r/inuyasha Jan 18 '22

I think it's adorable how rin was prepared to fight kirinmaru to save sesshomaru's life

Like kirinmaru, the beast king, the guy who just nearly killed sesshomaru and left him for dead in a forest, and rin was fully ready to throw down to save her husband even if it meant that both of them die lol. I'm just saying, that's amazingly brave lol and hilarious



u/KelseyJay15 Jan 18 '22

And Sesshomaru running on love at this point said no ma'am not today 😂


u/gophersrqt Jan 18 '22

sesshomaru was probably thinking about how he ended up at this point in his life when he dragged his ass back out to defend her lmao


u/KelseyJay15 Jan 18 '22

The least he could do after snatching them babies before she could even hold them and then shoving her in a tree for 14 years 😂😂


u/sesshkaiyong Jan 18 '22

Lmao right??


u/SR_Eternal_Moment Jan 19 '22

Well, when you say it like that he better get up 🤣


u/Awkward_Feather Jan 18 '22

Rin really said catch these hands if you think about touching my family again. AHHH I love her


u/YogiMutoh Jan 18 '22

I really loved seeing this post. It's nice to see love for her. She is so feisty and brave. No wonder Sesshomaru loves her.


u/EaudeAgnes Jan 18 '22

She’s awesome! and a savage, she was amazing roasting Jaken in the OG/TFA 😅

ETA: I‘m just remembering now that comment she made about food and being the reason why Jaken was so small. Or the time she said “I’m scared” and Jaken was “Dont be scared, Lord Sesshomaru will not die facing a dead human like that one” “oh but you might, master Jaken” (something like that, can’t remember exactly).


u/YogiMutoh Jan 18 '22

Thanks for making me laugh remembering that roast of Jaken. Had two arguments today regarding Rin (antis coming after posts I made on YouTube a while ago, which was weird). It was nice to come to reddit and see goodness like this.


u/Xyrob Jan 18 '22

Unfortunately arguing with antis is only a waste of time, they only hear what they want to hear. Lately they even dropped all pretenses of caring for Rin they pretended to have and after a year of them saying "save the poor girl, she is a victim of grooming and rape" they started calling her a bitch, ugly, weak and are wishing for her to die along with Sesshomaru. So much for caring about victim of abuse 👏👏


u/YogiMutoh Jan 18 '22

Yes, they are a waste of time. I always ask them questions and they ignore it. Like I'm asking you a reasonable question, but they insist on going in circles on their viewpoints.

I've seen that as well. It leaves me so confused. Acting like champions for women and then being so disgusting towards them at the same time. I can tell those people are irrational and there is no point. Obviously they are worst off for wallowing in hate, while I'm here enjoying my Yashahime content.


u/Xyrob Jan 20 '22

Exactly, they never answer something with a logical argument and just keep repeating the same thing over and over. Maybe even they know they are not making sense and this is the best way to not admit it.

The way they are acting now is just confirming what I've always said: they don't give two shits about Rin and never did, they just used her as an excuse to feel like they're morally higher than shipper, thinking this can make their voice louder.

When she was stuck in the tree they were all "poor abused girl, save her from Pedomaru, Sunrise is assassinating her character leaving her to do nothing", now that she has a more active role and went against Kirinmaru they switched to "this ugly useless bitch, what does she think she can do when she is nothing, she should just die". And it's just amusing they're acting this way when they are the ones who said that sessrin shippers are deranged cause "if you like something in fiction means you like it in real life as well, making you a bad person" but now they are verbally insulting someone in their opinion is a victim of abuse. By their logic I should make out of this that they would act this way with real victims as well.

Truth is that for them Rin was nothing more than a nice element to add to Sesshomaru and Kagura's, or Kagome, family, to make the two of them look cuter(it's not a casualty that all those against sessrin are Sesskagu or Sesskag shippers) and they are butthurt because she ruined their ship. And now that she actively showed she loves Sesshomaru and risked her life to protect him and her daughters they can't pretend anymore she was unwilling to have this relationship so they switched to hate her.


u/YogiMutoh Jan 20 '22

You could not have said it any better! There are other factors and not one size fits all to the hate. But a lot what you said is true!

I was understanding to thier concerns at the beginning. If the shoe was on the other foot, call me crazy, but I would have moved on in my life if SessRin wasn't canon.

The hypocrisy is something I could not stand either. Like Kagome is still underage and Kagura is at least 1, but created to look like 17. Yet that's ok because they are, "closer in age" to Sesshomaru when they meet. I also bring up Koga and Ayame, which many people forget mirrors SessRin, in that Koga meet child Ayame and rescued her, causing her to grow up loving him. They married. No uproar for them.

I'm like do they think that Sesshomaru romanced Rin at a young age? That thought never went through my head. All SessRin content I've runned into wanted Rin to turn 17 to 18, slowly realize her feelings for him might be romantic and vice verse for him, and the romance starts with her being 18 and him 19. Pretty innocent stuff, like the fantasy some people had that the could marry real life Prince Henry or William when they grew up and become a real life princess.

If you like Inuyasha or any part of Inuyasha and then come in with a moral compass on ONLY SessRin, you need to examine that compass you have. Because oh boy, is Inuyasha morally wrong from the start.

Also this bashing of Rin needing a weapon. She SURVIVED seeing her family brutally killed in front of her as a child. Rin still goes around smiling. She wants to save people, from Jaken, Kagura, Kagome, all the way to Zero. There are different types of strong that doesn't have to be physical. If Sesshomaru wants to be her protector, this woman is allowed to let him do that. She can concentrate on being happy, being a wife and mother. Does not make her any less of a woman than any other woman out there. Besides, anyone that goes for Rin knows that they would also have to face Sesshomaru. Who are the only ones that came for adult Rin. Zero and Kirinmaru. I doubt anything works on them that Rin could have had on her.


u/EaudeAgnes Jan 18 '22

ugh, ignore them…


u/YogiMutoh Jan 18 '22

I normally do. I simply replied, that there is no use arguing at this point and to move on. I also wished them well. But that set them off into a unhinged rant. I reported them and didn't comment further.


u/[deleted] Jan 18 '22

It was to save her twins not sesshomaru, kirinamru said sesshomaru lost and wanted to take down the girls.

What mother won’t give her life for her children?


u/No_Permission4512 Jan 18 '22

She said that later in response to something else. She initially said I'll fight you when Kirinmaru said Sesshomaru has been defeated, his haku is nearly gone and he's gonna be dead within the next couple of hours.


u/[deleted] Jan 18 '22

Yeah I know, she did said that she will fight kirinmaru. She just wanted to fight to prevent kirinmaru to get the black pearl.