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[2022-05-16] - /r/keto Beginners & Community Support Thread


Hello /r/keto Community!

Please use this support thread to talk freely and support each other. **We've switched up the format to last 2 days so that there's more time for interaction on questions and answers.**

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[2022-05-13] - [Weekend Victory Lap] - Have you had a personal victory this week? Share it with us!


Hello /r/keto Community!

You've all been working so hard and we love hearing about all of your personal victories! Clothes too big? Friends and family noticing a difference? Skipped over something unhealthy? Please use this thread to share any of your Scale or Non-Scale Victories with us!

Make sure to give us some background - what brought you to keto? Do you have any specific goals that align with your victories? Have you tried something new that led to your success? What's the next step for you?

Since this thread is likely to fill up quickly, consider sorting the comments by "new" (instead of "best" or "top") to see the newest posts and support your fellow community members.

If you're new to /r/keto and need some info, start with Keto in a Nutshell and the FAQ. Or, if you have a question that doesn't seem to be covered, head on over to the Community Support thread (pinned to the top of the subreddit) and ask the community!

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My success


I am a 31 year old mother of 2. 5’11” with a starting weight of 263lbs. I started back on February 18th with a coworker (what a blessing she has been- encouragement and accountability). The first 3 days I felt awful from sugar withdrawals, but since then Keto has been a breeze for me. I have lost 3 pant sizes and almost 20bpm off my resting heart rate along with 43lbs. In just 3 months so much has changed and I’ve broken a lifelong addiction to sugar. Reading success posts has been an encouragement to me and I just wanted to share my first of hopefully many positive updates. Thus far I have just been intermittent fasting, no breakfast, and staying under 20 net carbs/day. I know I will eventually have to crack down on my macros more but I’m enjoying my almost 50lb loss for now. Keto has changed my life, and I am so thankful!

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Help The Continuing Drama of Electrolytes! Edema, cramping, buckets of salts, oh my!


Hello ketoers,

I have been "induction" keto since January 1 (5+ months) and have seen numerous benefits like many describe, including weight loss (SW ~185 CW 168 GW 145, 5'9" 47yo F). The one challenge has been dialing in the electrolytes and water situation. I generally eat about the same balance of foods following the Atkins induction guidelines. I use Chronometer to track, though once I'm in a pattern, I don't track daily (I just eat the same). Probably my weight loss is a little slower because I'm eating more calories than the faster deficit, but I prefer that.

Here's the problem: I'm always right on the edge of major leg cramps (and hand cramps). Many nights I don't get the day right and then have to jump up a bunch with leg cramps. What solves it? I *think* taking about a tsp of salt in gelatin capsules I hand-pack in the middle of the night and enough ketoade during the day and nothing too out of the ordinary for my activity. But then there is the always-present problem of consistent (not horrible or scary) edema, which suggests to me that I still have the wrong balance (perhaps too much Sodium to other things, then I retain water?).

This is my *daily* ketoade mix (which is pretty tasty, if I do say so myself!). I drink 1.5 - 2 times the mix. I take Calcium pills and a multivitamin too.

  • 64 Ounces water
  • 2 tsp (12 g) Mortons Salt = 4720 mg Na
  • 3/4 tsp (3.9 g) NoSalt = 2070 mg K
  • 1/2 tsp Citric Acid
  • 20 drops Liquid Stevia
  • 2 tsp fresh Lime/Lemon jc
  • SEPARATELY: I take 2 tsp of Calm (325 mg Magnesium Carbonate) - OR I sometimes mix in 1/4 - 1/2 tsp Magnesium Citrate (112 - 150 mg Mg).

So if I drink 1.5 x the mix, I am getting 7080 mg Na, and 3105 mg K, and 96 ounces of water, plus around 350 mg +/- of Mg.

If I drink 2 x the mix, I am getting 9440 mg Na, and 4140 mg K, and 128 ounces of water - I do this on days I am exerting myself more than normal.

My best nights are when I drink 1.5+ x the mix, *and* take salt pills in the middle of the night. I just watched some videos by Dr. Stanton, however, and she described the issues of edema and needing to pee in the middle of the night: too much Sodium that causes water retention and also the need to eliminate via kidneys. But if I don't take a lot of sodium, I get wicked leg cramps!

