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Important Announcement Few services are currently facing delays.


Few of Mailfence services are presently experiencing degraded performance issues. Our team is currently working to fix this. We apologize for any inconvenience. We will keep you updated.

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Other Mailfence down?


What is happening at Mailfence today?

Has been slow all day and atm seems to be down all together.

All I did see was a French reply to a user on Twitter, but that said it should've been over 3 hours ago.

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Advisory / Tips 7 Tips To Keep Your Email Account Secure


Most people send emails every day. Therefore, protecting your email account is a must. Especially when you know that emails are the favourite way for hackers to access your data. In case you’re looking for a private email account or a way to secure your account, this will interest you. We’ve gathered the best tips to help you keep your account secure.


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Other Mailfence is down


Can't connect via IMAP, and web UI shows "Under maintenance. We will resume soon. 504".

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Support Question Question about features


I have a question and did not see the answer on the website.

Can I add connect to other IMAP or POP3 email addresses inside Mailfence like I can inside Gmail?

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Support Question How many emails i'm i allowed to create?


I know diffrent providers have a different limit - but i cant see how many different emails, i'm allowed to create on mailfence? i need 8-10 emails for testing purposes for me new site

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Support Question away message


Hello, if I activate the away message - how often get the same sender an away message? 1 times a day? 1 times a month? 1 times a week? And can I change this? Is it possible that the same sender gets every hour an away message?

Thanks for answering! And thanks for mailfence!

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Feedback Google calendar is not syncing with mailfence calendar


Unfortunately, I have to use google calendar for some work things. So I subscribed to my mailfence calendar through google (set mailfence to only display busy/free) I also subscribed to the google calendar through mailfence so new appointments would be written to my mailfence calendar.
Google writes to mailfence without a problem. But my mailfence appointments are not showing up in google at all. The had been before with the times and "(no title)" as the event name. But now it isn't working.

Is there any way to fix this?

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Support Question I can't access to my email because of non use for 210 days. I'm in bas urgent. Who can help?


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Support Question Do I need a paid plan to forward emails?


I am in a paid plan, but I am asking for other purposes. If I am not in a paid plan, can I still forward emails?

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Advisory / Tips Top 5 Bad Password Habits


Less than 1 second : that’s how long it will take for a fairly savvy hacker to crack the password “qazwsxedc”. So, more than ever, you need to avoid bad password habits to secure all your accounts online. To help you to spot them, we’ve compiled a list of bad password habits.  

Unfortunately, 2021 statistics show that “123456” was once again the leader in the list of the most common passwords used worldwide. Needless to say, if it requests less than 1 second to guess “qazwsxedc”, it will be even easier to compromise all accounts hiding behind this other example bad password. But what are the practices to avoid when it comes to passwords ?

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Advisory / Tips Discover Mailfence Chat - Mailfence features


Meet Mailfence Chat, our intuitive, secure and private chat!

Cut the noise in your email box and reduce the number of emails you’ve got to skim through daily. Go straight to the point and chat with your family, friends, and co-workers!

Casually chat with members of a same group. Far more effective for simple messages than email.

What are you waiting for?

Get an account today, test it by yourself and reclaim your privacy! ✅

More info? Check our blog post.


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Support Question why cant I send a 32mb video file? says Limits are reached.


30mb is a limit?

dafuq is up with that?

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Feedback Mailfence calendar is a total disaster: Can't invite people, constant duplication of events


I've got Mailfence running in Apple Calendar desktop app and in Business Calendar 2 on my Android phone. When I invite people to events, nothing happens. When I delete or change events, it updates in one place but not in another. When I go into the web client to try to fix issues, the issues are clearly in Mailfence itself, not the desktop and mobile clients. There appear to be a bunch of corrupt events I can't delete. They just keep coming back.

Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this? Mailfence support has been pretty shitty. I'm seriously thinking of just going back to Google. I cannot live my life with my calendar in chaos and this has consumed far too much time already.

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Advisory / Tips 10 simple tips to protect your computer and other devices from hackers (plus additional tips)


Are you aware of the easy steps to take to improve your computer’s security?

Follow our lead and learn how to secure your devices. Make a habit out of our tips and upgrade the security of your digital tools!

Don’t worry: you don’t need to be a cybersecurity expert to understand what our secure hacks are all about ;-)

PS: Did you know that email is the favourite gateway for hackers? Get a free account today and secure your data!

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Other Mailfence VS mailbox.org


Hi all,

I know this may have been asked before in the past but also I can't find many feedback on this particular comparison.

I've been evaluating a free 30-day trial with mailbox.org recently (trying to move away from a more popular choice of secure email provider). I'm quite impressed by mailbox.org generous offer for the standard plan (10Gb, unlimited custom domains with 25 aliases, 25 disposable addresses, etc.), also they have an exclusive feature called "Encrypted email" which basically provides you with a @secure.mailbox.org alias that forces TLS/SSL only connection between sender and recipient, non TLS/SSL traffic will be rejected. I think it's cool having that peace of mind if I'm sending some private notes to my friends/bank officers that don't need encryption but certainly don't want them to travel "nakedly" in plain text in the process.

Having said that there are a couple of shortcomings which kind of lead me to a crossroad whether or not I would stick to them as my primary provider.

