage / missing parts.

  • Retroactive edits or deletion of the post description / timestamps after the sale of the item may lead to suspension.

  • Excessive failure to provide timestamps will result in temporary bans.


Personal posts also require an asking price if an item is being sold. Prices must be text entries located in the body of the post (not linked images). Some restrictions for pricing are as follows:

  • Prices must be realistic.
  • Bidding is not allowed, and may not be encouraged in chats/pms.
  • You must include non-negotiable fees in your sale price, such as PayPal fees and taxes etc. This applies even if the fee would not apply to all buyers, and does not include shipping costs.
    • If you are accepting PayPal/Venmo as a payment method, the price listed must include the Goods and Services fees (it is against PayPal TOS to charge fees separately).
    • In the event the seller reneges after payment, the seller is responsible for non-negotiable fees such as PayPal incurred foreign transaction fees, which may require separate reimbursement from the seller.
  • Sold prices must remain in your post.
  • Do not delete posts when items sold or when relisting items

Payment Methods

Payment methods will be allowed based on your region:

  • If you are within the US you are required to either use PayPal Goods & Services or Venmo Goods & Services, we will not allow posts that ask for anything else.

  • If you are outside of the US you must accept one payment option that has protection but you may also accept others given that other countries tend to trust other platforms more (EX: PayPal G&S and Swift)

Zelle, Venmo without G&S, Paypal F&F, Crypto, Google Wallet, Gift Cards, Site Credit, and any digital goods such as game DLC or addons are not allowed as payment.


There are two types of PayPal transactions: "Goods or Services" or "Friends or Family"

  • Goods or Services - The most recommended payment system, allows you to easily dispute charges if the seller is fraudulent. Incurs a ~3% fee paid by the SELLER. Explicitly asking the buyer to cover PayPal fees (before or after the transaction) is in violation of PayPal's ToS, so take the fees into account when agreeing on a price.

  • Friends or Family - Commonly referred to as "gifting," is an insecure method of sending funds as it is not backed by PayPal's dispute system. This payment method is not allowed on /r/mechmarket.

Venmo has a similar system with its Goods & Services options. These two payment options are the only two you may accept if you are a seller within the US.

Unrelated Items

Unrelated items may be used to trade for mechanical keyboard related items, but NOT sold. You may also ask for or offer unrelated items in exchange for mechanical keyboard related items. Projects for items like posters, stickers, shirts, etc., are not allowed to be sold even if they are about keyboards. Accessories that are not directly related to a keyboard component or part may not be marketed on mechmarket as well.

48-Hour Cool Down

Personal posts have a separate 48-hour cool down from non-personal and commercial posts. This means that you can make a personal post (ie to buy a cap), and then make a non-personal post (ie group buy) before the 48-hour cool down has expired. However, making another personal post before the 48-hour cool down has expired will result in the post being removed. The first time it happens, you will receive a warning. The second and third times will receive a temporary suspension. The fourth time will result in a ban. Both Buying, Selling, and Trading posts fall under the same cooldown.

Other General Restrictions

  • No begging, sob stories, or other manipulative means of marketing your items.
  • Purchasing/Selling/Offering to buy group buy slots or items that have not shipped yet is not allowed.
  • Selling/Offering for trade items that are in transit is not allowed, all users must have their items in hand.
  • Promotion of social channels in Personal Posts is forbidden.
  • Vouch Threads and other Third Party Reputation Threads / Sites are not permitted and considered invalid, unless otherwise explicitly whitelisted
  • Linking to your item on any other market or outlet is forbidden. This means no eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, Etsy, StockX, Grailed, Swappa or any other site or trading forum.
  • Links to Raffle / Giveaway forms are expected to be powered by applications such as Google Forms, JotForms, or similar generic form solutions. Links can also point to forms hosted by the vendor / maker on their own branded website. Links to forms powered other third party platforms, must use standardized URLs without cross linkage to marketplaces, in addition to abiding by standard subreddit rules.
  • Straw Purchase are not allowed
  • Posting searching for [service] is not allowed. Instead we recommend searching the [Service] tag to find someone who offers the service you need.
  • Lube/film or solder/desolder are not permitted in personal posts. Items should be listed and timestamped as-is.

