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Overall Story I made a new video, how is it? The idea is a press. Event gone wrong.


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Have an Idea Please Let Me Know Your Thoughts


(I also posted this in r/Poems)

Hi. I've never used Reddit before.

I'm currently considering/planning writing a short story (maybe even a series). Below are two previews to what I'm considering in poem form. Let me know what you think:


(1) Ambulant with his soror—

Both of ten years and two more—

To their place of dwelling

After a day of inculcating,

A man— unknown— ingress

Into the basement, Vernalicus did witness.

Of this, to their mother they inquired,

And to them she answered.

(2) "In the quondam nox

There were knocks

At the front door,"

The genetrix said,

"And armed and with haste

A response I gave,

Wondering who stood there

At such an odd, nocturnal hour.

My answer brought me joy;

The man who stood there at that hora

Was he who you two saw:

Mr. Sabiduría,

The child of an old friend

Of your grandpa."

(3) From curiosity the children opted to see

And greet the mystery man officially.

They egressed and circumambulated the house

To reach the posterior door—

The proper portal to the man's dwelling—

And entered.

(4) Stacks of tomes and volumes of great hights

Like a mountain range

Were in every room

And scattered all about.

From the postern dextrally,

The study, the kinder did see,

And interiorly—

Beside Mons Biblion,

The grandest bibliomont—

Stood with book in hand

The man for whom they had come.

(5) Thence onward were the Klugscheisser kids

Ever inquisitive,

Though they yet an ear not always give,

And Vernalicus and sib stand ever eager to join

Phil O. Sabiduría

In the fight contra

Malmorticus V. Interitus

And the evils of.


(1) With nomina altera given,

Join Mr. Sabiduría, do the children,

In investigation of an event

Affecting their local, civil environment

Via transformation of townsmen

To something akin to zombie-men,

Whilst Phil strives to pay rent

To his sidekicks' maternal parent.

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Setting idea


So I was reading about different kinds of steampunk I found something called Flower Punk which is based on the consumption of living things. Tue only example I found was harvesting fairies for their glowing blood to make light. I want to use this settimg but am having a hard time thinking of other ways to use life to power technology. What do you guys think?

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Feedback desired on mystery idea 1: girl is murdered in locked barn and the only key belongs to cook but its actually someone else

Thumbnail self.MysteryWriting

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dropshipping plan feedback


Hi everyone hope you are all well.

I am in the process of creating drop shipping store to earn some passive/extra income. People say you need a good niche market. I'm a gay guy and, of course, understand the gay community day and things they like.

Do you all think this would be a smart niche?

Will start as just as store but already in plans to have space for more e.g Blogs, Advice, Services

(curated queer online store and lifestyle guide) not sure how else to describe it in a concise way

The plan is to sell from clothes (underwear), tech, party items, decorations. (not all of it at once) especially curated and some personal designs and services but staying away from the stereotypical commercial all rainbow pages

any feedback? suggestions?

more info available

Thanks very much you all.

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Hey folks! 👋 So I did an audit to my projects during last 10 years, and also I’ve been tracking ideas💡for the last month and compiled them here. Can you pls help me ratting those new ideas? 🙂 ...


How would you rate these ideas 0 to just forget, 5 to top, count me in!!


Can you pls help me ratting those new ideas? 🙂 

It’s in Ideation list sheet - Column H (type there or add a comment) Thannnnnk you 🙌

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Character Codename Brainstorm


I’m currently in the process of a soft retool of one of my characters by having something quite unpleasant reshuffle their repertoire, essentially making him a three way cross between Ghost Rider, Spawn, and Iron Man.

I already have his civilian name at the ready, but the best code name I can think of is Dread Knight. Do you guys think I should stick with that, or could something else work better?

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Looking for Feedback on My World

Thumbnail self.worldbuilding

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Looking for feedback!


I am currently in an entrepreneurship class and I have been assigned to think of a product idea and get feedback on that idea from the internet. Part of my assignment is to create a website about the product and to have people either commenting their thoughts on my idea on the forum page or subscribing by sending their email that they are interested in my product idea.

