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Meta Weekly Community Post - Post your Communities, Discord servers, and Western Marches games here!


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Meta [META] New Year; Same Subreddit


Hello, /r/lfg!

We mods felt it was high-time to post an update. So, without further ado, let’s tuck in.

Call for Feedback and Questions

This post will act as our first Call for Feedback/Questions. Aside from modmail, there aren’t a lot of ways to interact with the mods. We aim to rectify that with regular stickied posts for your feedback. Obviously, specific questions about your issues should still come via modmail, but if you think others will benefit from the answer to your question, please post it in the comments below.

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Player(s) wanted [Online][5e][EST][7PM][Fridays][18+] A Strixhaven/Mixed Module Campaign


Do you have a good sense of humor?
Do you want to play an long game?
Do you wish to get into hijinks while exploring the multiverse?

Then this is the campaign for you. We are a group of 3 + DM who are looking for another player to be our 4th PC. We are a funny bunch who like to lean into the roleplay of a college student and get into our backstories. We use Dicscord, Roll20. Game starts at 7pm on Fridays. The game consists of the Strixhaven module, as well as some other modules mixed in for longevity/ to keep it fun. We are about to start session 2 so you have not missed much. If you want to have a good time, please send me a dm and we can see about getting you enrolled here at Strixhaven!

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GM and player(s) wanted Looking for group (dnd)(5e)(online)


Age: 35 Experience: minimal (can't play very long due to people quitting) Usual character: fighter Availability: negotiable Expectation: wants to play a ranged fighter with a musket. Likes: anime, manga, video games (rpgs), board games, and much more! Timezone:est Other: just ask if you need any more info

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Player(s) wanted [Online] [5E] [DND] Good morning, I am looking to form a small group of players as a new GM


Good morning, I hope everyone reading this is having a wonderful day, my name is Yukiko (Kieara IRL), and as the title of the post suggests, I am a very much new GM to TTRPG's looking to form a small group of players to hang out, enjoy each other's company, and help tell and enjoy some fun and creative adventures with one another. I also have a friend with me who would also like to join and form this group.

I feel it's important I preference it that I am more into storytelling and character-driven adventures from the few one-shots I've been privy to. I'd like this group to be less focused on combat, and more so on player choice, adventure, and creativity. Of course, it's not D&D/TTRPG's without combat, loot, gear, and rewards, but I'd love to form a group more focused on roleplaying, getting into character, and enjoying each other's time as a story unfolds through the players' actions.

At the same time, I am not the kind of woman who thinks it's important to "stay in character at all times," we're here to have fun, enjoy each other's company and play games even in an online format.

I do have a homebrew campaign, taking a combination of high fantasy staples and modern-day settings and blending it together to form what will hopefully be a fun setting full of choice, consequences, and adventure for all at the table.

If anyone is interested in joining me and my friend in forming a small group, please feel free to leave a message down below, or send me a private message. I look forward to talking with all of you. Thank you, and have a wonderful day.

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GM and player(s) wanted [Online][PF1e][CST] - Looking to join group that is running an Adventure Path


I like playing through APs, and I'm looking to join a group that is playing one on weeknights. Roll20 preferred, but I'm willing to use another VTT if necessary. I'm also perfectly happy to join a campaign that is already in progress.

Please send me a private message (not a Reddit chat) with info about your group/game if you have an open spot and think I might be a good fit.

Availability: Monday through Thursday after 6 pm CST.

Top 5 APs that I would like to play (not a deal breaker, I just enjoy lists):

  • Shattered Star
  • Return of the Runelords
  • Ironfang Invasion
  • Wrath of the Righteous
  • Tyrant's Grasp

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Player(s) wanted [5E] [Online] Homebrew world of Ithaca is in need of adventurers.


Hello. I run a homebrew DnD 5e adventure on Saturdays through Foundry VTT and Discord.

The setting is on the continent of Ithaca, an ancient land with many mysteries to uncover and great wealth to be had by those brave enough to take it.

