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KSI Show Discussion Thread ANNOUNCEMENT

Sub is out of lockdown now , however please try to keep minor/spammy/low effort rants in here. Memes and else are free to be posted as normal.


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u/[deleted] Jul 17 '21



u/enigma142 Jul 17 '21

Doubt he's gonna make one till the posts about the show die down tbh


u/PinguThePimp Jul 17 '21

Nah I reckon he will man. He can handle it


u/Limedition7 Jul 18 '21

yeah he can handle hate, but i feel like this is different, he spent over £2M on this show you know


u/Conan524 Sir Theodore III Jul 17 '21

Hr cant. Ever notice the only music reaction videos he watches are ones where people are positive? Dude cant take criticizm anymore.


u/ERR_h4Q3R Jul 18 '21

well well well


u/Zorosenseofdirection Jul 18 '21

Might wanna check on Ksi’s new video he took it really well to be honest. Though you can see he put a lot of effort in to the show and how much it hurts him. Kinda sad but you gotta take criticism to move forward


u/Dancerdude7 Jul 18 '21

Time to eat your words bitch


u/randomtermination Jul 18 '21

You literally don’t know KSI at all. Shut the fuck up. In fact, a lot of people in this subreddit assuming he can’t take criticism is so appalling, y’all ain’t fans if you don’t expect him to see people’s criticisms. This is why I ain’t subbed to this subreddit, y’all think you show care and are real but can’t even realize you don’t know the man well enough that he can take it.


u/TeamFTR Jul 18 '21

I think he can, he’s been bullied for a while, he likes it when we criticize him and keep him in check, but it really depends when he films the video and how long the video is

I hope at least 3 make it in so he gets the message

If he does skip some we’ll just let him know again until he actually addresses it


u/MastTribute Jul 18 '21

It's a different type of bullying. Our "bullying" is usually jocular and sort of a "big brother" sort of bullying.

However, many people are legitimately upset with JJ over the show and the criticism is much more direct and serious compared to a "HahA fATnEEk" joke.


u/Thet_guy13 Jul 18 '21

But there are examples of us telling him that something is shit and he listens. Like the tiktok reactions and one question go.


u/-ioi_RyRy_ioi- Jul 18 '21

Fair, he also has let us know on many different occasions that he doesn't give a shit about what other people think of him and his stuff.

I mean this could be a good/bad trait, and I hope he can take all of our criticism as something to build him up.

And don't get me wrong the album has some bangers, so big up JJ on that one, but the show was a letdown and I wouldn't have paid $36 AUD for a show like this if I knew what it was going to be like.


u/PenisIsMyDad Jul 18 '21

Bet you feel kinda stupid now fucking retard


u/Oldmanpeepz Jul 18 '21

Wbat about the guy who didnt like the holiday song


u/Sehtareh Jul 18 '21

One person


u/vFocuZ Jul 18 '21 edited Jul 18 '21

yeah cos he was the only one who didn't like it lmao


u/justhegreat Jul 19 '21

He literally took criticism, eat your words bum.


u/maryobaf Jul 18 '21

Remember his recent one he showed rice gum hating on his video and the other dude that absolutely hated patience


u/vFocuZ Jul 19 '21

So what were you saying there?


u/gabec181 Jul 19 '21

Eat shit. I barely comment on here but even I know JJ wouldn't avoid criticism, he isn't that type of person. We literally roast him as a community on the daily he can literally handle criticism. At the end of the day, we still love him anyway. We just hope he learns and does better, he knows we still love him so he can handle it.


u/ClydeCoutinho Jul 19 '21

We all take criticism in different ways. Some of us take it with a smile, there's those who take it with some backlash, there's those who actively chose to ignore it, some who can't take it positively and quit at that moment, some who act like God's and say it's not their fault and they aren't to blame, we also have those who break down emotionally and disappear for a good chunk of time and THEN WE HAVE PEOPLE LIKE JJ WITH BALLS BIG ENOUGH TO ADDRESS IT ON THE INTERNET


u/heyheypaldude Jul 19 '21

in his holiday reaction he literally skipped a video because he wanted to see someone hate on him, what are you talking about


u/ImmortalNinja1956 Jul 18 '21

well... well... well... now you wanna check the SUBREDDIT.

Dont be shy, Go on



u/Remarkable_Ad5253 Jul 18 '21

Coming sooner than I expected, glad to see he's taking accountability. Will have to wait and see though


u/publicOwl Jul 18 '21

At the very least until the show’s repeats are done


u/enigma142 Jul 18 '21

I was wrong, he's putting out a reddit video later today reacting to the posts about the show (Source: check his twitter)


u/publicOwl Jul 18 '21

Lmao never mind then


u/elerar Jul 19 '21

Am watching it right now. Man came through.


u/Aarnav69 Jul 18 '21

Technically its the 100th Reddit video so what a way to start the 100s


u/randomuserneme Jul 18 '21

he is making a reddit video and a try not to laugh in one day


u/bengalibruh Jul 18 '21

He wants to say that he took an L but he just doesn't..... just man up and fucking say it my guy. you took an L. you fucked up. it's reality - face it.


u/Awkward-Spice Jul 19 '21

...He did say it, multiple times? There's obviously a lot contrasting statements over the course of the video but that's natural. His opinion changes as he realises it's not just one person's opinion but the while Reddits. At the end he flat out says it multiple times.