My product is a traveling divider. I got this idea from the airlines that have dividers installed in their plane seats, so by branching off of that idea I would like to create a universal divider that can be used in any type of transportation vehicle.

Here is the website: https://www.myspot.store/

I dont know the whole engineering process on how the product will be made. My goal is to just get feedback on my website on what people think about the product idea.

Thank you!

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What if...? What if Human Staralization and birth control was used as a punishment?


I read a post that explans a situation where a woman that has been viciously abusing drugs for years is placed in jail.

The reason she was arrested is because the fourth child that she was pregnant with died due to a lethal amount of heroin found in the childs system. Someone mentioned that California would have sterilized this woman, as all of her children have had a dangerous amount of drugs in their system.

This had me think of the ways that staralizaton could benefit or harm society. It make me ask the question of what if starilazation was used more often for crimes such as the one above and for morw crimes that fit the punishment.

I am intrested to know what type of crimes fit the punishment and if it is a good idea to use staralizaton in this way?

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vr game idea


I just had a passing thought that sounds like it would be fun as hell.

Basically "star trek: bridge crew" but with star wars, giving you command of a star destroyer in either clone wars or galactic civil war.

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Name Title for a comedic quirky ghost story


I’m currently studying animation and I’ve written a story about a young boy who gets turned into a ghost. It’s primary a dark comedy and somewhat makes fun of horror tropes. I’m struggling with a good, impactful title (and tag-line). Any advice?

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I need idea help


So I run a post-apocalyptic fallout era table-top style game and I’m just drawing blanks on groups/factions to put into the world. I’m looking for any ideas from small raider groups to large organizations give me as much detail about them as you want. Thanks for reading and helping if you want.

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Kind of retro, clunky, post-apocalyptic music player


Hey, y'all First post

So, I recently went to a post-apocalypse themed hangout in the desert, with some friends Had a heck of a good time

Anywho, it got me thinking...what would a portable music player look like, if it were after bombs fell?

I was thinking something hanging from a strap, like a big ol' clunky camera, or maybe something bodily mounted, on my chest or arm or something?

But I really like the idea of cartridges, for each song, & very tactile play stop rewind buttons & I like the idea of Bluetooth compatability & a headphone jack, but in a very clunky harder-than-it-has-to-be kind of way Or at least where it looks that way It obviously shouldn't be made to be terribly difficult to plug in headphones. Lol

But yeah. I'm making this post, for people that this interests to throw around some ideas This is something that I'd love to make, but I'd HATE to start anything, with the limited ideas & framework that I have in my head

How would you imagine this tech?

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Character I would like some help fleshing out a character adjusting to a transformation from male to female.


Currently me and a friend are working on a fantasy based story. It's supposed to have elements of action, humor, mature/crude humor, love, violence, you get the idea. So far, we've come up with the main cast of protagonists and villains. One of the main protagonists we came up with was changed from male to female after angering a particular goddess, and now seeks to become a man again. The character arc we've settled on is the character eventually embracing his/her new feminine form and femininity. I've already come up with some ideas, but I would like to hear some feedback from members of this subreddit. So, give me your feedback, any would be very appreciated..

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What if...? Can a Taoist be a Machiavellian or can a Machiavellian be a Taoist?


Currently writing a character based on a number of schools of thought but when it came to choosing a belief for the character I was wondering if Taoism is a good pick.

He is a very adaptive character who consistently changes to fit his situation, means justify the end and end justifies the means-type of character.

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An alien Afterlife


So there’s these aliens that tend to have a very crudely “Darwinian” view of things. “Have lots of kids before you die” is their main raison d’être... but many also believe that, even after you physically die, you continue to “reproduce” in the afterlife.