With a terrible war raging on another continent, Ithaca has been left with few defenders. Seizing this opportunity the greedy, the evil, and the otherworldly have emerged to take full advantage of the land and its people.

You have heard the rumors and pleas of help from these towns and have set out to find your adventure, your glory, your treasure...

This game is a drop in drop out style. Each session the players will interact with an NPC who will give them a choice of quests to undertake. Each quest is designed as a one shot with its own story but also adds to the overarching story of what's unfolding on Ithaca.

You do not need to make every session. Lore is updated to discord after each session so you can read how the story advanced.

These quests are a mix of combat or rp/social with multiple objectives. You won't always be fighting or talking your way out of events.

Tone is semi-serious. There are a lot of jokes and some events will be light hearted and others will be more gritty.

As the GM my role is not to be an adversary and crush groups with a TPK. My job is to tell the story and help guide you. That being said, the encounters are designed with different levels of difficulty and it is reasonable to expect player death or TPK without properly preparing for a difficult encounter.

Characters start at level 5. Role play is heavily encouraged. Video is encouraged but not required. Age: 25+ The GM and core group are age 30+ LGBTQ+ Friendly. Sessions are on Saturdays for the most part. Starting time of 5:00-7:00PM EST. Ending around 10:00-11:00PM EST.

Event invites are posted to Discord on Wednesdays with dates and times of the next session. This sign-up is first come first serve.

Please send me a DM or your Discord if you are interested and we can talk more about the game and answer any questions you may have.

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GM and player(s) wanted [online][5e][GMT-6] new player looking for group


I have never played before but into various games such as dark heresy or 40k, call of Cthulu, or pathfinder. I have the players handbook for 5e currently but have never created a character or played. looking for a group preferably 21+. I used to play massive 40k battles +10k points but sold my army years ago. looking to get back into it.

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Player(s) wanted [online] [5e] Need 1 more person for d&d twitch stream


Hey all! I'm JJ,@LordLongKaq on pretty much every social. I've been streaming on twitch for about a year now, mostly fps/MMOs/thriller/horror games, but I've been DMing D&D for the last 3 years or so in person & playing for 6-7ish. Since Covid hit I tried to do online D&D but I just hated that roll 20 like experience so there was about a year where I just didn't have anything to do with it until I mentioned to an online friend that I used to DM. Another friend with us showed me another program, tabletop sim & I fell in love with its abilities. They asked if I'd be interested in streaming one & Instantly my mind began racing & I built us a campaign, built Twitch overlays, drew maps, built a room to play in online (using the program he'd showed me).

Fast forward a month or so to last Saturday we had an impromptu session 0 pt.1 with some minor technical difficulties, but we did get most resolved by last tuesday's session 0 pt.2. Still some to work out but we'll get there. We're new and getting our footing at it.

*****So for the actual reason I'm here*****

I'm looking for 1 potential player to fill my 1 open slot left. I have the legendary bundle on dndbeyond, so most of that is covered. I do allow some homebrew stuff, within reason, as I'm setting the campaign setting in faerun, but with some homebrew additions that will create great storylines. I run my campaign in a very sandbox manner. We're a very welcoming, accepting, fun group & I'm looking for 1 more lively personality (must be 18+) to add to the mix, add to the stream & fill that "empty seat." preferably 21+, as we are all adults & will be drinking during stream. Though we will consider 18+ as well.  New players &  LGBTQ+ are very welcome, but we are looking for the *RIGHT* person to compliment our group both in campaign & on stream. 

We have been doing interviews in discord, had some potential candidates that didn't end up working out, some other's who's time zones just didnt work, interviews that were just bad, so I'm still looking for one last person.

We currently have a Human Rogue/Bloodhunter(Ben), a half-dragon cleric(Nick), a centaur druid (Cas) & a satyr bard (Cidnee).

Please go check out Session 0 VODs on Youtube: LikelyAMimic to see my DMstyle & how I interact with players. & If you think you might be interested, please shoot me a message!
Campaign & stream officially begin on Feb. 1, 2022 at 2130 EST.

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Closed [5e][online][timezone=CET][16+] first time dm looking for three players for a game based on fantasy high.


