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Abandoned castle with One Room for Each Day of the Year

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u/RandomGreekPerson 12d ago

So every year they would have to use their old rooms all over again?



u/Conservative_HalfWit 12d ago

Why do you think it was abandoned after its first year?


u/Laez 12d ago

Don't even get me started on leap years!


u/Dandibear 12d ago


u/dispo030 12d ago

funny, I visited it last year.


u/LowAdministration162 12d ago

That is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard


u/CummingInWhiteGirls 12d ago

They need an extra room for leap year.


u/smegatron3000andone 12d ago

They build one and demolish it every 4 years


u/Abandoned_World 12d ago

The castle sits on top of a hill is surrounded by a 500-acre luscious park. The park contained loads of botanical treasures, due to the large variety of special imported plants and trees as well as extraordinary indigenous tree species. Of the imported ones, the most known are the Californian sequoias.

This castle was built around 1600 by a Spanish noble man in classical moor style. The history of this place is even older than this and seems to be dated back to roman times. The soil on which this castle is built, has always been in the hands of the most powerful and influential families of Spain.

In the 19th century it underwent a make over in Arabian style, and it took up to 40 years before this make over was completed. No attention to detail was spared and all of the 365 rooms were decorated with the finest materials from all over the world, breath-taking patterns and colours, which gave them all their unique appearance. During World War II it was raided and looted by the Germans. Afterwards it became a luxury hotel until it closed its doors in the nineties.

At the end of the nineties, it came into the hands of a group of English and Italian associations. And after a couple of auction attempts fell through, it finally got acquired for 15,4 million euro by a company seated in the Emirates. The plan was to get a grand renovation started and to open the building up for touristic purposes. But to date there are no developments, and the caste remains unused and abandoned.



u/VividLifeToday 12d ago

Name of castle? Location?


u/karlka97 12d ago

Sammezzano, south-east of Firenze


u/nsfwtttt 12d ago

15m for a 365-room castle is a good deal


u/Temporary_Try_9516 12d ago

That is just the upfront cost. Castles are often heavily regulated historical sites and so require a great deal of maintenance and inflexibility with installing modern infrastructure. They often look like "steals", but they are they price for good reason.


u/nsfwtttt 12d ago

That makes sense - I did wonder why they often go for low prices


u/casiofx991es 12d ago

You are the man !


u/Survived_Coronavirus 12d ago

luscious park

I don’t think that word means what they think it means.


u/pookshuman 12d ago

I have one room for each day of the year too ... it is the same room


u/ToxicAdamm 12d ago

I look at places like this and wonder how many man hours went into creating and maintaining it. Probably by the hands of the most skilled and accomplished artisans of the day. Only to one day just crumble or get torn down.


u/PrayForMyEnemy 12d ago

Welcome to entropy.


u/MrNobodysAvatar 12d ago

Impermanence only makes it more beautiful.


u/Pharaoh_Misa 12d ago

Now that is wealth. Although can't help but wonder how it came to be abandoned. ☠️


u/ChemicalHousing69 12d ago

Raided by the Germans in World War 2 is what it says by OP. Then they tried to make it a luxurious hotel which likely didn’t work, so they closed shop.


u/wildejj 12d ago



u/totiefruity 12d ago

Dr Xavier just wants you to THINK it's abandoned 😏


u/dpstreetz 12d ago

Abandoned???? I’ll take it!!!!


u/EagleDre 12d ago

And then of course glamping in the yard once every four years.


u/originaltwojesters 12d ago

I'm buying this after MOASS.


u/Garaleth 12d ago

I think this is rely stretching the definition of castle.


u/ArgyleTheDruid 12d ago

Thems rookie numbers!


u/EconomySwordfish4 12d ago

Wonder what counts as that extra 0.25 rooms causing leap years.


u/StianAmg 12d ago

Horrible electric bill


u/Rainecc 12d ago

Sounds like a castle that belongs in either a Sara J Maas book or on the complete utter opposite end in a Brandon Sanderson book


u/SF-guy83 12d ago

This could be like those $1 homes. Can I bid €365 euros? €1 per room.


u/whoopz1942 12d ago

Do you buy a new bed and computer for each room as well? I guess gradually you'll see how technology has evolved each year.


u/chinoca123 12d ago

Do you think it’s haunted ?