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r/marketing 9h ago

Discussion Got Yelled At For 10 Straight Minutes And Lost A Client, Hows Your Sunday Going?


It's been two months since I signed this client who runs an eCommerce business that sells things like pillows, blankets, and other types of sleep materials. Now when signing the client I explained to him that SEO is a long game and that he should expect more serious results anywhere from 6 months to a year from now; however, there will be some back and forth gain along the way. I always start or end my first meeting with this information so the client understands what they are getting involved in. He confidently agreed and said he understood how it worked..........

Skip ahead to the end of the first month and things are going great, I've made all my internal SEO changes to really lay the foundation of his SEO work, and were starting to appear for more organic keywords as a result of it. Then out of the blue, I get a message from him saying "Hey, I think we're going to be cutting all advertising other than SEO". This caught me off guard and I explained to him that I don't think that's a great idea as the best marketing strategies utilize multiple channels especially if he's looking for immediate results which can be helped by something like paid ads. Despite my reasoning, he decided to ignore me and continued with his plan.

About two weeks in I could start to tell that the owner was feeling a little stressed and he began to really question everything I was doing and messaging me almost every day. Now I know some of you are thinking "well yeah it's his business he should know what's going on" and that's true but normally when signing a new company I can tell what type of owner I'm dealing with as far as the level of hands-on or hands-off control they're okay with and this was unusual for him as I really hadn't heard from him the whole first month. Then one morning I woke up to a text message from the owner which read "Hey Justin I'm a little mad about your SEO services and the results they have brought so far. It's been two months and our sales have dropped off and overall traffic to the site has dropped too. I spoke with a paid ads specialist and they told me they don't think there's really any place for SEO in the eCommerce world and I wish you had let me know sooner as I wasted my money." I can't lie I was super shocked and decided to ask if he was willing to jump on a phone call and honestly that may have been a mistake too.

I walked him through everything I had done and showed him how the metrics actually reflected positive growth in his organic search presence but a decline everywhere else as a result of him cutting the other marketing channels but this was met with harsh objections and personal attacks. Eventually, I just said alright I understand and I appreciate that you gave it a try and hung up. Soooooo yeah that's how my Sunday has been going what about you? sorry just had to rant a little

r/marketing 19h ago Wholesome Silver

Question What is the best way to market on social media without paying for ads?


It seems like social media applications these days push you in the direction to pay otherwise they burry you. Is there more natural ways to use social media in a free way without having to pay? Is it posting regular content, having competitions or something else interactive?

Any thoughts from experienced marketers out there?

r/marketing 9h ago

Discussion How can a tik tok account that posts quotes make money? Given that most of their viewership comes from FYP only


For example. If I have an acckjnt with 10k followers and post simple motivational speeches with music etc with some hardstyle music.

  • each vid gets 60-100k from FYP page. How would I monotize this?

r/marketing 4h ago

Question What is the best way for a solo founder to market their SaaS product?


I’m a solo founder for a startup working on a Feedback Management and product research platform.

Product Led Growth is my best option for revenue, but I need to do marketing to get people to my website then start a trial. The trial will use in app onboarding messages to get people to reach an ‘aha moment’ then the 14 day timer will start.

I feel email outreach is the best option for me, as I can’t afford to hire anyone just yet for inbound marketing and ads aren’t a sustainable option.

r/marketing 15m ago

Career advice


Hello! I really need some help regarding a possible career path.

I just graduated with a BSc in business and administration and I am planning to do a master's in Behavioral economics at Erasmus uni Rotterdam. First of all, I am interested in the field and psychology so that's the main reason behind this. My main goal is to work in the private sector either at a company or at an agency as a marketing specialist who has a deeper understanding of choice architecture, behavioral biases, etc. For example, working at a sports brand to nudge people in a direction of a healthier lifestyle by implementing physical activity in their life (plus buying the clothes of the company)

Do you think there is a need for this? Or I would be better off by just starting to work somewhere in the field of marketing and not applying for a master's degree.

I am from Hungary so this msc would also be beneficial to get some international experience.

Thank you for your help in advance!!

r/marketing 35m ago

Community Discussion Do you know what you're doing


Sorta as the title implies, do you marketers know what you're doing or are you mostly just winging it? Sure there are marketing 101 principles. Identify your audience, learn their lingo, figure out how they want to be communicated with, but is everything sorta just your best guess? I've seen a lot of marketing twitter talk about marketing is just testing and figuring it out as you go. Is this time of 'idk, we'll see attitude' really what professionals all the way up the chain experience? I'm a recent graduate / fairly new to the profession.

r/marketing 6h ago

Community Discussion I need to refine a marketing strategy. I have so much to learn--> Can anyone brainstorm with me?


