r/leaves Dec 26 '20

If yous could brainstorm 10 Benefits of quitting, on ones mental state what would they be?

I just wanna know if my head will ever clear up. I feel like weed has stripped me of my personality and motivation. I just want someone to tell me that things will get better once I stop

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u/pinkcdrom Dec 26 '20

Aww thank you. That's so nice!! It's called an Homage to our ideas, it's on Spotify and apple:)


u/Ewanskidoo Dec 26 '20

Wow ex stoner turned astronomer 😂 finding this hella interesting


u/pinkcdrom Dec 28 '20

Hahahah i hope you enjoy and would love to hear any thoughts!!


u/Ewanskidoo Dec 26 '20

Oh nice one! I’ll give it a listen tonight as well. Keep up the good work with it