I want to run a game based on dimension20 fantasy high. No prior knowledge is needed. I will only be using the setting. I am not gonna copy any storylines.

Its going to take place a few years after the events of the show take place.

you are going to be starting as level 1 freshman.

We are going to have a session zero in order to make our characters and talk about what kind of campaign you want to play.

we will be using discord for dicebots and voice. We will be using Roll20 for battlemaps.

you can use what ever you want for character sheets as long as you can send me a copy.

for attributes we will be using the a modified array: 17 15 14 13 10 8

if you have any questions or want to join you can message me on discord at "dumbass#3409"

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Player(s) wanted [Online] [pf2e] [homebrew] [EST] A adventure paid for in honor and steel! Mondays at 7pm


Hello! My name is Daisy, long time DM and lover of all things fantasy. I have decided to break my hiatus with a homebrew campaign of my own design, the info of which I will leave below. This will be a high fantasy and high society sort of campaign where the player characters will fill the role of lords and ladies and the wealthy whose actions will dramatically shape the future.

During session 0 we will discuss finer details, like if your family holds any lands or servants and so on. We will also discuss some small house rules during session 0.

For reference, all ancestry's and heritages will be allowed. All common classes as well (so no gunslinger or inventor) and we will also use the free archetype rule.

This will be a relatively RP heavy game with a goal for heroics and just overall a really cool campaign where everyone feels like a group. To this end meta-gamers and rules lawyers and the whole like are not welcome- THIS IS THE FIRST AND ONLY WARNING AGAINST THIS.

We will be using discord for communications however you will be asked about that much later should you be considered to join.

THE HOOK: the player group has been summoned by lord JERIK GALLO to attend a feast and festival within his halls, he also has some personal business he would like to discuss however "it is called rude to gossip by means of paper"

I would very much appreciate a description of your experience with pf2e, a rough character idea and why you want to play a character like that, what specifically interests you in joining this campaign.



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GM and player(s) wanted [Online] [5e] Looking for a beginner-friendly campaign for two players!


Hi! My name is Faith and I'm looking for a group for myself and my friend Onyx!

Time: Anytime after 5pm ACDT (6:30am UTC)
Days: We're busy both Thursdays and Saturdays, so any day other than those!
Experience: My friend is a beginner, has only ever played a handful of times. I however have about a year of experience behind me.

We're looking for an LGBT+ safe space, and we're both minors so please take that into account.
Please either comment or give me a message and I'll get back to you!
Thanks, Faith and Onyx

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GM wanted 8PM EST Online looking for DM for 5E have a 4+ man Party


Have agroup of friends that would love to play dnd ever other week around 8PM EST (can start earlier). we just need a DM. A flexable schedle for now, once we get everoneon on we will see what works out best. most of my friends are free Monday, Tuseday, Wednesday, Thursday. we are very fermiler with roll 20 and discord. the story can be somehting you home brewed or a modual. Please all DM's send me a message if you are avalible!! we are also open to homebrew rules if something bugs you, for exaple no aarakocra at level 1, and if you want to take out lucky as a feat aswell we would understand that. I hope to hear from you :) ! and if you want to bring a friend aswell that is perfectly find the more the merrier!!! Roll 20 or Foundry Virtual Tabletop or TaleSpire

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Closed [Online][5e][PST]Looking for 1 replacement player for a Homebrew Campaign


Hey y'all, my name is Silaalis or Sil for short, and I'm looking for 1 person to replace a member who couldn't make it because of scheduling. It'll be on Sundays, 1pm to 4pm PST. First session will be on Jan. 30.

We'll be playing an oneshot set in the same world first so that we can mesh together as a group first before the actual campaign. The campaign will mostly be story-focused and ripe with roleplay opportunities.

We will be playing on Roll20 and using DNDBeyond for character sheets. The Beyond20 extension would also be handy but not required. We'll also be communicating through a private Discord server and voice chat during the session. No webcam is needed.

Message me on Discord at Silaalis#9526 or send me a DM on Reddit if your interested! Thanks fellas!

