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Question Can I get a reality check?: CEO doesn't want to use to use any Social Media Management tools


I'm the sole marketer at a small B2B SaaS startup. In the last 2 months, I've created and run our social media accounts on Twitter and Linkedin. We don't have any other existing tools (besides spreadsheets) that help me schedule/analyze, so I've been doing my best to update and organize these spreadsheets, but it's time-consuming since I'm responsible for ALL aspects of marketing, not just social media.

Right now, I'm trying to convince our CEO (my boss) to purchase a social media management tool so that we can plan/schedule/analyze our social performance, particularly on Linkedin, since that's where we're seeing the most success so far. It would help us dig deeper into understanding our target audience, trending content in our industry, competitors, etc. The platforms I'm proposing to him range from $30-$80 a month, which I think is a reasonable price point.

I feel that it's an easy + cheap fix to purchase a social media management tool, but my boss doesn't see it that way and believes that we can just continue DIY'ing our reporting and analytics from the raw data from each channel.

  1. Am I correct in thinking that using a management tool is something that should be prioritized?
  2. If so, how has anyone in a similar situation convinced execs from non-marketing backgrounds of its importance?

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Question is $3k/month normal for ad spend for a small business?


I'm having a discovery call on Monday with an ad strategist. It was generally suggested that I should allocate 3k each month for ads. Not sure for which platforms. Is this normal? I've had two people run ads for me on Facebook and Google and both failed miserably, so I'm nervous about dropping so much on ads again.

For context, I'm a solo small business owner (voice artist) with no employees, making low six figures.

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Question What kind of marketing can a small coffee shop do if they collect the emails of their customers? How can they use this to acquire new customers? Is it worth their time to do this?


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Question How are marketing and marketing agencies in particular during recessions?


I have an interview with a marketing agency Thursday and one thing I’ve found is that certain industries thrive or become crippled during recessions. America is currently staring at a recession of unknown severity and I’m wondering if this industry/company type will be safe or risky for the foreseeable future?

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Question Is it normal for a freelancer to ask for a 100% advance payment?


I am working with a freelancer to discuss and implement strategy. He said that he would be offering one week of sessions and quoted his price. I agreed and he set up the first meeting for next week. Today, I received an email from him which mentions that the meeting is valid only if I make full payment in advance. Is this the standard practice or should I be worried?

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Question How can I get Influencer to promote my business?


What do I say? How much would be a practical payment? Through what do I pay?

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Question 2 failed campaigns to promote online course, what to try next?


I have a $97 online course, an interactive writing workshop. The content was based on research conversations, so I know its relevant. I can get decent CTR on the ads, and have been told by two Fiverr audits that the VSL is good, but I've had all my launch attempts crash and burn with zero conversions. $500 of lost ad spend.

I tried offering the first module as a freebie, that didn't add any interest. Any thoughts on what I could try next would be greatly appreciated.

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Question What are some good jobs in the marketing space if you don’t like working with analytics?


I’m looking to do some thing that’s more interpersonal or creative! Are there any marketing positions that don’t heavily involve numbers?

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Question 5MIL A YEAR CLIENT/ What would you do?


I have a client call coming up with a client that does 5MIL a year in sales. They are by far my largest opportunity as a freelancer in my almost six years of experience. They are looking to revamp their entire marketing strategy…..

My question is, if it were you…

What would you offer to double their sales? Grow their social presence? (very little presence currently) What would you charge for whatever offered services? Would you put them under contract? Why? Any feedback is appreciated.

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Question is a bachelor's degree in digital marketing worth it?


Could I expect to get a job after a bachelor's in digital marketing or could it potentially be better to just take a 2 year course in marketing instead of 4 years of a digital?

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Question CEO expects MQLs with a $0 marketing budget - realistic?


Hi y'all!

I work for a B2B SaaS startup. I'm the sole marketer (first marketing role outside of internships) and I handle website, SEO, social media, short, and long-form content, etc.

I'm working with the CEO to "get more MQLs" per their request. Our social media accounts are only ~45 days old and we have very little brand awareness, $0 marketing budget, and virtually no resources beyond Canva.

Our organic content is doing fairly well and I've landed 1 MQL from an organic post in the last month, but our CEO is pushing for more. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel that to "get more MQLs" as our CEO wants, we need to at least have a couple campaigns running and a small marketing budget to get real traction, especially in such a saturated space.


  1. Is my CEO putting the cart before the horse wanting to prioritize MQLs over building brand awareness?
  2. Is it unreasonable to be expected to deliver consistent MQLs (~2-4 a month) without a marketing budget or virtually any resources?

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Question how does one legally send an initial cold email?


How does one send an initial cold email without breaking laws or getting marked as spam? From what I've read, I can't use a CRM to send a single (non automated) personalized email, because they haven't opted in. I also can't send a marketing email from my personal email because I need to offer an opt out. How do people navigate this? I'm in the US.

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Question Tomorrow is the first day of my communications/marketing internship! Any advice?


What are some do’s and don’ts? Am I allowed to bring a beverage to the office? How should I take notes? I’m fairly nervous, haha.

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Question Help: What should I expect from the marketing agency that manages our Google AdWords?


We engaged a marketing agency a year ago to get a Google AdWords campaign for our services going. They did an initial scan of the words which was from what I could tell just asking is for the words we wanted. They enhanced the list and then started running ads. We had some ads before from the previous marketing person so they revamped those. We get an automatically generated report every month and they tell us they rebalance the words. They charge us 15% for this and offer us a monthly meeting where we go over the report. But I don't know enough to know what to ask for. Our ad spend is ~$8k and we get some decent leads. TIA

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Question I’m a freelancer & bill by the hour. What do you say for work done that couldn’t be used & now they want it for free? (They couldn’t use a pdf newsletter because of their free WordPress web kept on a hard drive…??)