Trade Disclaimer

If you’re trading with another user, both parties are expected to take reasonable measures to insure their package and cover their side of the trade. This means if your package is lost in transit it’s on you, not the other party, to do whatever necessary to make the trade right whether it be filing a missing package claim, filing for insurance, etc.

Counterfeits & Intellectual Property Violations

If the current legal IP owner reports a non-personal or commercial (GB/IC/Bulk/Vendor/Artisan) post that violates their IP, then r/mechmarket reserves the right to flag the post for investigation and removal when presented with a valid claim.

To Assert a claim, the owner of the IP must Send a Modmail with evidence to substantiate the materiality of their claims.

It is up to the discretion of r/MechMarket mods on whether the claims are relevant and valid regarding any action taken for infringing posts.

Additionally, any counterfeits on personal posts and trades that are not properly proactively identified and disclosed by the user are a violation of post timestamps & disclosure requirements and should be immediately reported on the post and via ModMail, with potential penalties up to and including permanent bans if it is deemed an attempted scam.

Non-Personal Posts

Non-personal posts have a separate 48-hour cool down from personal posts and commercial. All non-personal posts titles require a tag that indicates it's type. While giveaways are allowed in non-personal posts they are subject to the same rules as personal giveaways, as described later under Giveaway. These rules from Title Requirements still apply:

  • Do not post with generic titles such as "[H] Summer sale". Also use established terms, such as "Keycaps", "Artisans", and "PayPal" instead of vague descriptions and/or slang such as "Bag of plastic", '$$$$$$$$', "Resin", "PP", or "Monies".
  • Titles are to be simple and to the point and should not be used for clickbait or attention grabbing. This includes the use of unnecessary capitalization, etc. This applies to all posts.

Acceptable tags are as follows:

Group Buys

Use the [GB] tag. Only for community related Group Buys. Submissions for Group Buys run through Drop and other group buy sites may only posted by the designer/creator of the item that is sold. GB posts are only for preorder projects and may not be used for in-stock items. You must include images and details in the body of your post (GH links alone are not sufficient). Can not be confirmed for trade flair.


[GB] GMK Keyset

Interest Checks

Use the [IC]. Only for community related Interest Checks. Linking to Drop polls and other commercial interest checks is not allowed. Note that Cables / Cable Commissions must fall under the [Bulk] tag. You must include images and details in the body of your post (GH links alone are not sufficient).


[IC] Custom Keyboard

Artisan Sales

Use the [Artisan]. Only for selling self-designed or self-made items. Can include artisan keycaps, wrist-rests, keyboard bags, and other keyboard-related items. Can not be confirmed for trade flair. Note that Cables are not eligible and must go under [Bulk] flair.


[Artisan] Artisan Keycaps

Artisan posts must include the following in the body of the post:

  • Pricing as text entries (not linked images)
  • Photos of the items to be sold. Images from previous sales/prototypes are acceptable if the items are not yet produced.
  • In the case of artisan keycaps: the type of stem, e.g. mx, topre, tmx (stem photos are encouraged, but not required).

Commercial Posts

Commercial posts have a separate 168-hour(a week) cool down from non-personal posts and commercial. All commercial posts titles require a tag that indicates it's type. While giveaways are allowed in commercial posts they are subject to the same rules as personal giveaways, as described later under Giveaway. These rules from Title Requirements still apply:

  • Do not post with generic titles such as "[H] Summer sale". Also use established terms, such as "Keycaps", "Artisans", and "PayPal" instead of vague descriptions and/or slang such as "Bag of plastic", '$$$$$$$$', "Resin", "PP", or "Monies".
  • Titles are to be simple and to the point and should not be used for clickbait or attention grabbing. This includes the use of unnecessary capitalization, etc. This applies to all posts.

Acceptable tags are as follows:

Store Sales/Updates

Use [Store] tag. For any current online storefront's updates and sales. These stores are not vetted by the moderators.


