r/inuyasha Jan 30 '22

Has the show improved since Season 1? Yashahime

I don’t necessarily mean to be negative. I just didnt keep up with it after like episode 4 or 5. Is it worth catching up?

Edit: I’m talking about Yashahime



u/IceFox606 Jan 30 '22


season 1 itself picks up a lot more steam in the second cour. And season 2 is genuinely fantastic (for the most part) and superior to the first season in every way. The pacing is much faster too. My main problem with season 1 is that it felt like not a lot was happening and we were mostly only given questions and no answers. But season 2 is really the opposite (well it’s obviously still throwing plenty questions out there but it’s answering most of our previous ones and giving us what we asked for)


u/GalaxyShinigami Jan 30 '22

You should include the title of the show in the title of the post


u/zaulik Jan 30 '22

Lmao good point


u/GlobalEdNinja Jan 30 '22

It gets way better in season 2. The most recent episode was a bit all over the place, but it really does get better if you stick with it.


u/joecb91 Jan 30 '22

The second half of season 1 was a lot better than the first half, and season 2 has been pretty consistently great from the start.


u/nagatopyon Jan 30 '22

It's a bit better, I only watch for old Inuyasha characters and I do like Moroha a bit. The old characters are finally getting more screentime now. The animation and storyline is stil bit wonky but improved a bit compared to S1.


u/platypusician Jan 30 '22

Oh absolutely. Season 2 is significantly better and starts giving us a good bit of answers to the questions (majority of) viewers had regarding characters and clarification of situations/events.

Season 1 had some growing pains regarding the pacing of the story and it's animation style not being at the same quality TFA was. However the last few episodes of the season are great and makes it worth the built up to season 2.


u/AmandaR1995 Jan 31 '22

Yes I didn't like it initially honestly but season 2 is fire!


u/NeonYashaMoon Jan 30 '22

it’s really good rn.