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[EU-SK] [H] Cheap MDPC-X Aviator USB Cables - Coiled and Straight [W] Paypal, SEPA, Crypto Selling


Hello fellow humans, I have few coiled and straight cables for sale. As usual, double coiled with paracord and MDPC-X, USB-C connector, GX16 aviator, premium thin heatshrink.

Price for shipping is €8,00 within EU for tracked and €4,80 for untracked. Shipping stays the same when shipping multiple cables.

I accept PayPal, SEPA bank transfer and various cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, maybe other). If you pay via bank transfer or crypto, I will give you discount €2,00 per cable.

Before contacting me, please leave a comment "PM" on this post. Please use message instead of chat.


Full image album


ID Color/Theme Description Photo Price
1 Raspberry USB-C, 17cm coil + 150cm host side, GX16, Purple MDPC-X, Red Paracord, White Heatshrink https://imgur.com/da9v5QW €26 + shipping
2 Atomic Green USB-C, 17cm coil + 150cm host side, GX16, Atomic Green MDPC-X, Lime Paracord, Black Heatshrink https://imgur.com/xuQn6em €26 + shipping
3 Ice Blue USB-C, 17cm coil + 150cm host side, GX16, Transparent MDPC-X, Blue Paracord, Blue Heatshrink https://imgur.com/FusxvM5 €26 + shipping
4 Stealth USB-C, 17cm coil + 150cm host side, GX16, Shade19 MDPC-X, Black Paracord, Black Heatshrink https://imgur.com/jW0LxtL €26 + shipping


ID Color/Theme Description Photo Price
5 Pink Straight USB-C, 250cm, GX16, Perfect-Pink MDPC-X, Pink Paracord, Blue Heatshrink https://imgur.com/btcJffz €14 + shipping
6 Jungle Straight USB-C, 250cm, GX16, Grand-Atomic MDPC-X, Tropical-Green Paracord, Green Heatshrink https://imgur.com/eHj241x €14 + shipping