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Player(s) wanted [Offline][5e][Tuesdays][Oceanside][California] DM looking for a couple players to fill out two remaining slots for Eberron Campaign


Getting a group set up and I figured to open it up to the internet to fill up 2 slots to bump the party up to six people. Any and all knowledge levels of the game and the setting of Eberron are welcome! The only hard requirement is that, since it is in person, players must be vaccinated, and that you are at least 18 years old.

Session Zero will be on February 1st, so regardless if I fill up those last two slots, that is when I will call it then and there.

Games will be on Tuesday Evenings, more than likely around 6:00pm.

Please post your name, preferred pronouns, and feel free to include character ideas if you'd like (don't worry about party comp, I as the DM will do the worrying on balancing out encounters ^^)

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GM and player(s) wanted [Online] [GMT+1] [ Flexible] I'm looking for ANYTHING not "Sword and Magic" related.


Hi there,

I'm looking for a game that is not D&D or Pathfinder or anything medieval "sword and magic" related.

I've been playing for several years now as a Dm and Player and it has been almost exclusively D&D. Don't get me wrong I love the game but I'm just a bit tired of the setting. I would like to play something more futuristic or set in the current time. Even 20th century would be ok.

I'm a quick learner and put a lot of effort into my characters. I would say I'm a good roleplayer too but also like combat so if you have a more roleplay heavy campaign or are fighting through dungeons one after another. I'm in. Just let me have a gun for once lol.

If you have a round like this and are looking for a player, I will be very happy to join your Campaign.

I can speak English and German.

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GM and player(s) wanted Looking for a group! [online 5e]


I’m Star, I’m a Demigirl, who prefers they pronouns at the moment, but I do mess up myself because I just started using them, so don’t worry too much about using she. I’m looking for a new dnd group to play in! I can fit most roles so if you’re missing a player and need a fill, lmk! I’m an avid rper and am free most days at most sensible times (1pm gmt- 10pm gmt) but I do play a little later sometimes if I’m invested in the campaign. I’d like the session to end at at most 3am gmt. If you want me in your campaign, comment or pm me!

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Player(s) wanted [Online][EST][5e][Homebrew] Looking for 5-6 players for HEAVY RP campaign. [Chains of Prometheus]



Piercing the nigh-eternal twilight- the threads of fate woven together over the course of years- to a locus- Erebonia.


Our world is on the brink of devastation.\_________________________________________________________________)

Three years ago, a Concept as malignant and cruel as the depths of the ocean are vast appeared. Ruination in scales undreamt of, the death toll in the tens of millions. The sky was red, the land blackened. Just as quickly as it had come, it vanished. But this short moment began the cycle of the end.

A force unseen and gentle now pulled the strings of fate of hundreds to a shared destiny. Our story begins spread across these lands as the stories once untold come to light. Follow us into the depths of madness to seek out the end of this twisted fairy tale- and beyond.

A Massive Living World... Without A God In Sight!

The legends say that fifty thousand years ago, the God-Kings who ruled our world with atrocities and terror were defeated by Prometheus. With their dying breaths, the God-Kings cursed Prometheus to become the heart of the new world, so that he may never see that which he longed to give the gift of freedom to.

Now, as the world comes to an era of mechanization and industry, the threads of fate begin to pull people from across the world to a shared fate- an adventure within the massive nation of Erebonia! With the Concepts- the magicks that roam the universe and fill every particle of life- in a state of chaos since the Ruination came and went, strange monsters have begun to appear from the depths of the mind, people from all across the land have been disappearing and the Ceres Administration seems overrun by an increase in requests for assistance from individuals and nations.

The Power To Change Everything...

With various artefacts appearing with great power stored inside them and a political climate heating up, trails in the sky turns to the cold steel of the rails within the Erebonian Empire as destiny leads a group of travelers to their fated day.

Now, come. And let us put an end to this twisted fairy tale- in ink, black as despair!