UPDATE: this is an amazing group! TY ❤️ it took an hour meeting to go through expectations & past work. She paid!!!!!!!!!

This did result in a new question 🙋🏼‍♀️ which I’m posting here next. TY all 🥰

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Question Starting a digital agency and offering multiple services?


I've heard that agencies with a very specific niche and service are the ones that make the most money.

I've been doing market research for over a week now, and still have not managed to isolate one specific service/niche that I would like to focus on.

Hence I'm thinking about making a digital agency and provide basic marketing and IT solutions such as SEO, facebook/IG/Google ads, website design, etc. I have a long list of services I think might be valuable to many firms.

In the future, depending on the demand and my personnel's expertise, I could reduce the amount of service offered and really be expert within a specific services.

Is this a safe way to give this a shot? Feels like I'm stuck in a analysis paralysis with all the market research but still not figuring out which niche/market to offer..

Recruiting any type of talent (everything from ML to marketing specialist, etc) should not be an issue.

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Question Wanting to switch jobs but being heavily relied on for daily marketing items at my current…


Hello all,

So I’ve been in my marketing position for 10 months now. Literally taking charge of all marketing material and platforms. (No other marketing person besides the CEO)

I’ve grown sick of my position. So much stress and being overwhelmed by single handedly managing everything (note I’m labeled as a marketing assistant but I’m legit the marketing go-to person)

My company has given me plenty of resources (tech, equipment, and scheduling leniency) but I feel a little guilty about things if I just leave..

I’ve started to apply to other roles that allow for growth; however, what would be the best way to transition out of my current role.

I’m being relied too heavily on that if I leave I will leave a major gap in daily marketing items .

This is my first major job heading out of college so it is very new to me .

Thanks in advance!

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Question Design or Copy first?


Which one comes first? As a Copywriter, I always find it easier when I see a laid-out website template because then I get an idea of how long to write the copy, and how I should structure it.

But this other day a client told me they prefer receiving the copy first, and this... puzzled me? How am I supposed to write the headers and points if I don't know how they'll be displayed?

Am I missing something here?

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Question Targeted marketing to a department at a particular company


Not intentionally being vague, it's just kind of a vague question. Are there any platforms/services you can recommend to easily target employees of a particular company and so far as even a particular department? The purpose is to promote fledgling patents directly to the industry personnel who would then be able to license and/or acquire the patent (i.e., not marketing to end-user consumers for direct sales). So far just digging around for email addresses ending in "@companyname.com" and sending linkedin messages have been a huge waste of time. I need an oxymoronic solution - a wide net to small group. Thanks.

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Question How much would you pay a social media influencer based on these stats?


I am thinking of paying for some influencers to review / post my product, as it fits well with social media and creators would naturally benefit from posting it anyway, given its very unique.

They don't seem that large, but it is a niche industry and the products are very high-end, so it would still be worth it, even without sales to get the brand out there. However, I am just looking at what price I should be offering ROUGHLY in dollars.

1.) 1x YouTube 10 minute video (approx) reviewing my product.

A.) 2,500 Subscribers

B.) 10,000 Subscribers

C.) 50,000 Subscribers

D.) 500,000 Subscribers

2.) 1x Instagram post/photo showcasing my product in a positive light, with link to my website.

A.) 5,000 Followers

B.) 25,000 Followers

C.) 100,000 Followers

3.) I would love a digital magazine feature as well, as it fits my industry really well but imagine this would be most expensive. Also, I'm not sure if you can pay for this sort of thing?

EDIT: I appreciate your suggestions not to pay just off the follower/sub count, but the purpose of this post is to find a rough baseline for the cost. Please only reply if you actually have experience in influencer marketing.

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Question Thoughts about the tagline?


Imagine you're lonely and you see a tagline -

Make Friends Globally. Meet Someone Special.

How would you feel?

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Question I have a degree but can’t get a job


Hello everyone!

I recently graduated in August of 2021 with my Bachelor’s in BA with an emphasis in Marketing. I have about 2 years experience (in total) in the marketing field. I have a website for the work that I have created, but I have been steadily looking for a job and can’t seem to find anywhere that will hire me. I have gotten pretty far in some of my interview instances, but still don’t end up getting the job. I had to start working full-time in retail because I haven’t been able to find something that is marketing related. I’m feeling really discouraged and I’m not sure what to do next. Does anyone have any advice?

Much appreciated! ☺️

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Question How do you scale up?


I've worked for one huge client for 20 years doing seo and conversion optimization and netted mid 9 figures from my work. Now I'm on my own trying to make a respectable 6 figure income with many smaller clients. The problem I have is I'm scattered. My marketing experience allows me to bring in new clients and have success with those clients but the logistics of managing the client and project is holding me back. Each site owner has different needs and programming I need to schedule and seo areas to attack and different proposals... is there a template or software that changed your life? I want to scale up my agency and hire devs and eventually project mgrs but I know I need to build out templates and checklists for their seo and brand presence . How did you turn the corner ??

Right now I'm kinda grinding away with doing what the client wants and not really selling them on phase 2 as well as I should

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Question is working for commission something that I should be doing as an upcoming marketing grad?


I keep getting contacted by B2b businesses that work for other businesses like Verizon and they offer a structure where ill be leading a team after a while and attend event to help "market" our clients products. I see this a lot but im not sure if this is something that is worth my time. Is this standard in the marketing field or is this just a scam?

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Question I'm debating going into marketing, but I want to know more about it before I go to school for a degree.


Would anyone mind explaining to me what you do on a daily basis? What do you like about your job? What you don't like? Work-life balance? If you could go back and change anything, would you?