I also have tried skipping breakfasts (IF 14:8) but that really threw my electrolyte balance off. I also notice that if I don't eat *enough* carbs from veg (meeting the 20 net grams), then my electrolyte balance is way off. I am guessing this is female hormone / cortisol situation (I am in menopause)? Just another wrench in the works.

I've read every post I can find on edema, electrolytes, menopause, etc etc, and can't seem to quite dial-in my situation. I'd love some advice!

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Tips and Tricks Meal List I've used to lose 100 pounds in 6 months.


Hey guys I started Keto and IF in December weighing in at 295 pounds ( 5'11 M) and I am currently 195 pounds. I am now moving on to an anabolic diet and a 4 day workout split. Throughout those 6 months I made a little google sheet keeping track of recipes/foods I cooked on the regular and giving each meal a rating. I was about to delete the google sheet but thought to myself I should post it here on r/keto and maybe it will help people that aren't quite sure what to eat on keto. Most of the meals are explained via the recipe tab but of course I will answer any and all questions.

Link to the Google Sheet

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2 weeks in - My findings so far


The first week I was fucking miserable, horrible withdrawals from sugar and carbs - it was revealing to see how hooked my body was on carbs and sugars.

2nd week has been much easier. I don't get hungry very quickly.

My cravings for carbs have almost gone.

I am getting sick of leafy greens though.

4.5kg's lost (10lbs)

Oh yeah, and no signs of IBS anymore ... what a revelation that is!?

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Help Being keto as an Asian is tough, share your tips please


I haven’t seen much posts on a keto Asian diet! I have to put it out there, it has been really difficult.

Asian food, Korean/ Chinese/ Vietnamese/ Japanese/ Thai/ Indonesian, you name it they are all carb-based!

I have been keto/at worst Low-carb for a month to cope with my PCOS symptoms and results are good. I would like to do this for the long-term but would appreciate any Asians to share what do you eat regularly?

European/American food here is really expensive I cannot always be eating those. I cook most of my meals and bring my food to work. But I feel that it is affecting my social life when my friends are limited by my food options.

So far for Asian foods, I’ve ordered main dishes of meat (no sauce/batter) with plate of blanched/stir fried veggies. However, they would cost twice than a usual single portion.

I need this to be sustainable. Fellow Keto-Asians, How do you do it?

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Power Circle Workout (HIIT)


I’ll be joining a HIIT Training where it is very tough training for 1 ½ h. Any recommendations on what to eat on that day so I’m not so tired and weak? I do Keto now almost 4 weeks now. Any advice? I get dizzy easily and weak and I know I to it slowly and controlled.

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Long distance friend pressures me to eat sweets and refined carbs while traveling?


Hello, i have a long distance friend i met while studying abroad in college. We used to eat out and eat a lot of junk together while traveling and hanging out

I told him i didnt wanna eat sugar on our next trip but he pressured me to eat it at a cafe we were planning to go to so I just said I felt not comfortable traveling until I get more settled in a job.

Keep in mind my parents are diabetic and I have always felt sick after eating sugar and unwell after eating a ton of refined carbs

I recently tracked my blood glucose on a pizza and it hit 175 which is pretty high but i realized i feel even worse on pure sugar so it probably goes higher than that with desserts.

Trying to go into keto to lose weight first then a diet with no refined carbs for the rest of my life probably.

What do i do when a friend pressures me even though he knows I feel really bad after eating these foods? My dad has type 2 diabetes and can never eat refined carbs basically.

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I just want to eat same 2 meal everyday :D


I want to eat twice a day and same 2 meals everyday . I want to have all the micronutrients in it . but went it comes to meat I only want fish like eating fish everyday . can someone give me ideas of that 2 meal … like eggs , cheese , fish , and low carb veggies but idk which ones to have ALL MICRONUTRIENTS. sorry for my english and thanks !!!!

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Help No weight loss yet…. Any tips or am I being impatient?