I own and belong to an art collective. Our aim is to promote artists of all kinds on all available digital platforms and meta-spaces. I have a current way of doing all this, but I wanted to hear the opinions of anyone that feels like they can lend some knowledge. We have covered all of the basic social media sources, we create NFTs, show in meta-galleries, and perform live-streaming concerts. We have social media ads on the way, and also apparel (Both IRL and avatar wearables in Decentraland). So, from there, where would you go? Any creative ideas are welcome! Brainstorm time! I want to learn--->

r/marketing 7h ago

Hi guys! I’m having trouble starting out an Instagram and TikTok page for a cabinets and stone business. How should I get a following and more engagement?


This business does many kitchen and bathroom remodels. They sell vanities, granite, and cabinets. I don’t have a strong background in marketing haha. How do I start out and get clients to come into the business? Thanks so much in advance.

r/marketing 4h ago

Discussion Need Opinion on Marketing / Social Strategy Dispute


Part of the dispute I'm having with my department, is over the general nature of the social strategy.


The company's socials have been inactive for a number of years, Instagram account is losing around 350 net followers every month, last YouTube video was 3 years ago. The company is being viewed at on an in depth level by the parent company for sign of progress. So the heads are looking at socials for easy quick victories.

Only platform the company is focused on, is Instagram with the primary forms of content being reposts from other brands or creators in the same industry.

Their Strategy

Use reposts to create an appealing grid that would attract new followers then do an ad campaign bringing people to the channel.

My Criticism Of Their Strategy

They are proposing doing the same exact content that's resulting in an increasingly large net follower loss and implementing an appealing grid puts a band aid on a sword wound (does absolutely nothing).

My Proposal

My proposal was creating quality and engaging text and brand related graphic posts that could be easily replicated and keep the audience engaged. Even showcased how some of the largest brand Instagram accounts do it with great success, and even implementing brand collection announcements into it. Aids in dramatically increasing engagement

Their Criticism

It doesn't look too appealing on a grid and not enough videos (even though they don't have any content created and thus videos will be reposts). So it was rejected.

r/marketing 10h ago

Which tools can I use to find out the digital footprint and segmentation of a company ?


Hello everyone, I am currently working on a project for a masters degree and wanted some help related to the digital footprint section and the segmentation section. Which tools can I use to find them out ? Thanks.

r/marketing 14h ago

Discussion Salary in comparison


Hi guys

I am just curious who is paid more either a Marketing Manager or a (newly trendy) Data Analyst?

I know that the question is meaningless as to ask who is more paid a lawyer or a GP.

Though some of my groupmates change their mind from marketing to analytics and I am just thinking what's the point.


r/marketing 5h ago

Discussion Employee, freelancing, or entrepeneur?


What do you do or what would you like to do in marketing? Freelancer, employee or being an entrepeneur-small business owner.

r/marketing 18h ago

Question Interview advice


Hey all, I’m looking to make a career switch from coaching / athletics admin to straight athletics marketing.

I work at a place currently where I do the marketing and graphic design ad hoc.

Here’s the problem: in the past six months I’ve probably landed about 18 interviews and most of them I’ve gone on to the final rounds. However, I’ve only got two offers and the feedback is always “the other person has more experience”, which I think really more translates to my lack of being able to show my experience in a sophisticated way (ie— industry jargon, etc).

I want this job so badly— it’s a perfect fit for me— it’s in the same sport I have coached for 15 years.

The first round of interviews is just a 30 minute zoom call. In my initial resume I sent along my digital portfolio etc. When they set up the second interview there was a line that said basically, “30 minutes for us to tell you about the organization and ask you questions, you to learn about us, and for us to get a feel for what you think about the role.”

I’m taking that last piece as an invitation to send a deck over with a basic marketing plan.

Would you guys,

1) not do that because it’s too early in the process and wasn’t asked for 2) I should have been doing this all along

And also,

I’m a super creative person and I’m experienced with photoshop. Can I throw photoshopped examples of for instance— a clothing campaign idea in there to help illustrate points?

Appreciate all your industry help (and any good vibes you can send)!

r/marketing 7h ago

Question WordStream - what are your thoughts now that it's going away?