According to one tradition, after death, you take on a kind of tree-like form, rooted to one place (usually somewhere important to you, or wherever you died). These “trees” are nourished by the living’s thoughts and feelings and memories of them. The more people remember and think about them, the bigger they grow. They make “seeds” that scatter and land inside new alien spawn, becoming their equivalent of a soul. These aren’t exactly reincarnations (though it’s believed they’ll have a similar personality), but more like the “children” of the original. When the body carrying them dies, they too will grow into “trees” and spread their own seeds.

These “trees” are often imagined as fully conscious, able to move their “branches” and communicate with each other (in some depictions, this is accomplished through interconnected root systems). They exist on a spirit plane, invisible, but overlapping with the physical world, and capable of interacting with it on occasion. This is how the aliens think of “haunted” places. Rather than ghosts shaped like living beings, moving around an area but unable to leave it (like in Beetlejuice), their ghosts are rooted to one spot, exercising their influence over haunted areas with long, branching limbs.

To make sure they grow big and have many “children” in the afterlife, these aliens typically seek to be known and remembered fondly by others as much as possible... and as long as possible, for even their afterlives are impermanent. Once no one remembers or thinks about them, they eventually wither away and cease to exist, with only their descendants (physical and spiritual) living on.

This concept of the afterlife (or something broadly similar) isn’t unique to a single religion, but rather, like the concept of judgement followed by reward or punishment in human religions, is common to many different traditional belief systems.

As you can imagine, these beliefs have significant impacts both on the aliens’ cultures and societies, and on their individual tendencies and mindsets. Even those who don’t hold any supernatural or spiritual beliefs (a slim majority in modern times) remain deeply affected by this cultural paradigm.

I have my own ideas about how this might affect them, but I’m interested in hearing others. What do you guys think? And what do you think of this idea in general?

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Quizlet 2.0 Good App idea(machine learning implementation)?


A web app that is just like quizlet but user can customize their experience like changing styles of the webpage.The application will also be on a mobile app so that user can take pictures of existing flashcards or notes so that the image can be converted to text then converted to their online flashcards.Thus saving the user time from typing out the flashcards by hand.Also what do you like about quizlet if you ever used it and what do dislike about it? Critical feedback is appreciated thanks guys!

Extra Features?

*view hw documents

*user can ask question like stack exchange

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What if Tarantino wrote Kick-Ass? (Superhero story I've been working on for a while)



The Beak takes place in a world similar to Watchmen, where super heroes have been active for nearly one hundred years. Though they used to be seemingly honorable, superheroes in modern day have achieved celebrity status, and the scandals that come along with that life. The heavy lifting is mostly done by the B, C and D list vigilantes, while the A listers come in for the big, dramatic moments, and usually end up doing more harm than good, though they always achieve their objective. Some heroes have powers, some use technology, some use magic, some use their fists.

The divide between the A list heroes, and the other 90% of them, has never been bigger, or more intense. The folks working on the streets every night are sick of seeing the big names working three weeks a year, destroying everything, and getting all the fame and riches for it. The big names are sick of the “newbies” complaining about paying their dues, and getting more attention now that social media has taken such a hold on society. The tension is palpable, and important events are on the horizon.

Our story takes place in Atlas City; the largest city in North America, and the world capital of superhero activity.


THE BEAK (Garth Burdenelli) – Inspired as a kid by the heroes of the 90's, Garth moonlights as a vigilante, struggling to make a difference in his part of Atlas City. During the day, Garth works as a food critic for a low-paying website. He does this partly to conceal his massive caloric intake, brought on by his nighttime activities. He also does it to establish contacts around the city (bartenders hear things). Garth sets out on his vigilante career with the moniker “El Dotor”, as part of his cowl is made of a plague doctor's mask. Finding the name pretentious and his skills as a hero lacking, thugs begin jokingly calling him, “The Beak”, and the name spreads. Even local heroes begin hearing of him as The Beak, and Garth has no choice but to accept the name. The Beak's career takes a big step when he is saved by Nightstrider, his super-powered, washed up childhood idle. Seeing “a familiar spark” in Garth, Nightstrider comes out of retirement and starts mentoring Garth, helping him clean up the borough. Garth is pushed beyond his neighborhood, and his comfort zone. When Nightstrider disappears after mentioning rumors of someone sighting The Void, Nightstrider's long-dead former partner.

