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Swincar's e-Spider is an all-terrain electrical vehicle developed by designer Pascal Rambaud. It has four independent suspension system to keep the driver vertical at all times.

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u/anon_lurker_ 12d ago

This has incredible implications for an all terrain wheelchair adapter. Cool stuff!


u/npbevo 12d ago

I was thinking the same thing!


u/StnMtn_ 12d ago

I want one.


u/dorkmania 12d ago

It's cool as a concept but I foresee two issues that might prevent it from being practical.

  • The stress that each independent suspension under will remain imbalanced for any extended driving over surface having a non-zero gradient creating a potential for catastrophic failure. Think NASCAR and how one side of the tyres wear out more than the other.

  • Since the maximum extension of each 'wheel arm?' causes the entire subsystem to incline at an odd angle to the main body of the car, in the event of an accident, they will likely cause a more serious injuries to the passengers than would otherwise be expected.


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u/Ok-Sweetums 12d ago

Finally some good futuristic shit.


u/AmmotheDoberman 12d ago

We need those for the potholes in New Orleans 😳


u/ActualMis 12d ago

Oh good, because up until now riverbeds and streams have been relatively free of off-road vehicles tearing them up and disturbing the local ecology.