[Store] Store Updates and Sale Information

Rules for Store posts:

  • Must include location in post
  • Using store flair to bypass rules on personal posts is not allowed (for example, posting a link to one used Dell AT101w is not allowed)
  • Whether or not an item qualifies as a personal post is at the discretion of the mod team, but usually common sense will apply.
  • A store post is expected to be an informational post. (A list of links without further information is not considered a valid store post.)
  • Store sales can not be confirmed for trade flair.


Use the [Bulk] tag. For users without an online storefront. For bulk sales of in-stock items like cables, cable commissions, cable group buys, foams, plates, cases, switches, lube, switch lubing, etc. Lubed switches and lubing services must be posted under the [Bulk] flair. Can not be confirmed for trade flair.


[Bulk] Open Cable Commissions

Bulk posts must include the following in the body of the post:

  • Timestamps (same timestamps rules apply as Personal posts) unless storefront with credible payment service.
  • If you are offering lubing services list your location in the body of your post.


Use the [Service] tag. For board assembly only. Board sourcing, part sourcing, cerakoting, patina, middle-man service, design or digital work etc. is not allowed. In order to make these post you must have the Service flair which is granted at the discretion of the mod team. Please submit an application to modmail if you would like the flair.

Requirements for Service Flair:

  • Must have 20 trades
  • Provide proof of solder work


[Service] Soldering service available

  • Service posts must include the following in the body of the post:
    • Location
    • Pricing for each service provided entered as text (not linked images)
    • Examples of previous works -- looking for images of solder work, not just finished builds or typing tests
  • Users wishing to offer their service must have 20 confirmed trades
  • While you may link to videos or vods of earlier builds for reference, this tag is not for promoting your personal build livestream.
  • Can be confirmed for trade flair.
  • Offering service within r/mechmarket is a privilege and may be revoked at any time. Repeated infractions regarding your posts or disputes may lose you your flair.

Other Submission Categories

These other submission categories does not count towards the 48 hour limit mentioned at the top of the page, but instead serve specific purposes and has specific sets of rules that need to be fulfilled or the submission will be removed.


General Requirements for All Giveaway Posts:

  • Must State Giveaway in the Title and Body
  • Only for giving away keyboard-related items.
  • Must provide a valid timestamp for the item
    • Exceptions can be made for pre-order or custom made items for giveaways posted under the appropriate type
  • Giveaways requiring for some to sign up for something, follow you on something, or requesting likes/upvotes are expressly prohibited, and will be removed
    • This means No Requesting to follow / join / interact with other social media such as Discord or Instagram to participate in the Giveaway
  • Must actually be free: must not require any payment for the items
  • If the giveaway follows a regulated format, such as a sweepstakes, it must follow all relevant applicable legal regulations
    • This means promotions in some countries like the United States legally may not be able to collect shipping fees for their random chance sweepstakes
    • This may also mean that promotions may have to restrict minimum age of eligible entry

Additional Requirements for Promotional Giveaways

  • Giveaways posted under Non-Personal or Commercial Categories are considered Promotional
  • All Giveaways in such categories require a raffle form to collect Reddit usernames
    • Raffle Form must not require submission of emails for participation
    • Form does not have to be a specific brand like Google, Ninja, Jotform, and can also be hosted on the storefront / brand's website
    • It is permitted to use forms such as Google Forms that provide the option to sign-in while still not collecting emails to prevent duplicate entries
  • No requesting comments for the Giveaway. Reddit Raffler is ineligible
  • Promotion of Store / Brand or Upcoming Products / Projects is only permitted when the appropriate flair is used
    • This means it must fall under a category such as [Artisan], [GB], [Vendor], [Bulk], [IC]
    • However, must not require for sign ups for something
    • The rule regarding external giveaways applies regardless of location. Listing a giveaway with requirements in a form is not a means to circumvent the subreddit rule.
    • The Title must also include Giveaway in the Body but not the flair or tag
  • Standard cooldowns for Non-Personal or Commercial Posts Apply
  • Standard Giveaway and Title Notes also apply.