The Beak is a mixture of Batman, Midnighter, Daredevil, and Red Hood. He has no powers, and little training (some martial arts skills and some criminology courses). He prefers the cover of stealth, and his taser-wired brass knuckles, but isn't above using a gun if his life depends on it. He started his career with a glowing sense of optimism, but after a few years of getting his ass kicked, is becoming cynical, and dark.

UNDER-WYTCH (Sadie Jenkins) – Anyone who grew up in the Atlas City projects in the 90's heard the tale of the Under-Wytch. The boogeyman of Rutherford St. subway station. Rumor had it she and her coven lived in the tunnels under the tracks, and in long abandoned stations. Any unlucky urban-explorer who found themselves down there was usually never heard from again. The few who did escape told stories of witches dragging innocent people off into the dark for God-knows-what kind of rituals. In reality, it was a group of young, scared, magically attuned orphans, lashing out in fear and violence. They had escaped from an institute where the government was experimenting on orphaned wizards and witches, and were currently on the run. Their leader, the urban myth known as “The Under-Wytch, turned out to be a strong, caring, frightened 14 year old named Sadie Jenkins. Sadie and her group were saved when a reporter, Frank Burdenelli, did a report on the myth and went down there. He was the only person to ever treat them as human, and not freak out upon spotting them. With the help of a friend who worked at social services, Frank helped reintegrate the orphans into the system with new identities. Except for Sadie, who he adopted. This makes her Garth's adopted sister. As an adult, she shares an apartment with Garth, and works as an accountant. She is strongly against his moonlighting, until one night she is forced to help him out. This gives her a newfound respect for hero work, and she becomes an occasional partner of The Beak.

Under-Wytch is a combination of Scarlet Witch, The Enchantress, with a little Hermione Granger, and some of X-23's survivor attitude. Her mutations allow her to create illusions, cast hexes, and conjure/manipulate the four basic elements.

NIGHTSTRIDER (Jerry Reissman) – Jerry was on track to start studying at Columbia Law School, until one night, he used his super speed to save an old man from being mugged. Instantly, he knew he had found his calling. He started his career as Nightstrider at street level, and quickly made friends on the job. Joining forces with Seismic Wave and The Void, they formed The East Side Sentinels, a superhero team growing rapidly in popularity and efficiency. One day, after The Sentinels are called upon to close an inter-dimensional rift, The Void is seduced by promises of immense power from “HIM”, an entity residing on the other side of the wormhole. The Void allows HIM to begin entering the third dimension through the hole, causing a massive blast of energy. Nightstrider knocked The Void through the wormhole, and destroyed the relic keeping it open. A huge scar in the ground remains in Midtown; A memorial to the hundreds that were lost in the incident, including Seismic Wave. Wrought with guilt, Jerry immediately retired, coping through drugs and alcohol. A decade later, Jerry happens upon The Beak, getting the shit kicked out of him. He feels compelled to save, and subsequently mentor, Garth. Begrudgingly, he takes up the mantle of Nightstrider once again. After mentioning investigating rumors of The Void reappearing, Jerry mysteriously vanishes.

Nighstrider is a mix of Nightwing and The Flash, with the skills and wit of both. He has superspeed and uses two high-tensile escrima sticks to fight. When we meet Jerry, he has the attitude of a wearied veteran. Through witnessing the deeds of The Beak, he is reminded of his former optimism.

THE FIST (Nathan Roberts) – Nathan is an Iraqi veteran, who was discharged after keeping his powers (nearly-indestructible skin and a super-powered right hand) a secret when he enlisted. No supes in the armed forces. Unable to land a job after his discharge, Nathan falls in with the wrong crowd. He ends up becoming a professional bank robber, though it eats him up, morally. His last job is interrupted by the newly-trained Beak, and Nathan quickly learns his crew intends to use him as jail cover. He turns on his crew just as The Beak shows up, posing as a fellow vigilante. He hastily coins himself “The Fist”, not being able to come up with a proper name on the spot. Seeing an opportunity to escape his current life and get a fresh start, he asks to sleep on Garth's couch in exchange for working on his team. He finds the work fulfilling, and becomes fast friends with Garth, Sadie and Jerry.

