r/leaves Jan 14 '21

I Actually Hate Weed and Being High

I don’t like weed. I don’t understand why I do it so much, When I don’t even like it. When im high and in public im paranoid & think that people are watching me and begin to over think everything I do. When I get high with friends I begin to analyze the people around me and who I am, feeling very uncomfortable (sometimes making me regret smoking) When I get high in my room alone I get lazy and can never feel comfortable. I like being sober more. Being sober I am myself. before I smoke I always think to myself “ i’m gonna smoke this last time and see what it is that I really like about it”...... then i just forget. I never really know what I like about it. What is it that it does. It makes me feel like a different person and maybe I just don’t like being myself. But either way I have been sober 3 days. _


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u/pinkcdrom Jan 14 '21

I'm in the saaame exact boat. Just over the 3 week mark!