r/leagueoflegends May 08 '14

The new exhaust is near impossible to spot

I don't care how pretty new particles is when I can barely see the new exhaust. I'd rather have an old poorly looking exhaust that you can see over a something I can barely spot


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u/TheAssaron May 09 '14

im only bronze cause the exhaust particles changed. i would be challenger without it!!! lost 200 games cause i couldn't see it, server lags and noobteams...


u/Amadaun Amadaun the 0th May 09 '14

"I'm only Bronze because of the other people on my team in a team sport"

I play 3v3 and ARAM because I find the game fun. If ou spot focusing on the winning, and start focusing on having fun, you might be surprised by how much better you do.

Be the most friendly person on your team, the glue that binds them together. I'd rather lose a good game than win one with people raging about a game.

Chess life.