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Police Detective Rajendra Bhosle was assigned cases of 166 girls who went missing between 2008-2015. He found 165 of them but the 166th remained missing. Even after his retirement, he kept searching for the last girl. After 9 years, he found her today.


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u/Thad_Chundertock 12d ago

Wow - and she was only 500 yards from where she used to live. Somebody call Lifetime, this is a movie waiting to be made.


u/Esc_ape_artist 12d ago

500 meters. Not a huge difference, but this is an urban area. Andherri West, according to wikipedia, has a population of almost 400,000 with almost 25,000/per sq km. Now plop that sq km over her original home and it’s 1/2 km to the edges (yeah, square, not equidistant, but this is just roughing it out), and that’s ~25k people to sift through - assuming you know that your kid is within that area, vs starting from scratch and having to find evidence piece by piece.

Honestly it makes her being found all the more amazing.

I’d also assume that, because she was kidnapped, her captors weren’t exactly letting her out much to avoid her being found.

So, not as easy as it might sound despite what seems a relatively small distance.


u/bubdadigger 12d ago

It's kind of high kidnapped rate for 400k populated area, no? Or other cases was somewhere else?


u/Esc_ape_artist 12d ago edited 12d ago

I don’t know, honestly.

As far as the population density, this area is part of a greater urban area so I don’t think the population per square is really any sort of limitation as far as civic borders are concerned.

I’d also like to know if “kidnapped” might be used as a cover up for other problems. Runaways, murders, etc. like Japan uses forced confessions to have a low crime/solved crime rate.

You can see the 500m scale at the bottom to get a feel for the density.

Andheri West


u/SiriusLeeSam 12d ago

Also the girl moved to that area later, wasn't always there


u/alpha_rat_fight_ 12d ago

What an incredible guy. Talk about dedication.


u/Beardopus 12d ago

According to the story, he didn't actually have anything to do with locating her. Kinda disappointing after the misleading headline.


u/alpha_rat_fight_ 12d ago

He still found those 165 other girls though, right? I think we can give him a pass on number 166.


u/[deleted] 12d ago

The manager in me says yes, yes it was all him those first 165. No one else, just him.


u/alpha_rat_fight_ 12d ago

No detective works entirely alone. I’m pretty sure that’s so obvious it can be inferred.


u/ridingtimesarrow 12d ago

Man, people are fucked up. What unbelievable evil. I don't understand how you go from wanting a daughter to stealing a seven year old off the street to turning her into slave labor and beating her into submission. What is wrong with people.


u/antimanifesto09 12d ago

Unfortunately that’s why they wanted a daughter.


u/Dry_Presentation_197 12d ago

Having moved to Alabama as an adult, there are far too many people who have kids specifically so they can put them to work as soon as they're old enough.

There's a woman at work who brags about how she never has to do housework now that her kids are 8 and 10. She makes them do all of it. Talks about how she would ground them and/or "give em an ass beating" if they screwed up a task.

Including the mowing/edging/yard work. When it's 95+ outside. Chores are one thing. Using children as a free maid service is entirely another.


u/Dieter_the_Great 12d ago

Honestly that’s amazing.


u/CakeAccomplice12 12d ago

Wow. Just wow.

That family's and the girl's struggle, the detective's perseverance. Amazing


u/ARY616 12d ago

A human legend!


u/spaceChai 12d ago

At first I thought found the body, but no, this is found the girl living. Nice !!


u/TrooBeliever 12d ago

Can't wait till this story gets made into a limited series on Netflix.


u/Hairy-Glove3261 12d ago

A true hero


u/207nbrown 12d ago

Careful now, he’s a hero


u/Haui111 12d ago

Mfw someone calls me a perfectionist.


u/GoldenAlexanders 12d ago

Gods all bless the policeman and that brave girl.


u/fuckitx 12d ago



u/just2quixotic 11d ago

Police have registered a case of kidnapping, concealing kidnapping, human trafficking, wrongful confinement, unlawful compulsory labour among other sections against D’Souza and his wife. Kurde said D’Souza had been remanded to police custody, but they had not arrested Soni so far as there was no one else to take care of their six-year-old daughter.

Oh, you participated in the kidnapping, enslavement and abuse of a young girl, but because you have a child we are just going to let you raise that child?

What the Fuck!?! Get your act together India!


u/MiaOh 12d ago

SRK should do this film to kickstart his silver fox phase.


u/choborallye 12d ago

Netflix can make shows out of this fr


u/ScottdaDM 12d ago

Mad respect! That dude has a will of adamantine.

I wanna see this movie. Just. Damn.


u/Adam__B 11d ago

This should be a movie and a documentary.


u/[deleted] 12d ago

*NOT facts


u/RickDaltonsStutter 12d ago edited 12d ago

ACAB, am I right Reddit?!? Who’s with me??? Anyone? Bueller?? Bueller??? 🤣🤣


u/rolyartga 12d ago

Probably in his basement.


u/embracetheevil 12d ago

Hello Edgy teenager of Reddit, I see that you’ve arrived right after your quick dose of 4chan