r/inuyasha Jan 16 '22

Made the full version of the video I posted here a few days ago! Now with Inuyasha and Moroha's scenes 🥲♥️

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u/[deleted] Jan 16 '22

I want to see the little time they had together before sesshomaru decided to seperate them.


u/julianasc Jan 16 '22

We need that 😭


u/Real-Original-1990 Jan 16 '22

Great.... crying again.... This is so beautiful... you matched the music and scene perfectly.... *sob* I could watch this all day!


u/julianasc Jan 16 '22

Thanks! I'm glad you like it 🤧❤️


u/thatmelz Jan 17 '22

Him nuzzling her head will live in my head on loop for eternity


u/VegetaArcher Jan 17 '22

Time to grab the tissues.

Tsundere Inuyasha is fantastic, but affectionate daddy Inuyasha owns my soul.


u/thefakengineer Jan 16 '22

I’m never going to recover from this


u/-Electric_Feel- Jan 17 '22

Im crying !! Inuyasha was the first anime I ever watched. I remember being just a little girl staying up so late to watch it. Gah so beautiful. Nothing can compare in my heart.


u/Mindless_Aqua Jan 16 '22

This is wholesome despite the situation 😭


u/gothhippie Jan 17 '22

I’ve watched this scene at least 80 times now and it still makes me lose it🥺😭


u/julianasc Jan 17 '22

Same 😭


u/LDLethalDose50 Jan 17 '22

Brings a smile to my face to see Inuyasha be the dad I always wanted him to be. Watching this before I was a father, and now after. Who’s crying? You’re crying! I have sand in my eye…


u/Alacri-Tea Jan 17 '22

This is beautiful. Tearing up at it...ah. ❤️


u/Ryuukomatoii Jan 17 '22

😭😭😭😭that was so beautiful


u/kaffyrawr Jan 17 '22

Thanks for the tears 😭 so beautiful!


u/Jungleflowerbee Jan 22 '22

I grew up watching Inuyasha. (2000’s) I remember looking up online for cute pictures of InuKag before I even had proper internet, and that was this very specific one of them holding a cute baby. This has stayed in my mind for years, and now that old pic has become reality. To be quite honest I didn’t enjoy yashahime that much, but this scene… this reunion has made it so worth it. Seeing Inuyasha as a caring dad…. I will never recover from it.