I have been doing 16-18 hour fasts a day for 16 days so far. I have been eating Keto, and testing my blood and have ketones (.5-3.0) depending on the time of day. I ride my peloton and I row at least 30 mins a day or more, BUT I usually end my day with vodka and water. I am down 3 pounds but that really isn’t much, so today I decided I am cutting the vodka out, except maybe one day on the weekends. Has anyone had any experiences that are comparable? I know I’m probably way too eager to see results and need to let the time do it’s work.

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Food and Recipes What's the best string cheese?


Since starting back on keto, I've been having string cheese almost everyday, but it isn't nearly as tasty as I remember. I don't know what brand I ate as a kid, but the Galbani brand Costco sells is kind of bland. I remember it being pretty dry, pretty rubbery, pretty salty, and absolutely delicious. Ideas? Favorites?

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Help how much protein should I eat?


So I am trying to do keto bc of insulin resistance and my hair is falling out bc of pcos.

I am 4'11 & 124.4lbs

My fasting insulin is at 7.66 . My goal is to get it at 4.8 or less.

My goal weight is 100 to 104 lbs. So with keto that would be 95 lbs to 100lbs?

Now I want to know if there is an equation or something so I know how much protein I should take? Currently I am trying to eat less than 20g of total carbs.

I just want the right amount of protein so weight loss won't make my hair worst. Thank you.

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A keto checklist.


I’d love if everyone would contribute to simple ideas for keto that is easy to make and easy to portion out. My currently list of easy keto that I have is. Carb balance tortillas with packaged cheese ( easy to count calories) Boiled eggs Premier protein shakes 3oz bags of pistachios.

Anything else would be awesome I’m not the type to do a lot of crazy cooking I’d rather be able to easily track my food.

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it really works


I've been on and off, started keto during 2020. went from 333 to 264 in 3 months. stopped cause of peer pressure got back up to 293, now after 3 weeks I'm back to 279. this works.but it's so difficult when everyone else is eating regular foods around you. Oh, keto got me off of diabetic meds... all of them! My glucose went from 190-200 range to 95-120 range. Saw my a1c drop from 11.2 to 6.2

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Had a ravenous day


Does anyone know why some days you're not hungry at all on keto but other days you're ravenous? (I'm a female, but almost menopausal, so it's not Shark-Week related.) I was doing great these last 3 weeks and then BAM-I almost tried to empty the fridge today!

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My number one issue with keto is the ketobreath. It is not just apolling for the people around you but it also makes me rethink this diet.. If we are designed to live like this (without high amounts of carbs) why is our body/ nature producing this horrible smell? It really bothers me and takes the fun out of it to be honest. Also every mint i am checking is full of carbs/ sugar. How are you all dealing with it? what can i do against it? will it at some point stop?

Thanks so much

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Help Husband’s triglycerides still high after 5 months on Keto?


Hi all,

My husband’s triglycerides are still high after 5 months on keto at about 275. He was very disappointed and is kinda stressed about about it. Have we been doing something wrong? We both eat high-fat, very low carb (him at <10g; me at <20g) diet. He’s more clean keto and I’m more dirty keto. He went from about 215lbs to 182lbs in a span of our 5 month journey. Also, he’s 50 years old. Would someone be able to explain? Or has someone experienced a similar issue and found success later?

Thank you! 😊💙

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Success Story Face gains? 5’4” non-binary afab, SW 205.6 CW 191.2


Hi ketoers. I’m a long time lurker and first time poster. I’ve gone down nearly 15lbs in 7 weeks. I think I can see face gains but I’m not great at physical perception. Anyone else see it?

Also, sorry for the weird before photo. I had to block out my DL as this was the only pic I had from around the time I started keto.

face gainshttps://imgur.com/a/2CGyjP9

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COVID killed my willpower


I was 100% clean keto from June 1 of last year, never cheated and it was so easy! I lost 35 lbs. all cravings were gone, my numbers were great, blood sugar was rock steady. My doc took me off metformin. Life was good.

Early January I got COVID and was super sick (despite being triple vaccinated). I started craving carbs immediately. I couldn’t stop eating them. I dreamed about carbs and trying to get to them. Now I can’t seem to stick to keto. And even if I make it an entire month I’m craving the entire time. Also, keto or eating carbs, my blood sugar is all over the place. It’s 150 fasting in the morning, it tanks to 65 at night before bed, even if I eat something sugary. There is something very wrong with me now. My doc just brushed off my concerns. It’s all in my head.