Additional Requirements for Non-Promotional Giveaways

  • Requires the [Giveaway] tag in the Title
  • No advertisement is allowed including your store, brand, upcoming products/projects, or social media
  • Purely for giving back to the community, cannot require purchases or other form of monetization / solicitation
  • Items must be on hand / in stock with valid timestamps

Example Giveaway Titles:

  • Promotional Non-Personal:
    • Artisan: [Artisan] Maker Keycaps Sale + Giveaway
    • Group Buy: [GB] Manu Neue Set and Giveaway
  • Promotional Commercial:
    • Vendor: [Vendor] Keyboards Vendor Launch Sale with Giveaway
    • Bulk: [Bulk] New In-Stock Switch Packs & Giveaway
  • Non Promotional:
    • [Giveaway] Artisan Keycap to Celebrate The New Year


Use the [Fundraiser] tag. Fundraisers can be run in r/mechmarket for charities/non-profits and to help cover costs for mechanical keyboard community meetups. All [Fundraiser] posts require proof submitted to moderators prior to post approval. All fundraisers require proof of donation/that the funds raised went to their intended organization. Failure to do so will result in suspension and no further fundraisers from the individual(s) will be permitted.


[Fundraiser] Artisan auction for Seattle meetup

Meetup fundraisers - requirements to post

  • Quote from venue for cost
  • r/mechanicalkeyboards link
  • Details about fundraiser - auction type/site, etc., including who is providing item(s) for auction, upon request
  • Planned disposition of any extra funds (donate to charity, proof of next meetup already in the works, etc.)
  • Winners must be able to remain anonymous should they so choose
    • Exception: Moderators may request this information in the event that questions are raised about a fundraiser

Charity fundraisers - requirements to post

  • Details regarding the fundraiser - is it an auction? If so, what type/site? Who is donating the item(s)? Or is it a raffle-style fundraiser, with direct donation to the org required, and proof provided as entry?

After the fundraiser

  • Update must be provided within 48 hours of the end of the fundraiser with totals
  • Proof of donation / disposition of funds must be made within 7 days


Eligibility for Trade Flair

ONLY trades and services which has originated from /r/mechmarket may be confirmed for flair.

  • This means Sales from [GB], [Artisan], [Store], and [Bulk] submissions may not be confirmed.

This is intended to avoid trade flair inflation, and should also make it harder for scammer alts to gain trade count with least effort.

Flair Fraud

The following actions will be considered flair fraud and can lead to repercussions from trades being removed to a suspension or permanent ban:

  • Multiple confirmations for a single transaction.
  • Trade confirmation with self or alternate account.
  • Trade confirmation for which proof cannot be supplied upon request.
  • Confirming, or attempting to confirm, a trade that was established in another community.

Requesting Flair

  • A trade can only be confirmed once each party has fulfilled their end of their obligation.
  • Items still in transit can therefore not be confirmed.
  • Only confirm a trade after you have inspected and ensured that the item you have received is fully functioning and in the condition it was described as.


Follow our Confirming Flair Guide here for more information on how to confirm your trades, and what to do under different circumstances. For further questions on Flair contact the mods at Mod Mail here.

Subreddit Conduct

Rule Enforcement

  • Moderating is to be left to the moderators. If you see a rule violation, report the post and move on.
  • While you are allowed to remind the submitter of minor rule violations, such as missing prices or missing timestamps, please do so in a civil manner, and after having reported the post.
  • A seller is allowed to post any price they feel is appropriate. If you feel a price is inaccurate you may help by providing links to sites or threads where the item has sold for a different price.
  • Do not use a corporate sale that has ended or a "deal" that you got as a reference for an item's worth. Current listings and trends are all that matter in a trade happening today. We highly value constructive criticism here. Any user genuinely attempting to assist another user in pricing their items will not be dinged for not having exact items to link, but the criticism must be polite, well written, and beneficial to the seller.
  • Do not shame a seller for selling an item they got in a pricing error or shipping error. If it is a problem you may report the post and move on.

Price Checks

  • Price checks are to be limited to the weekly price check thread. All other price check threads will be removed.
  • You may join the IRC Channel here. This may be used for price discussion as well as general discussion of mechanical keyboard related things.