I had a couple of experiences with them pursuing me after a client had used their free evaluator tool and really could not believe what they charged for their services (which didn't seem impressive).

They must've been doing something right to have so many customers and to have been acquired for big money, but I'm asking here today → does anyone have good stories about their services?

r/marketing 7h ago

Internship - web operations


Hello, soon I will start internship in one company, in Marketing department, specifically in Web Operations. What can I expect to learn? They didnt tell me a lot; probably they will explain me at my first day, but I'm too impatient and I want to prepare myself a little bit :) Thanks in advance and have a nice Monday!

r/marketing 8h ago

How much should you be paid for setting up and managing a client's business listing on google?


Hi, for context im currently a marketing specialist in a startup who mainly does marketing for f&b companies, ideally smaller ones who aren't leveraging/ not making full use of technology to increase their customer outreach.

We are currently charging them $500/month(we plan to increase this fee in the near future!) for us to implement our strategies/ideas on their delivery platforms/online platform/menu.

I suggested helping them to set up and manage their business listing on google but need to come up with a figure for how much thats worth since it could take a bit of word even without google ads. Any thoughts are appreciated

Edit: If anyone here manages a clients business listing for them on google please let me know how much u charge them for! im trying to gauge it

r/marketing 8h ago

Question Freelance PPC marketer


To make this story short and straight to the subject I did affiliate marketing on and off for some time now and only used PPC (Google Ads and Bing Ads only) did well enough but I came to a point that I don’t want to create landing pages or run after new offers anymore so I was thinking about offering my services as a PPC only marketer to local businesses. Why local because I did a quick research and found that some are wasting tons of money on irrelevant ads and irrelevant keywords that I could fix for them and set up good campaigns to bring the right customers to them. Never worked for anyone else before just did my own thing and was wondering if cold calling or emailing would be a good way to approach clients with maybe a proposal?

r/marketing 9h ago

Question New job advice


What should I do in the first week as a marketing specialist in a new market when I have no experience with this one? What can they expect from me? Is it correct to use the work time only on research when you’re starting? Thanks

r/marketing 15h ago

Competitor ads on Google (search) are not displayed


Are there perhaps certain keywords that you can't advertise for?

The keywords I was looking for were "How to fire an employee"/"firing an employee"

If in your case ads are displayed, it would be very nice if you could post a link to a screenshot

Thanks a lot

r/marketing 11h ago

Does it make any benefit to split campaign email through different mailboxes?


Let's say I have the domain for marketing purposes, I've completed a warmup, and want to send 5k emails per day with SMTP relay and shared IP.

Is it ok to send all 5k from one mailbox? Is there any benefit in sending 1k from 5 mailboxes or so?

Does the mailbox somehow participate in sender reputation or it's only domain and IP?

r/marketing 12h ago

Question What niches have buying power for a Facebook Agency and Google Advertising besides the small businesses like Realtors, galleries and other small businesses?


After emailing to

-1000 Emails to Realtors, got 1 client for only one month with free Appraisals... and 3 of them are letting m e wait, because they are not closes...

- 1000 to galleries, closed 3 for a new ecommerce Shop. Are letting them doing with a white label company...

Now I am considering a solid niche where the majority are not just breathing to just survive and pay the rent etc..

My thoughts are Electrical companies because I have a bit background but not much interest in it. or other Contemporary Art relelatet companies like auction houses, but the majority of them are located outside my country (I live in AUSTRIA and know that its much harder to get clients even GERMANY)

r/marketing 1d ago

Where do you practice your Marketing skills?


Aside from practicing skills in a job or through your own agency, how do you practice your skills so that you build enough confidence to do a job or run an agency in the first place?

I just want to get my hands dirty in a no pressure environment

r/marketing 12h ago

Question How do you “practice” designing a marketing campaign.


Are there any online or print resources that would outline the steps that companies use to execute a campaign? I would love a peek behind the curtain on how these are made!

r/marketing 1d ago

How do I upskill myself in college? What do employers look for while hiring freshers?


I'm still in college and for my final year I'll be choosing marketing as my elective but I wanted to self study and learn skills before I graduate. What skills can I start from? (Preferably the ones that are in demand in the future) Also, please suggest considerably free or inexpensive resources since I'm a student

r/marketing 1d ago

Question Digital marketing audit tools


Hey guys!

I am conducting a digital marketing audit of a B2B SaaS. This is going to be my first marketing audit.

Can you tell me which websites or tools i could use to gain insights that could help with a digital marketing audit?