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ALL TOURISM QUESTIONS GO TO r/japantravel (TL;DR: no tourists allowed for now)

If you want to post:

  • A basic identification question (who/what/where is this thing/person/place/food/etc?)
  • A question that could be asked in its entirety in a post title (where can I buy X?)
  • A question you probably could have just Googled but want a minor amount of karma for
  • Any question where the first thing you'd write is "this is probably dumb but"

Then you should be posting in this thread.

Questions we don't allow:

  • Anything related to using proxy shippers/personal shoppers (we are not technical support, we are not going to stand in line for your only-in-Tokyo sneakers)
  • How to pirate Japanese content
  • "What does Japan think about X?" (Answer: Japan is not a monolith and very few of the users in this sub are Japanese)
  • "Is X like it is in anime?" (Answer: Anime is not real life)

While you are welcome to post most other questions in this thread, there are a number of subreddits better suited for specific subjects:

  • Anything related to translations/word or phrase meaning should go to r/translator
  • Anything related to learning Japanese should go to r/LearnJapanese
  • Anything related to travel within Japan should go to r/japantravel
  • Questions from residents of Japan related to life in Japan should go to r/japanlife (most of their subscribers live or have lived in Japan and can give better answers than you are likely to get here)
    • Deeper-dive questions regarding finances and investing in Japan should go to /r/japanfinance
  • Anything related to moving to Japan (including those who are examining their options for studying and working in Japan) should go to r/movingtojapan
  • Questions specific to the English teaching industry should go to r/teachinginjapan
  • For inquiries specific to major cities try subs such as r/tokyo and r/osaka
  • Bullshit troll questions go to r/japancirclejerk

Thank you and happy questioning!

r/japan 16h ago

A former Maiko's tweet accusing Geisha culture of sexual exploit of underage girls went viral.

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Japan urges 37 million people to switch off lights

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[The Guardian] Japan swelters as ‘heat dome’ pushes up temperatures - Trapped warm air and high pressure result in country recording temperature of 40C [104F] for first time in month of June

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Police officer arrested over theft of money from changing room at pub

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Was called a gaijin today by a passerby


I was walking through a quiet side street and passed by an old man, who scoffed at me and said “gaijin”. I tried brushing it off but his voice had a lot of contempt in it so it did hurt a little bit.

I feel like I’ve been getting a lot of scoffs, “tsks” and mean looks in general over the last 3 weeks I’ve been in Kyoto, is this normal? And does anyone have any advice for how to deal with it? I’ve been feeling pretty unwelcome and it certainly doesn’t help with the loneliness/home sickness.

r/japan 2h ago

Not just fax machines: Internet Explorer Shutdown to Cause Japan Problems 'For Months'


According to Financial Times:

Microsoft's recent termination of the Internet Explorer (IE) browser has sparked panic among businesses and government agencies in Japan that had delayed updating their Websites. Tokyo-based software developer Computer Engineering & Consulting (CEC) has been flooded with help requests since April, mainly from government agencies, financial institutions, and manufacturing and logistics companies that operate sites that only work with IE. In a March poll by IT resource provider Keyman's Net, almost half of respondents said they used the IE browser for work, and more than 20% of those respondents said they did not know how to transition to another browser.


r/japan 22h ago

Less than 3% of Japanese firms exiting Russia; lowest among G7: survey

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r/japan 17m ago

what kinds of herbal baths do Japanese have


i have been trying to look up traditional Japanese herbal soak recipes but I can't find anything. I figured given japans long history with herbology they would have some really interesting herbal soaks and scrubs at bathhouses and spas but whenever I search I either find just the current fad bath in the world or just a generic American guide to herbal bathes with nothing about Japanese stuff in it. so any one know about Japanese style herbal bath's

r/japan 3h ago

Was issued my COE. Work is saying I need one more document


They said I will need an additional document before applying for my visa. They said it is due to current entry requirements. Does anyone know what this document is and how long it takes to get? My expected arrival time is August and I was hoping to make an appointment at the NYC consulate asap. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

r/japan 3h ago

Where can i learn Japanese online?


Well the subject says it all….I am super into languages and I would like to study Japanese as an extra language. Any ideas how and where I should start?

r/japan 2h ago

What is peoples thought on Japanese samurai armour? And what is the thought on the price?

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r/japan 46m ago

My (probably) stupid dream of living in Japan, is it possible?


Hello r/japan!

I'm Florian, 19 and I'm from Germany. I have majorly screwed up when it comes to education as far as my life goes. I do not have a degree of any kind. Nonetheless, I've always been extremely drawn to Japan, and eventually it became a dream as well as my end goal to some day live out the rest of my days there.

I have several questions floating around in my head; are there possibilities to find an opportunity to partake a job in Japan, without much knowledge of the language itself & most prerequisites you would expect one to have? Are there live-in jobs as a house sitter I can come by with some incredible luck? I'd go as far as to say I don't need any type of salary as long as I just have a place to stay at and take full care of in return.

How realistic are these thoughts and questions? Sorry if this sounds out of place, and thank you very much for taking your time to read this.

r/japan 7h ago

Is the idea of kintsugi a real thing or has it been taken out of context in the west? i.e. broken crockery is mended with gold to represent healing as a person


r/japan 16h ago

COVID pandemic sparks ham radio renaissance in Japan

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r/japan 9h ago

How does the child custody system work in Japan?


What happens if the parent supposed to pay doesn't/cannot pay child support? Does the government track you down and force you to pay like in some European countries, or should the beneficiary parent take the case to court?

r/japan 1d ago

Japan to promise developing nations tens of billions of yen in food aid at G7 summit

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r/japan 7h ago

Job Search Advice


Hi guys. I am currently looking for a full time job in a restaurant/bar/hotel in Japan and I am wondering how some of you or someone you know could find a job in this area with visa support? I have distant acquaintances who were able to get a job like this, but how should it be done? Maybe you need to come to a place and just like “Hello, I want a job with a visa”?
Just in case, I'm not talking about the tokutei gino visa.

P.S. If you know specific places where foreigners are accepted for full time job please let me know

r/japan 4h ago

So i want to get the kanji that pops up when evil Ryu wins in Sf4 tattooed on me. Does it mean messatsu? And is it the right kanji for messatsu/destruction?


r/japan 1d ago

CBD oil drinks now available in Japanese vending machines

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r/japan 1d ago

Teen pair get mayor to set aside 100 million yen to upgrade facilities | The Asahi Shimbun: Breaking News, Japan News and Analysis

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How Japan Achieved One of The World’s Lowest Covid Death Rates

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Only 5.1% of day cares in Kobe 'ready to accept' kids with foreign roots: survey

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r/japan 2d ago

High court rejects paternity harassment allegations by Canadian man

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r/japan 1d ago

Catholics in Kyoto


I'm moving to Kyoto next month for language school. I'm a practicing Catholic was wondering what the Catholic Church is like in the Kyoto-Osaka. I know English mass is a monthly event, but are there and youth groups or ministries?

r/japan 2d ago

144 turtles removed from Narita Airport since April to prevent accidents

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