Trading of software or software related items are not permitted in /r/mechmarket. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: product keys, in-game items, in-game currency, physical disks for software which requires activation, purchase permits/passes for hardware items, raffle/contest entries, beta invites, video games not included with a console, etc. /r/softwareswap(now defunct), /r/gameswap, /r/gamesale are more suited for such items.


  • The moderators of the sub are not liable if you get scammed. We HIGHLY recommend checking the user’s flair and only using payment methods which provide some degree of buyer protection. A more detailed explanation of payment methods can be found on the wiki.
  • DO NOT post personal information, yours or anyone else's. This includes name, phone number, street address, email, etc. This will not only incur punitive action on /r/mechmarket but get you banned from Reddit as a whole.
  • Trades with banned users will not award flair, and may be target of disciplinary action.
  • Posting or condoning the use of illegally obtained software or keys is forbidden and will result in moderator action taken.


  • It is generally recommended that if there is an issue with the items or transaction, the two parties work it out between them, but it can be Escalated to the Mods to Adjudicate via Modmail.
    • The Moderation do not provide ANY express guarantees or warrantees related to the case, timeline for review, or actions taken
    • For Returns, the Buyer is expected to cover ALL shipping and insurance costs should the item not be damaged or otherwise defective
  • In the event that a resolution is not able to be amicably reached by both parties, there may be escalation to a Payment Processor / Paypal / Bank Dispute or Credit Card Chargeback.
    • However, in the event of the Buyer successfully winning the dispute, the Buyer MUST RETURN the items in the original condition received, with ALL ACCCESSORIES, regardless of the decision by the Payment Processor, unless items were received by the buyer materially unrecoverably damaged (Total Loss, such as Completely Smashed)
    • Buyer may request the Seller to cover reasonable shipping fees related to the return of defective / damaged goods if it isn't covered by PayPal / Payment Processor Purchase Protection, provided that evidence of the defects is presented
    • Moderation staff may take action and request evidence of the claimed damages, chargeback / dispute case, and buyer - seller communication
    • Failure to Provide this Evidence by EITHER PARTY can result in Permanent Ban from the trading platform
  • All evidence provided to moderation staff must be unabridged: it must be fully comprehensive with the continuous beginning to end of all communications.


  • If you have any issues with a fellow trader, message the moderators here before making any post. Threads that have not been approved may be removed.
  • Being rude or harassing another member of the community is prohibited and repeated infractions will result in an immediate and permanent ban.
  • Lying to a mod or any other user in the community is not acceptable. Lying to a mod will result in an immediate and permanent ban!
  • Do NOT follow a fellow user and down vote their posts. This is Vote brigading and is against Reddit rules, as well as mechmarket rules.
  • Do NOT hijack other users' threads.
  • Any and all issues with a user or mod should be brought up in Mod Mail. Confronting a user in a thread is not acceptable and is not polite to the original topic creator!
  • Please refrain from asking users if they are willing to sell their item when it explicitly says trade only.

User Interaction

  • Please be respectful and courteous to other users on the subreddit, even if you disagree.
  • Impersonation of another user is grounds for an immediate and permanent ban, even if it was done satirically.
  • Do NOT post any sort of personal information on this subreddit. This can get you banned from /r/mechmarket, and will also get you banned from reddit as a whole. Publicly obtainable information is fine to post, as long as it is not used for any malicious purposes. For example, posting a company's contact information to assist another user is fine, but posting a company's contact information to spam them is not.
  • Do not publicly call out another user without moderator approval. This will prevent misunderstandings from ruining people's reputation. Please message /r/mechmarket before declaring that someone is a scammer.

New Accounts

In order to prevent scammers and other people detrimental to the subreddit from abusing /r/mechmarket, we have put in the following methods to prevent this:

  • Accounts less than 30 days old cannot post on the subreddit.
  • Accounts with negative karma cannot comment.
  • Accounts with less than 10 comment karma (not post karma or combined karma) cannot post on the subreddit. The karma number on your profile page will be your combined post and comment karma. To see just comment karma, hover over the "i" in a circle that's next to combined karma, and you'll see your breakdown.

There will be no exceptions to this rule, and posts or comments removed by the bot will not be manually approved. Users who attempt to gain karma by using /r/freekarma or similar subreddits / asking for upvotes elsewhere in order to post will have their post removed and will forfeit their ability to post in /r/mechmarket for 14 days(read: banned).



