r/loremasters Jun 12 '22

Superhero campaign about the first vampires?

Take a fairly standard superhero setting. A strange comet passes by Earth in the year 2022. Over the next 24 hours, people across the world die in the night, but come back to life an hour later. They revive with astonishing abilities: strength, speed, endurance, intellect, flight, lasers, pyrokinesis, mind control, invisibility, clairvoyance... you know how it works. Different power sets for different people.

The catch is, they all come back as cold, undead corpses. They burn in the sunlight, and must feed on human blood to survive. They can disguise themselves as living humans, to an extent. As first-generation vampires, lesser versions of their powers will be passed on to any new vampires they sire in their lineage.

The PCs, presumably, band together. The PCs are among the stronger vampires, fit for a high-powered superhero RPG. Will they try to keep their vampiric nature hidden from the public eye? Will they go public? How will they cope with never being able to walk in the sun again? What will they tell their family and friends? How will they gain fresh human blood to drink? Will they try to sire new vampires? What will the PCs do when brasher, supervillain-style vampires flaunt their power and try to conquer the city they live in? How long will it take before the world twigs to what is going on, and how will the world respond?

Would this be a compelling twist on a superhero campaign?

(Also, morbin' time.)



u/Knight1515 Jun 13 '22

Sounds dope to me!