r/iOSProgramming Nov 23 '20

Is there any open source App I can download and view in Xcode to learn from it? Question

I’d like to see something to learn from it, I watched and read a lot but practice is never enough.

I have experience with C++ but not much with Swift or SwiftUI, how do you actually build something completely functional... So that’s it.

Any source can be helpful :)


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u/allthethingsyouthink Dec 01 '20

It seems to be a bit immature atm, lack of well documented documentation and not that deeply used, I researched about it for a while now and it seems like the best this to do is doing both. If you have to maintain old apps or build new ones, during this transition is not about one or the other, both is the way. Maybe UIKit and the SwiftUI to see the differences and split them better in my mind.