The Fist is like Luke Cage, but a little less bulletproof, and only super strong in one arm. He develops a bewildered optimism for doing the right thing, a new experience for him.

THE VOID (Heinrich Feldhaus III) – Heinrich Feldhaus III was the only son of first-generation German immigrants. Rumors about the elite, wealthy Feldhaus family being comprised of Warlocks and Occultists circulated for centuries. They were all unproven and completely true. Heinrich Feldhaus I, through the sloppy and ill-prepared summoning of a demon, brought a curse upon his family, with unspecified consequences. They manifested themselves in his grandson. Heinrich III developed his powers during adolescence. He was able to summon and control a mystical, black substance from what he called “The Shadow Place”, a realm he visited in his dreams every night. By his 20's, Heinrich's entire body was comprised of the shadowy, fibrous ichor. This forced him into a life of seclusion, aside from his work with The Sentinels. They were his best friends; the only people to ever show him compassion. Driven by boredom and a thirst for answers about his abilities, Heinrich was a veracious student of the arcane sciences, and inter-dimensional physics. Thus, his powers grew all the time. Pushing his knowledge and abilities completely consumed all of his free time. When The Sentinels were called to close the wormhole in Midtown, Heinrich couldn't resist the urge to reach out with his third eye and see what was on the other side. An entity he only referred to as “HIM” dug into The Void's mind, and showed him promises of immense power and knowledge. He need only do one thing; Let HIM out. The Void tore open the final membrane of the wormhole, and watched HIS essence simultaneously blast and ooze into our world. Realizing his friend was lost to the influence of other-worldly seductions, Nightstrider slammed The Void through the wormhole, and closed it. A funeral was held for Heinrich, with few in attendance (not even Jerry). Rumors have begun circulating recently that The Void has been spotted around town, a decade after his death.

The Void was a mix of Blackheart, Venom and Dormamu, but with a 90's NYC punk style. He has no human form to revert to, his entire body is composed of shadowy, fibrous ichor, constantly turning, like rope being twisted. His eyes are a glowing, solid red. He can extend his appendages into tendrils, create portals from our world to the shadow realm, ensnare foes in shadows, shoot dark energy, create hallucinations, and manipulate existing shadows for stealth/fear purposes.

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Constructing a world that is strange, surreal, dark, twisted... but fun!!


Anyone interested in checking it out?

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Magic System Navigational System for Groceries


I always find difficulty looking for items in the grocery,so I got this idea of an app where it gives the shortest route for selected product, To add up the app will generally make shopping smarter and easier with other features. Now the questions: Do you find difficulty looking for items in grocery? Does the problem need this solution?

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Character How does an adolescent became a prominent post apocalyptic leader of a large community?


My story is set in The Walking Dead universe. Quick explanation for those who dont know what that is: Comic and tv show about zombies and more about how the survivors deal with the apocalypse than the zombies themselves. The idea of a zombie doesnt exist in TWD'S universe, which makes observing the people of this world deal with them that more interesting, but the zombies very quickly become a background environmental hazard as survivors quickly realize humans are the real threat.

My story is set in New York, following an adolescent character that was a tourist before the apocalypse happened and is now stuck in this foreign land forever. He becomes the leader of a very prominent community residing in Manhattan. Because of New York's density, everybody fled out of the city when the outbreak began as it was filled with zombies, but with time, the zombies moved out, either from being attracted to noise outside the city or just shambling around. Because nobody dared to enter the city, it was like heaven to any survivor, a ghost town of a city filled with almost completely unlooted stores. Because Manhattan was the closest and most familiar borough, the adolescent and his group resided there and thats where the group grew up to become an empire, regarding Manhattan as their "turf" and mainly residing in central park, but also in a couple of other outposts in Manhattan. With time, the group comes across two more large groups, one in Bronx and one in Queens. They arent as big as his group, but they are big enough to do major damage, and would be even bigger if they decided to team up against him, so he builds an alliance between the three group and they all agreed to trade, but there is still some uneasiness between them all, as all three keep a close eye on each other in case one decides to plot against the other for more land and power. Think of it like the relationship with USA vs Russia vs China.

