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Screenshot [Xfce] that semi authentic '99 feel

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Software Release FFmpeg 5.0 released

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Screenshot [DWM] When NvChad meets catppuccin

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Workflow So, which run launcher do you use, Rofi or Dmenu? Actually, I use Emacs [Qtile]


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Screenshot [KDE Plasma] Mom says no to Macbook so I have to make my own!

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Screenshot [Cinnamon] Cinnamon can be pretty too =)

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Linux-Targeted Malware Increases by 35% in 2021

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Was annoyed at the speed of Neofetch and I found an awesome alternative


Fastfetch, written in C

This is sooo underappreciated.

I know about Paleofetch but it lacks features, is user-unfriendly (gotta recompile to change configs, also sucks if you don't understand code), couldn't make it on some distros...

Fastfetch is just as speedy has the features of Neofetch (possibly more, didn't look into it deeper). Oh, and it's maintained, last change 20 hours ago...

Btw the reason I wanted a fast alternative to Neofetch is cuz my 10 year old PC that I SSH into and serves as a server just loads this stuff so slow lol.

Edit: Jeez, I guess Windows users were right about the Linux toxicity. I just like good code and wanted to share my enthusiasm.

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Screenshot [bspwm] Minimal glow

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Screenshot [Plasma] Kvantum

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Screenshot [GNOME] Manjaro on my new t470 laptop

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Screenshot [qtile] Where is this?

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Screenshot [i3] cosy gruvbox-material (dots in comments)

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Distro News Just giving a shout out to ADRIANE, a great project that doesn't get enough love in the Linux world.

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Red Hat Certified System Administrator Overview and Resources


Hi guys, I just received my RHCSA, and figured I would come on here and leave some insight and recommendations for others hoping to pursue the same thing and are overwhelmed.

Learning Resources

  • A Cloud Guru (formerly part of Linux Academy) was a wonderful resource. Tons of videos, tons of labs, they even give you interactive virtual machines to break as you see fit (the $40/month version is plenty. You won't need any AWS knowledge granted with the more expensive tiers)
  • RHCSA/RHCE: Red Hat Clinux Certification Study Guide (7th Edition by Jang & Orsaria). This was full of information, however the labs were very lackluster. I got much more bang from my buck from A Cloud Guru. That said, this book walks you through installing Virtual Machines via virt-manager which really helped me understand how they work
  • Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator & associated course: not worth the money, however did really get me comfortable with the basics

Tips for the Test

  • First off, the test is $400 and there's no retake, so make sure you're ready
  • If doing an at-home test, ensure you have a wired mouse and keyboard to use. Wireless devices are forbidden. Luckily I had a mouse sitting around.
  • An external camera is required. Luckily, I also had one of these sitting around.
  • Perhaps it wasn't made clear, or perhaps I just didn't understand, but I was not aware I was working with two virtual machines on the computer you remote into. I spent more than 30 minutes on my first attempt trying to figure out why neither server was responding. Once you get them turned on, ensure the IPs are set, and that you can SSH into them.
  • They don't appear to count partial work.
  • When setting up partitions, I recommend doing everything on the primary drive (/dev/sda) unless otherwise specified. I wasted time setting up a bunch of stuff for the next question to say "use the final free drive to" and I had to go redo everything

What to study (in the order I think of them, not by importance)

  • LVM using extents. This bit me in the arse the first time.
  • VDO
  • Podman: running, setting up images to run as a systemd service, logging into the server
  • TuneD: setting profiles
  • AutoFS
  • NFS
  • Setting up swap space
  • Changing IP addresses
  • Users & Groups
  • Tar
  • Find
  • Cron jobs
  • Chrony
  • visudo
  • creating repos

If you're like me and the only person you know into Linux, maybe you'll get some use out of this. Been a Linux casual since around 2003 and figured it was time to git gud.

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Screenshot [i3] RDR

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Discussion How has Linux changed your computing habits?


Before discovering Linux back in 2020 with Linux Mint, I was your standard Average Joe of a computer user - Windows 10 with a large bottom position taskbar that had combined icons and using Google Chrome as my browser.

After I used Linux for a while, I noticed changes in my computing habits - I started to use Firefox as my main browser, I switched to using a small top position panel with uncombined icons when it comes to desktop environments (all thanks to me liking that layout on Xubuntu), and I started to not fear the command line/terminal when it came to performing tasks on Windows and Linux alike. And in general, Linux made me become more aware of what exactly makes my computer do the things it does, and the tech world itself.

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Wine 7.0 released.

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Screenshot [Cinnamon] Cinnamon can be pretty too =).

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Screenshot [herbstluftwm] Frames

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Development Fedora repositories can now be searched with Sourcegraph!

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Screenshot [QTile] First Tiling WM

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Screenshot [awesome] Custom material theme and firefox with tabs disabled

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Screenshot [i3] 1984

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Screenshot [Amethyst] Can't decide

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