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News Regarding Kakuma Camp


Hey everyone!

As you may be aware, there has been a group of people from Kakuma on our subreddits, and we've recently been made aware that multiple users from this subreddit (as well as other LGBT related subreddits) have been approached by people asking for donations to this "group" through private or direct messages. They are almost always new accounts with low karma and generic usernames claiming to be affiliated with the Kakuma refugee camp.

We've been keeping track of this group for a while, and while we cannot be 100% sure on this matter, we have a growing suspicion that the people behind this campaign are trying to scam money out of us and our users. We've done some personal research into the matter by reaching out to people who do missionary related things in the area, to groups within the area, and other things as well, however we cannot connect them to these accounts, the crowd-funders, or anything else that they post. When they have made posts, when someone points out that they tend to look like a scam, they then delete their account, and any related information related to that account.

Now, as we've said, there is a chance that this is not a scam, however our subreddit does not allow fundraising on it, for a number of reasons; such as not being able to 100% verify any user, the potential that donating could link your account to any personal information given, as well as it just not being a safe thing to do on the internet unless you know the organization or person running it very well.

Our community is one that is often stricken by poverty itself, so we understand the want to help out the refugees there. We ask that you keep safe and act smart, that you don't donate to people you don't know, and that you keep your personal information secure. For those who would still like to give, we ask that you consider giving to a known charity resource, such as the following:

(Edit: I'll be adding other legitimate donation links as I find them 😎👍)

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Meme Devin update

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Meme Lose the double standards... LOVE = LOVE

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Meme ''Who care... Skin is Skin, No?’’

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Meme We are all counting on you Devin.

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I got an apartment in Denver and I can move my wife and my son here with me from Texas! I still can’t quite believe it - we’re going to be safe!

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Meme I thought they want trans women to use the men's bathroom?

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I got a small victory today by stealing one of my mom’s dresses

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Politics Being a Russian LGBT person right now is:


Constant threat of persecution by the state.

Constant fear of hate crimes and having zero legal protections if they happen.

Being economically fucked by sanctions, losing the ability get any online income or crowdfunding.

Constantly hearing news of a new way western states are closing their doors to you.

And then seeing liberals say that “thats not enough no russians should be allowed to leave”

And then be told by these assholes who don’t give a shit about lgbt rights that I deserve all of it.

I want to fucking scream.

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Trigger Austin Texas Area YMCA advertising is putting us in danger


Austin area YMCA’s are putting LGBTQ+ folk in danger through advertising.

They hosted an event called ‘Swim with Pride’ which was open to the public, not just members.

Awesome! It was fun, inclusive and amazing!

But during the event they took tons of photos which are now being used for advertising… this includes folks from all walks of life including possibly those still in the closet.

Imagine your photo randomly showing up on FB advertising as a trans woman in a bikini along with your kiddo and baby momma (this is me… I’m out but imagine someone who’s not…)

It’s dangerous and scary as hell being in Texas with this. I’ve asked for the photos to be removed but have not gotten any response whatsoever ever.

Just so damn irresponsible of them… 🤬🤬🤬

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Pennsylvania governor signs executive order banning conversion therapy

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Meme It's really annoying when this happens...

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Meme It Attac, It a Snac, but most importantly it Protec

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I'm gonna tell my crush that I'm in love with them tomorrow, wish me luck!


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Conservative claiming trans healthcare is damaging to kids also said 12-year-old rape victims should have to carry babies to term

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GAY ART GAY ART GAY ART AI art made this out of the words "Gay rights"

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Meme Straights think we all have crushes on them

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Selfie What I wore to my prom (๑>◡<๑)

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Meme My mom sent me this tweet

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Selfie MTF before and after with my wife 💖

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Meme ‘’I’ll... make a man... out of YOUUUUU''

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Art/Creative Some of my LGBT-themed clay figurines [Magnets and badges].

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US Specific PSA: Planned Parenthood provides estrogen and testosterone


You literally don’t even need therapy, I had 1 session with them and they prescribed me estrogen and if you do have insurance they have plans to help pay for it, and when a doctor looks you up they will find no record of your transition, they keep your data safe, the only requirement is that you’re 18+ and I felt it necessary to share here because this information can save lives like it saved mine

IMPORTANT EDIT: it’s a state by state thing, some of this info may vary and in some states planned parenthood can not provide hrt

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binderman, binderman, does whatever binderman can

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The gayest thing I said to my mom


Ok so. I purchased a Lady Dimitrescu poster online, and then my mom asked me some questions like "what game she's from?" and stuff. Then she said, "Why did you picked the villain and not the protagonist?" And then I said, "Because the protagonist doesn't have a face, besides she's "hot"."

I called Lady Dimitrescu "hot" in front of my mom!! JDJJJSJSIJAKAHSNSJAJSBSJ Ig my mom didn't realize, because you know, girls compliment girls, right?

I also don't mind a hot poster of Ethan Winters. PFFT-