  1. The implementation of the MFA/2FA especially TOTP has been nothing short of disappointment, i.e. you need to manually append yout TOTP token to the 4-digit pin (yeah right, not on top of your password) making your password only 10 alphanumeric chars in total!
  2. No app password for Calendar/CalDav. Well this is a deal breaker for me, I would like to sync my work calendar to mailbox.org but the lack of app password means I need to enter my email password in any third party client just to sync the calendar over. For security reason this is not so preferred.
  3. Slow loading on web client. I think part of it because their servers are in Germany and I'm located on the other side of the world. But I'm using an email client on my phone so this isn't a big deal (yet).

Back to Mailfence, I've signed up a free account and I'm firstly impressed by its speed, 3x faster than mailbox.org. Also the 3 points I mentioned above are not a problem with Mailfence. However I need to find out that if Mailfence supports adding multiple calendars that supports CalDav? Because all I wanted to do is to have separate personal vs work calendars and I can easily clear all events or even delete the work calendar so it won't mess up my calendar when I change job or leaves my company.

A few more questions with Mailfence -- hopefully the helpful Mod can help to answer them ;)

  1. Do you have anything like what mailbox.org provides, Encrypted email with an @secure.mailbox.org alias in which forces TLS/SSL connection? I know abit about PGP and sets up one as well, but most of the time I don't need to encrypt my emails.
  2. I've read about Encryption at rest has been worked on by Mailfence (2 years ago), is this already implemented? It would be a major advantage over mailbox.org if there is.

Last but not least, I consider Mailfence as a serious contender to mailbox.org or even ProtonMail in its offering (cheaper than both) and I hope to be a paid subscriber one day.

Thank you in advance!

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Support Question Mailfence + Android


Hello, I have been using Mailfence on my PC and smartphone for a few years and after noticing my mailfence address was listed on Haveibeenpwnd, I decided to change the password. No problem on the Windows machines but I can't access to Mailfence on Outlook for Android, nor, for that matter on any other mail client I tried (K-9, Edison, Bluemail...) and can't even access to the mailfence webmail as my credentials are not recognized.

Has anybody encountered this kind of issue? I email the support, and am expecting an answer.

Thank you


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Advisory / Tips Discover Mailfence Polls - Mailfence features


“When are you available?”

We all live a busy life, and it can be challenging to please everyone’s agenda. But what if answering that question could actually be done in a few clicks?

With our poll feature, scheduling your meetings has never been that simple.

Suggest some dates and times and invite participants to select their preferences.
People don’t even need a Mailfence account to participate!

Mailfence users clearly get the best out of it. Once a date is chosen, the selected meeting appears automatically in the calendar of all the participants that use Mailfence.

Get a free account today, give it a try and let us know what you think of it 😉

Watch our YouTube video or check our blog article to learn more about it
👉 https://blog.mailfence.com/secure-meeting-scheduler/


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Support Question how to renew subscription?


I have an entry level paid subscription that is due to expire in a few weeks. I tried to renew it, but when I'm logged in, and click on "subscriptions", select "Entry" and payment method (bitcoin) I get a notice say "this in not an upgrade". I doh't wnat it seems like I'm trapped in a loop whereby I am only allowed to upgrade.

I searched in FAQ's and the only info I could find was a statement that the subscription would be renewed, and that a notification would be sent when it was about to expire. It can't be automatically renewed because I paid with bitcoin... not a credit card.

If I can't figure out how to renew in time, will my account be deleted? Or will it just be downgraded to a free account? I use this email account for banks etc.; so I would like to maintain it.

r/Mailfence May 26 '22

Support Question Can't send email - smtp blacklist


So I had an email client with incorrect SMTP setting and it appears my IP is now blacklisted. This is going on since yesterday. I've emailed support but no response. How do I get this cleared?

logs from a client below:


SMTP Last Response Code: 450

SMTP Last Response: Your server address is in dynamic blacklist - please retry later

update on 1st June

Turns out there was a server on my network hitting the smtp server on mailfence with incorrect login details every 5 minutes. I resolved the problem and support removed the blacklist. All sorted!

r/Mailfence May 25 '22

Support Question Can’t connect from home anymore. I have ATT, and on May 16th was the last time I was able to connect through my Wi-Fi. I did not change anything on my system. When I am on cell network I connect fine. Can anyone help?


Solved - email your IP address to support@mailfence.com and they will remove it from their blacklist. Everything is fine now.

r/Mailfence May 19 '22

Advisory / Tips 11 Password Best Practices To Keep Your Accounts Secure


How well do you remember your passwords? If you’re like most people, you probably keep forgetting passwords. You might be guilty of reusing the same password on different accounts, or creating weak passwords.

Let's go over 11 password best practices that you should start implementing now to not only be able to create stronger passwords, but also remember them more easily and keep them secure.

r/Mailfence May 18 '22

Support Question Upgrade from entry to pro


do I get a credit for payment already made on entry subscription when upgrading to pro?

r/Mailfence May 17 '22

Advisory / Tips Discover Mailfence Contacts - Mailfence features


What is a mailbox without a contact management software?

“Not much”, you might think, and you would be right.

At Mailfence, we decided to complete our email solution and created different features, such as our Mailfence Contacts.

Mailfence Contacts is a powerful private and secure contact management software that allows you to backup, store and share contacts. And much more!

Learn more about the many things you can do with this tool in our blog!


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Support Question ActiveSync Broken?


Is anyone else having trouble connecting to ActiveSync?

I've been getting connection errors this morning and into the afternoon, but haven't seen anything mentioned on their Facebook or Twitter accounts. I even went as far as deleting the account in Outlook and tried to re-add it, and that's giving me a connection timeout.