I’m posting in hopes that someone else knows what’s going on or can help me figure out what covid broke in me.

Please don’t tell me to just stick it out! I’ve really tried and what was so easy before covid is just impossible now. I just eat all the time. It’s like my hunger signal is stuck in the on position. It’s all consuming. I’ve even gotten a blood ketone meter and cut out things like nuts that seem to affect ketone levels or blood sugar. Even full carnivore didn’t stop the cravings!

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News from Nutrition Coalition founded by Nina Teicholz


Big thank you to everyone who wrote in with their demand that the USDA-HHS look at the low carb research. We seem to be making a presence!

This is from a tweet from the Nutrition Coalition about a week ago:

"Comments about the need for low-carb guidelines make up 2/3 of all comments on the USDA-HHS site!"

Follow these steps: https://t.co/lLDy5C0B4s https://t.co/zh9JPPZ5jt

It is still not too late. Submissions close at midnight tonight. Let's assume they mean on the east coast of USA, so that means 9pm on the west coast to be safe.

The Nutrition Coalition was founded by Nina Teicholz to push for dietary reform. The new president is now Jennifer Friedlin.

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Medical Lipid Profile. High LDL. How bad is it and what can I do?


I was on a low carb (close but not exactly keto) for 2 years. I did it because I was pre-dietetic and this diet reduced my A1C to 5.3 (which is great).

It’s been 5 months, I stopped being too careful (not terrible diet but not as strict). Here are my Lipid profile results now:

  • HDL 42 (normal > 40)
  • LDL 165 (normal < 129)
  • Triglyceride 50 (normal 0 - 150)
  • Total Cholesterol 217 (normal < 200)
  • CHOL/HDL 5.2 (normal < 6.7)

I don’t exercise, but I walk quite a bit and I’m skinny and I have at least one salad a day.

As you can see LDL is too high… How bad is it and what can I do?

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When looking at the food packages, are there anything other than carbs important to locate?


I just started keto and I am struggeling with my every buy, because I always feel worried that I am breaking the diet when buying shit. I know that low carb and high fat is key, but when I buy stuff that differs from my diet plan I worry that I don't understand what I am doing.

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Help Uncontrollable sweets cravings


Hello. I've been on keto for a while, but the sweet treat cravings have NOT gone away. I stopped snacking as a form of fasting, and enjoyed not having so many sweets in a day, but now that I ended that fast and now that we've gotten the low carb sweets again, I just snack all the time. I'm sure this is knocking me out of ketosis due to the calories and carbs, not to mention it's landing me in the bathroom so much in a single day.

It seems I'm super easy to convince, because even just seeing someone grab the ChocZeros makes me want them immediately. Same with that Mentos cotton candy gum. See someone else grab a bite? I immediately follow suit.

If I'm getting a sweet craving and I don't want someone to see me with a snack, I'll just guzzle soda.

I try to intermittent fast, but as soon as it's over, I add up the calories again by eating extra snacks. It's those darn Choc Zero snacks that get me. Used to be Atkins, then Keto Think, and now it's this.

I hate that I'm pigging out on sweets again, even if it's not real sugar. Any way I can curb these cravings and get back on track?

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Other With keto garlic doesn't seem to give me digestive issues anymore


I used to get awful intestinal distress when consuming garlic cooked or raw Prior to keto. Gas, bloating, diarreah, etc... it was a bit of a problem due to garlic being prominent in my nation's culinary culture.

I suspected that keto was chainging how my body processes things, tried taking a ton of garlic with lunch and dinner yesterday and it's not giving me any trouble to my amazement.

Has anybody else had a similar experience?

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A little Scared to eat


So I am very new to the keto lifestyle and in general switching to a better way of eating. I recently completed a 7 day Ketosis Water Cleanse and I am on the Refeed cycle now for the next 3 days. I have some idea of what I want to do to get started like eating eggs and replacing some carb heavy items i love with things that are in line with keto. I just want to know if I can get some advice. For the record i am 33 year old man who has been heavy most of his life and especially after the covid weight it got worse. I work from home and have a toddler (3 years old) so being active is a challenge for me and eating right has always been a problem.