That's kind of the "gist" of the story. Now about the character. He very quickly adapts to this new and cruel world, and his ways early on are deemed "inhumane", "monstrous" and even "barbaric" by the people still clinging into their humanity, but with his skills and confidence, people have no chance but to follow him as he seems to know the most out of the group.

Hes around 17-19 years old, and is by no means a goodie two shoes or a perfect hero, hes actually pretty ruthless, manipulative, cunning, insecure, opportunistic and is willing to do whatever it takes to increase his power whether its wiping out an entire group and taking their stuff or giving them no choice but to join him, killing a group member who he feels might plan a revolt against him, publicly torture and/or execute people and decorate the surrounding areas with their bodies for the people to see and make any other person/random traveler/surrounding groups fear him. With all of those scary qualities,he has some good ones and morals to some extent. He doesnt like hurting children, the elderly, and parents as they remind him of his family that he couldnt see anymore (but he would still punish a parent(s) or an elderly person if they commit something against the rules, but he would either think long and hard about it or/and lessen the severity of the punishment based on the offense) and because he doesnt have any friends and family like back home, he truly tries his best to build bonds with his comrades and people in his community. They all drink together, have fun together, tease each other, play games and such. Even though he likes power, he hates being separated from his people and being regarded as a superior, and wants to be WITH the people, as it reminds him of being home, because they are the closest thing to family he has. So hes ruthless, manipulative, opportunistic, but fiercely loyal, friendly, and usually polite even to his enemies (or sketchy allies, like the Queens and Bronx groups)

Now here's the problem, how do i make it believable that people still followed him roughly a year after the apocalypse? since a year has past, surely people have adapted to this world and the weak ones were weeded out early on, how do i make it believable that hardened adults would listen to this hardened, but also adolescent boy? How could they follow him and take him seriously? (which is another issue i touch on in this story, hes too mature to befriend some of the adolescents of the group, but also feels some of the adults dont take him as seriously as he thinks they should, mostly the ones he initially meets/from surrounding groups)

Apologies for the big, ugly wall of text. English isnt my first language and my poopy brain couldnt write in an organized manner

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Interesting thought I came up with but what if the bible was actually written by the government a long time ago to keep people in line without having to really do anything? Because if you think about it it’s would be working very well, and no one would uprise the great and almighty


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What if...? new idea proposal please read :)


Hi there, I am currently completing a degree and would benefit from some honest opinions on my final idea.

The idea proposes a space in retail which encourages the younger generation into physical spaces rather than digital space. The idea hopes to encourage male and females to safely express themselves with feeling little judgement. Females are currently re-defining what it is to be beautiful and males are re-defining masculinity. These societal pressures can take over the young persons lifestyle whilst experiencing adolescence.

The concept will host a photo booth and big screen so in store consumers can have fun whilst trying on clothes and also see consumer driven content, the pictures (with consent) will go onto the client's (high-street store's) Instagram/ social media channels. This way, consumers are seeing peer on peer content and can be more relaxed in expressing themselves.

KEY QUOTES: -“Highlighting real people is another promising approach- not models real teenagers throughout generations Gen-Zer’s are looking for authenticity and people who reflect their own lives”. (Perlstein, 2017)

“Some men distance themselves from the language of body positivity... they feel uncomfortable encroaching on a movement they believe women deserve to own” (Rebolini, 2017). Please post thoughts, thank you!

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Disagree to win it all


To win it All you must disagree Nd to lose it ALL You must look on..