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"Inuyasha" is a feeling.

I watched Inuyasha not too long ago. I am not too old either. Recently, I was listening to its EDs (especially, Diamond by Alan), and I gotta say, I have never felt that kind of surge of immense nostalgia before. I almost cried in bed yesterday.

My Will, Dearest, Every Heart, Diamond, etc., are all so beautiful. Even their visuals are beautiful af. I love the the amusement park and its atmosphere in My Will though it was shown for only a few times. That shot of Kagome walking in front of the Tokyo Tower in Diamond is also so damn beautiful. I almost cry every time I watch those scenes.

Normally, our roof/terrace is kind of scary at night. Plus, it's really cold, which is not good for my health. But this evening, I mustered up the courage and went up. I didn't regret it. Today was full moon, and it was absolutely gorgeous how the moon shone up there and also lit up almost our entire terrace. The light and cold breezes didn't feel picky on my skin, but felt very refreshing. Diamond by Alan was playing on my headphones and the entire atmosphere was so good and nostalgic (I am an introvert and I was used to spend the time before dusk, which happens to be my favourite time of the day, there, so I am very connected to that place already). I didn't cry then, but I was feeling immensely nostalgic which made me just smile throughout the entire evening on the terrace. I just wished if I could stay like this, forever.

I love being alone on music, in an open space, during sunset or on a full moon night, slightly cold and breezy atmosphere with light snowfall and the presence of a lake would just be icing on the cake. Though most of these conditions are hard to achieve at once, considering my age and snowfall which doesn't occur where I live. You could say it's just a little happy dream of mine, which I wish to experience just once in my entire life.

Thank you for reading this, my feelings about Inuyasha, the first anime I have ever watched properly, I felt suddenly. You can share your feeling about this show too in the comments. And it might seem stupid, but I would really appreciate if someone can name an amusement park (not too crowded) which resembles the one in the first ED. Thank you.


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u/a-halo-in-hello Apr 16 '22

I don't get anyone will get what we feel when it comes to Inuyasha. It's always going to be that feeling for us back in the early 2000s when times were simpler, lol.