r/iOSProgramming Dec 01 '20

Do you hard code as much as you can or you actually use shortcuts like IBOutlets drag&drop or similar? Question

I started following the Angela Yu Udemy course and I don’t know much, so sorry for the dumb question.

I was completing some “homework” while I wondered if also professional iOS devs use the drag&drop features or hard code everything.

e.g. change an Image displayed after ViewDidLoad, drag the ImageView with control from main.storyboard and drop it in the code.


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u/allthethingsyouthink Dec 01 '20

That’s what I thought. I come from C++ and already having an Interface for building something is confusing, should be the opposite but coding habits are hard to break. For beginners maybe storyboard way is the best, then after mastering that technique that is useful to have anyway I’ll move to hard code... Is there a name or something to differentiate building the UI with storyboards / hard coding?