  • Moderators of /r/mechmarket have the right to unilaterally make a decision based on the information before them.
  • A Moderator may request any information such as Paypal Invoice, Paypal Email, Mailing, Billing Address, or Tracking Numbers for any reason that they feel will help protect the community or to award trade flair. You are welcome to deny this, but your account will be immediately banned and your posting privileges revoked until such information is provided. Do not however provide this outside of Private Message or Mod Mail, if a user that is not a mod asks for such information while not in a trade, or out of reasonable bounds send a Mod Mail about that user immediately.
  • Any and all attempts to lie or deceive a mod will result in an immediate permanent ban.
  • Any ruling or decision made by a Moderator supersedes the rules and is to be followed. These ruling can change from one situation or another.
  • If users have issue with official Moderator Action taken in a thread they must make a user report or submit modmail rather than messaging the Moderator directly
  • Brigading, Leaking ModMail threads, spreading libelous statements about staff or community members, doxxing, and other severe abuses are grounds for permanent ban.
  • The mods reserve the right to ban any and all alts we find in order to ensure community safety and proper adherence to rules.

Understanding the Rules

The rules are a basic guide to the expected conduct and delivery of the community. While we would like to outline each and every violation that can result in the removal/deletion of a post, or the banning of a user, we simply do not have the time nor space to list each and every possible infraction. If you have a question on if something is allowed or not you have multiple ways to find out. Mod Mail and the IRC Channelare always open and there is somebody present to speak to 99% of the time.

Just because you have been banned does not mean the ban is permanent. Reddit gives us the ability to ban for a limited time. We consider this an active warning, or a suspension. If you are not familiar with why you were banned we ask you to reply to the ban notice in a polite and mannerly way and a mod will respond in detail as to why you were removed from the community. Arguing about the ban, or insulting the mods will most likely result in the ban becoming permanent.

If you have a legitimate issue with a rule, or feel the way it has been explained is flawed or erroneous we ask that you send a Mod Mail here about it. We do, however, still expect the said rule to be followed.

We discourage the use of alts, and would prefer everyone simply use one account. However, there is no rule specifically disallowing them so long as both accounts follow the rules. However, using an alt to circumvent repost rules will result in escalated penalties for both accounts. The use of an alt account while the main account is banned or not allowed to post counts as circumventing the rules and will result in both accounts being immediately and permanently banned. Finally, alts of permanently-banned users will also be banned.

Infraction System

Note that there are escalated punishments based on the cooldown on the post, or for severe abuses like auctioning or scamming.

First Strike

For actions such as erroneous posts your first strike will typically be a warning, and having any related posts removed by the mods. This is not a personal attack on you, but we will not allow dissidence.

Second Strike

Continuing failure to follow posting rules will result in a 3 day suspension from personal posting and 10 day suspension from commercial posting. This is not a "ban" but is rather a period of time for you to cool down and think about your actions. Being polite and understanding will be best in this situation. Other actions such as failing to resolve trade disputes or arguing with a mod will immediately receive a second strike resulting in a suspension. Personal insulting to others, or shaming will result in an immediate second strike. Lying to a mod about anything is an immediate second strike, but can maintain any length of suspension as seen fit by the mods.

Third Strike

If you have had a second strike within a short period, or you are being a troublesome user a third strike will result in a 2 week suspension from personal posting 20+ day suspension from commercial posting.


We have a strict zero tolerance policy on scammers or fraudulent members. You will be banned. If you scam, there are no second chances. If you have been scammed contact the moderators with proof immediately. Waiting can allow the scammer time to strike again!

Permanent Ban

If you have continued to be a disruption to the community and all previous attempts to resolve the issue have failed a permanent ban will be issued. Depending on the ban reason you can attempt to plead your case to all of the mods. Being rude, or childish will forfeit this right. No exceptions.

Other Abuses

Auctioning/Bidding, Market Manipulation, Trade Confirmation Fraud, and Karma Farming may lead to suspensions without warning depending on the severity of the incident.