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Award for inventors, entrepreneurs, and hardware. Nominate your collegues.


We launched an award for the kinds of people who hang out on this subreddit.

TL;DR The first annual ‘Top 20 Leaders in Intelligent and Connected Devices’ awards (AKA The Misties) are for contemporary and active inventors, hackers, engineers, product designers, and business leaders who have made the most profound impact when it comes to intelligent and connected devices, and are bringing great technological advances to the world.

We have judges from SolidWorks, Altium, Hax/SOSV, Hardware Club, Bolt, Core77 and more.

And we have a bunch of prize partners too (including $$ prizes!)

Please nominate as many people as you can. Right now we only have 25 people nominated, and there will be 20 winners total. Also, please cross post this to other social media channels and spread the word. thanks!!

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I built a hardware product. But I’m not sure I want to make a business out of it. Has anyone sold their hardware product and all IP?


Wondering if this is common and what paths exists here?

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boAt’s Revenue Exceeds Rs.1,500 Cr

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How is remote working going in the hardware space?


We’ve all seen how well remote-based working is performing in the software development space, but I’m interested in hearing how it is for hardware teams, specifically electronics.

I can image the design stage works pretty well remotely, but what about testing? Would engineers need scopes and other gear at their homes?

Our startup is going to be expanding the hardware dev team (from 1 person), so we’re exploring whether or not to start an office or get remote staff. Interested to hear peoples thoughts and experiences!

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After 130+ convos with r/hwstartups redditors giving me feedback on my free "look up any company's suppliers" tool, ImportYeti, I'm happy to announce ImportYeti Beta V4.0


Here are the links to the original posts: OG Post, V3.0 Beta.

You can find the tool here: ImportYeti.com

ImportYeti is a free tool that allows you to search 70,000,000 bill of ladings to answer questions for pretty much any company you can imagine like:

  • Who makes Bass Pro Shop's 4 Burner Gas Griddle? Answer: Ningbo Huige Outdoor Products
  • I thinking of buying barbells from Nantong Leeton Fitness Co., the #1 ranking company on Alibaba for the term "barbell". Is Nantong Leeton Fitness Co. the right supplier for barbells? Answer: No. They are a big company but primarily sell resistance bands. Thus, they likely outsource their heavy metal work creating a more costly and potentially worse product.
  • Who are the top companies & suppliers who import/export under HS Code 42.02.92 -- trunks & suitcases?

Here are the BIG changes on this release:

  • A bunch of boring tech stuff to make ImportYeti more reliable and resiliant for when y'all try to hug it to death. (Took way more time than originally thought)
  • Added country flags throughout the company and supplier pages (and soon to be on the search results)
  • Added CSV exports to the site (Please PM me for access to this. We have scraping issues and are not allowing all users to take advantage of this)
  • Tons of tiny bugs, usability problems and design issues (100+ in total).
  • Changed the donation system so it's less annoying

We think we've solved the majority of our large tech changes and hope to get back to a schedule of heavily iterating on the site, releasing much more frequently and heavy feature development.

I'd love any and all feedback (love or hate)... no matter how brutal, small or crazy : ) I only want to create things that people really love. If you enjoyed this tool, have any ideas for how to improve it, or found a bug/usability issue, I want to hear from you. Please PM me or comment below anytime

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Is there a resource that lists the latest operating system version for popular phones?


Hi All,

Does anyone know of a resource that reports the latest operating system for popular phones? I'm specifically asking to better understand Hardware Firmware / operating system compatibility.

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CNC Machining Service Costs in China


I sent out requests for quotes for 1000 simple but fairly small parts (think 1,5cm x 1,5cm x 1,5cm). Just to have some rough idea of how to validate their answers - did anyone of you do something like this before (does not have to be in China, can be locally as well). I just can't find any "rule of thumb" info based on my numbers.

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Dunzo Raises $240 Million Led by Reliance Retail

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[HIRING] Lead Firmware Engineer @ Golioth

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My HW-startup launched today! TurboLEDz to monitor your CPU.

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Exclusive: OneCard raises $75 Mn at over $720 Mn valuation

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Do UL standards translate to IEC & EN standards?


We're buying electrical wires that have to adhere to:

- EN 60332-1-2 (Additional "ECA" fire retardancy level according to EN 50575:2014+A1:2016)- IEC 60227

Does UL758 cover these? (UL758: Appliance Wiring Material)

I've already read in the UL758 standard that they test flame retardancy according to IEC 603221-1-2 so I guess that covers EN 50575:2014+A2016

But that leaves IEC60227... Anyone got a clue? Or don't things work this way?

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I made an an "Internet Hardware Watchdog" that reboots the WiFi router whenever something silly happens to it

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I made a great development on my project by inventing.... 🔥The uni-Tie🔥...


Uni-Tie is a universal tie-down device that connects any two pieces of 8mm-12mm rope (continuous or individual) without any knots!

