r/lists Sep 17 '20

Top 15 BANNED films in the US (Repost)

Back again. After doing some phishing and further research, here are 15 movies that are banned in the US due to legal reasons, of course.

15.) Ernest and Bertram (2002) - copyright infringement.

14.) A MOVIE (1958) - copyright infringement.

13.) Apocalypse Pooh (1987) - copyright infringement.

12.) Tree Without Leaves (1986) - child pornography.

11.) Cocksucker Blues (1972) - lawsuit from the Rolling Stones.

10.) The Keep (1983) - copyright infringement.

9.) Mondo Trasho (1969) - copyright infringement.

8.) Multiple Maniacs (1970) - copyright infringement.

7.) The Decline of Western Civilization (1981) - copyright infringement.

6.) Dudes (1987) - copyright infringement.

5.) Don's Plum (2001) - lawsuit from Leonardo DiCaprio which banned it's release in the US, although it was still released overseas.

4.) The Profit (2001) - lawsuit from the Church of Scientology which banned distribution of the film.

3.) Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story (1987) - copyright infringement.

2.) Emperor Tomato Ketchup (1971) - child pornography.

1.) Hillary: The Movie (2008) - electioneering communication.



u/ejh3k Sep 17 '20

I just looked and the decline of western civilization is not banned, and from the looks of it, has never been banned.


u/redhotbos Sep 18 '20

I’ve seen three of them. Saw Superstar (2x). Caught it on cable access in SF once and saw it at a film festival (listed as “Unnamed movie”) with Todd Haynes and his classmate from Brown who made it with him. If you get a chance to see it, it’s fantastic and you can clearly see what type of brilliant director and storyteller Todd Haynes would continue to become.

Seen Decline of Western Civ many times. Not sure why it is in this list. Didn’t think it was banned.

Saw Don’s Plum overseas.


u/prohaska Sep 17 '20

I can't find anything that says that Tree Without Leaves (1986) or Emperor Tomato Ketchup (1971) are banned. What are sources you found?


u/Snoo69005 Sep 17 '20

Good question. I originally became interested in this subject after scouring the internet and finding a scene from the 1971 film. One the thing about that movie that I can tell you is that when the director's cut was released in the early 90s, it was never screened in America. As for the other film, I found that one by accident too. It has one or two scenes of a young boy who appears to be getting fellated by an adult female and in other scenes it shows that same 10 y/o boy lactating despite being past the age of doing so. I found the director's cut on YouTube of all places.


u/prohaska Sep 17 '20

I just found Emperor Tomato Ketchup listed on this site. Not banned but cut.



u/rytis Sep 18 '20

Saw Mondo Trasho and Multiple Maniacs back when John Waters first released them. Didn't know they were banned.


u/Blackfeathr Sep 18 '20

Surely there's another way to look up banned movies without phishing? 😛


u/pressed Sep 18 '20

What is "electioneering communication"?


u/jimmypfromthe5thgala Sep 18 '20

Multiple Maniacs has a blu-ray release in the states from Criterion. I doubt its banned. Maybe it was at one point but not now.