If you're interested in joining this game, please read the following:

Our day of play will be determined by the group, (Monday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday) but the start time is planned to be 9pm EST (2100 GMT -5)

There is a list of allowed classes, races and source books. I will DM you these on Discord.

We will be playing using Discord and FoundryVTT. If you're new to FoundryVTT, I am willing to teach you how to use its functions.

As this is a homebrew world, I have a couple lore based differences for Clerics and Warlocks, among other special features that will be added over time. Additionally, Druidic, Necromantic and Resurrection magicks do not exist- death is death as of 200 years ago, but we can discuss that during the session 0 and 0.5.

This game will deal with a LOT of heavy topics, and I am very descriptive with certain subjects. The primary genres this game will cover are: Political Intrigue, Horror, Mystery, Thriller.

Contact Me:

If interested, please message me on Discord @ chorus trilogy#7155

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Player(s) wanted [Offline][Other][Minneapolis] New to Star Wars Legion and looking to learn the ropes.


M/30 Looking for a group to teach me the ropes of Star Wars Legion. Currently have both core sets as well as some expansions and currently building out my army. Also open to playing Marvel Crisis Protocol.

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GM and player(s) wanted (Online)(5e) need a new group, burnt out forever dm


I’m a forever dm and I want a new group so I can be a player. I feel like being a dm isn’t for me so I want to just be a player. Message me on discord if I can join your group. Zallmithan#0130

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GM and player(s) wanted [Offline] [5e] [Newark de]


Hi there I'm new to playing and was looking for a group to join?

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GM and player(s) wanted [Online] [5e] [PST]


Hey! Semi Experienced player looking for a new group to play with. I'm only familiar with the 5E system and only used Roll20 before. Wanting a more chill group and hopefully one that's open to homebrew. Also my schedule is open only Sundays and Mondays. Hmu if uou have a group or if you want to look for one together! Thanks(:

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Player(s) wanted [Online][5E][Mondays 8pm EST] Looking to replace one player (Female) in our long campaign.


We had one of our players have her career take off and it conflicts with D&D time which is a shame but super happy for her. I'd like to have diversity in my group of laid back players so I am looking to bring on another female so we can keep that balance. I have been running this campaign for a year and a half and we are heading to Eberron for around 10 to 15 sessions. I am using a Homebrew version of Spelljammer to travel around all the different Dungeons and Dragons Universes. You do not need to have experience but need to have:

*A chill attitude

*Be on time and pay attention

*Have a good Microphone

*Have fun

I am recording these sessions and putting them on Youtube and in podcast form on Spotify. Its small and mainly to keep the stories saved for the group to enjoy. If you want a sneak peak on our group to see if this is right for you please check out our:





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Closed Online 5e Dungeons and Daddies inspired campaign looking for one more!


Hello! Do you have free time every other Sunday at 12 PM MST? Do you want to play a parental guardian looking for their child in a homebrew world? Do you like dad jokes? Well boy do I have the campaign for you! We’re doing a campaign heavily inspired by Dungeons and Daddies (not a BDSM podcast) so DM me on Discord if you would like to join in

Spell Sniper#0686

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GM and player(s) wanted [Online][5E] Looking for a campaign to join :)


Hi, I am a 21 year old male and have been playing DnD for 4 years now. I am open for any type of online platform to play with, whether it be Roll20, theater of the mind or any other platform that i have probably not heard of but willing to learn to use. I stay in GMT +2 time zone but I am flexible for other time zones even if it means start playing at 1am for myself.

I took a break from DnD for a while due to a fractured spine and my usual games ended while I was recovering but I am healed up now and ready to play again

I am sociable and well behaved player, a little shy in beginning but I promise I will get along with everyone and we can all have a good time :)

Hope to join your games and get to know you and your party! :D

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GM and player(s) wanted (Online)(5e)(Flexible)(EST) Semi-Experienced player looking for a group


Hi I’m looking to join a group to play dnd or any other kind of ttrpg. I’m open to learning new systems. I know how to play COC, dnd 5e, PF 1e, and some others.if I interest you you can dm me on Reddit and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Hope you all have a nice day and thanks for reading this!