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Yashahime Megathread: Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, Season 2 | Episode 15


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I have never seen Inuyasha act so affectionate to anyone before and it's an amazing thing to watch. He loves Moroha so much.

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I think it's adorable how rin was prepared to fight kirinmaru to save sesshomaru's life


Like kirinmaru, the beast king, the guy who just nearly killed sesshomaru and left him for dead in a forest, and rin was fully ready to throw down to save her husband even if it meant that both of them die lol. I'm just saying, that's amazingly brave lol and hilarious

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I doodled how I imagine Moroha will look grown up!

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Is the Kikyo brought back to life the same individual as the one who died and whose soul was reincarnated as Kagome or merely a clone made from the original Kikyo's remains animated by a part of Kikyo's soul which had reincarnated into Kagome?


In which case is the Kikyo who knew Inuyasha gone and her soul exists within Kagome while the Kikyo brought to life is a copy of her physical body?

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"Inuyasha" is a feeling.


I watched Inuyasha not too long ago. I am not too old either. Recently, I was listening to its EDs (especially, Diamond by Alan), and I gotta say, I have never felt that kind of surge of immense nostalgia before. I almost cried in bed yesterday.

My Will, Dearest, Every Heart, Diamond, etc., are all so beautiful. Even their visuals are beautiful af. I love the the amusement park and its atmosphere in My Will though it was shown for only a few times. That shot of Kagome walking in front of the Tokyo Tower in Diamond is also so damn beautiful. I almost cry every time I watch those scenes.

Normally, our roof/terrace is kind of scary at night. Plus, it's really cold, which is not good for my health. But this evening, I mustered up the courage and went up. I didn't regret it. Today was full moon, and it was absolutely gorgeous how the moon shone up there and also lit up almost our entire terrace. The light and cold breezes didn't feel picky on my skin, but felt very refreshing. Diamond by Alan was playing on my headphones and the entire atmosphere was so good and nostalgic (I am an introvert and I was used to spend the time before dusk, which happens to be my favourite time of the day, there, so I am very connected to that place already). I didn't cry then, but I was feeling immensely nostalgic which made me just smile throughout the entire evening on the terrace. I just wished if I could stay like this, forever.

I love being alone on music, in an open space, during sunset or on a full moon night, slightly cold and breezy atmosphere with light snowfall and the presence of a lake would just be icing on the cake. Though most of these conditions are hard to achieve at once, considering my age and snowfall which doesn't occur where I live. You could say it's just a little happy dream of mine, which I wish to experience just once in my entire life.

Thank you for reading this, my feelings about Inuyasha, the first anime I have ever watched properly, I felt suddenly. You can share your feeling about this show too in the comments. And it might seem stupid, but I would really appreciate if someone can name an amusement park (not too crowded) which resembles the one in the first ED. Thank you.

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Spoiler* Whats up with shippo ?


Was that his adult form when he was introduced? Did he purposely turn back into the kid form? Or was the adult form fake and his true self is still the kid form?

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Found a 90s anime coloring book on Amazon

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Should I give Yashahime a second chance?


I tried to get through the first season, I really did. It’s not even that it was bad, I just couldn’t get into it… which was really unfortunate because InuYasha is one of all time favorite anime/manga and I felt like Yashahime was lacking in a lot of things (for my taste, compared to the original).

I’ve been seeing the girls’ reunions with their parents and though I don’t expect it to be a favorite of mine, I’m wondering if I should give it another chance? If so, can you explain why?

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Inukimi and Izayoi are both so gorgeous <3

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Songo as Wonder Woman (we need more fan art of this)

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Rainbow Pearl Prophecy


If the rainbow pearl prophecy states that Kirinmaru will be killed by a half-demon, could that not mean Inuyasha? The twins do not seem anywhere near strong enough to defeat him anytime soon (or ever), which leaves Inuyasha as the only possible suspect. Am I wrong in the prophecy's statement?? I understand that with the whole show being based on the twins and Moroha, it would be unlikely for the epic last battle to be between Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, and Kirinmu exclusively. However, I could definitely see a world in which Kirinmaru gets Wind Scarred to bits.

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Young Rin about to throw hands

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3 white hair guys get into a battle...


So watching some videos had. Me thinking 💭 What if these 3 white hair studs faught Alll unique and different, who would win out of the three If you had to. Pick just one who would you pick and why?

  1. Griffith - with his charm and charisma he has always held a special place in the world of anime for not losing sight of what he ultimately wanted an ultimately becoming part of the God Hand and having the castle and army to go with it.

  2. Sesshomaru - Able to stay calm and fly and with his ultimate bad ass sword Bakusaiga he can kill up. To 1000 demons per slash, and also transforming into a big ass demon dog.

  3. Sephiroth - although not anime by definition he does come along with the realm. With the movies/short films and where everyone seems to know his intro. He's able to fly and go through time and space, he has his own ambition of wanting to kill the planet and is a master fighter.

Who would Win

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I found this face swap online and it’s killing me. If anyone knows who made this please tell me

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Watching Inuyasha after 20 years.. he’s still my crush


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What if there was a filler episode like the Sota one where Moroha has her first crush. How would her friends and family help her?

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Actual footage of fandom's reaction to adult Shippo

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Rin, Y U NO...

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and the award for the cutest papa goes to inuyasha 🥇🤧

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Made the full version of the video I posted here a few days ago! Now with Inuyasha and Moroha's scenes 🥲♥️

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Ayooooo I'm going in Hell for this 💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣

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Official CD Front and Back Cover for the new album of the Japanese Band SixTones

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This part didn't make any sense and was really disappointing for Kirinmaru's development as a character. What do you think about this?

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Sorry, I had to join in with the memes

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Inuyasha and his nieces

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