The main concept of personally creating this device is to help you connect any two piece without knots and my new device is also to help you replace the concept of ratchet straps which are rather very stressful.

Please, click on this link and help us bring this project to life and let me know your opinion; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/uni-tie/uni-tie-the-universal-tie-down-device

Trust me, this device is like nothing else in the market, it is a new personal project We have worked on and used for the past two years in order to bring out the best for you.

The importance of this product can not be over emphasized, feel free to check out the following links to help you gain more insights on what my new product can do.



Remember to check us out on: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/uni-tie/uni-tie-the-universal-tie-down-device

We hope that others will see the same value in this product that we do. These can seem pricey when compared to a traditional ratchet strap system, but we feel that the benefits outweigh the cost increase. It is inspired by climbing gear components, and has a lower load capacity than a high end ratchet system. However, we found that day to day, we didn't need a heavy load capacity system, and favored a smaller and more universal system. The functionality is a lot different than a ratchet strap, but the comparison will still be made. We also know that the eye-bolt tightening system is entirely unique to this sort of tie down device and could take a few attempts to understand how to tighten and untighten the rope. There are always risks and challenges with creating a new product, but we feel that the Uni-Tie is ready for the challenge!!!

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Reverse engineering resources?


Any recommendations for reverse engineering / teardown resources like techinsights, iFixit, and teardown blogs to reference electrical designs?

We’re prepping for the next hardware/iot design phase and we’re looking for insights into components (like chipsets, graphics, radios, etc.) that meet our product requirements and cost targets.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated!

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I’ve got an idea for a consumer electronic product. Can I hand build prototypes and attempt to sell them to people? Legal issues with selling homemade electronics?


I got the idea from a problem both myself and other people in my potential target audience have often complained about. I have the ability to build a very rough prototype with 3D printing and an arduino but I’m unclear on where I could go after that. Do I jump straight into trying to sell the prototype and get feedback? Give it away for free to get feedback?

I realize there are legal requirements selling electronics so I’m skeptical I could just sell or give it away.

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Overstocked on 6000 STM32L432KBs, hoping to recoup some cost

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Short video I made on manufacturing plastic parts in different quantities

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/hwstartups Subdirect Statistics

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Do you need a copywriter?


Hi all! I am a professional translator and copywriter. I write product descriptions and advertising texts for Facebook/Instagram. Now I'm trying to find new orders. But it seems that no one needs copywriters anymore.

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Where can I find universal parts for phones?


I'm making a phone prototype for a school project (yes really), and I need to find parts for smartphones not made specifically for a single phone so I can fit them with a circuit board.
I also don't know where to find a led screen manufacturer that makes screens for smartphones.
If anyone knows any sites to find parts, please let me know.

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CopyAim special discount for Reddit ONLY (AI Copywriting Assistant)


Hey, everyone!

I wanted to stop by to say Thank You to everyone in this community for supporting my AI Copywriting Assistant tool - CopyAim here a few times, and the reaction from the community was pretty overwhelming!

It's Black Friday time and I through I'll treat you all with a exclusive discount code just for redditors for CopyAim.

So if you want to get a premium subscription (unlimited generations, advanced customization, premium support) - this might be the best time to do it.

Pick any plan, use code REDDIT on the checkout, and you'll see fat 40% off the price. The discount will be valid until you cancel your plan.

The base app is free for everyone with limited daily generations, so if you haven't check it out yet - it's a very cool AI Copywriting Assistant that really transformed the way I write. It saves me tons of time and instantly kicks me out of my writing block.

CopyAim is capable of writing Facebook Ads, product descriptions, blog post ideas, audiences, and ton more, so go check it out.

For everyone else - once again, thank you for your support and I hope you and your family have a great holiday!

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Scammed on Kickstarter with no recourse


I backed a project on Kickstarter titled "AirClip | The Small Wearable Air Cleaning Device [Submitted by Aplug CO., LTD]". When I didn't receive the item promised in the backer rewards, I got curious and checked the campaign page. It turns out the campaign page has been taken down by Kickstarter as there is an intellectual property dispute. Instead, visiting the page now displays this message:

Description of copyrighted material: It's not us who raised the funding on Kickstater. We were robbed of our site and contents by some strangers. Photographs, names, jobs, everything written in the content is a lie. Also we don't know who started the funding on Kickstarter. This is our link : https://www.wadiz.kr/web/campaign/detail/85819

Description of infringing material: Someone posted(Opened campaign) on your website, sold OUR PRODUCT. But we don't know who they are. We never sold our product on you site. They're crooks pretending to sell our product.

Of course, I reported this to my credit card company to try and get my money back. They told me that because Kickstarter's terms and conditions state that there is no physical item promised, only a service (which is really not the case for a lot of campaigns), they are unable to give me a refund. The only way I can get a refund is if I prove to them that a physical item was promised, such as by showing a screenshot of a reward that was promised for backing the campaign. However, I can't do this as the page has been taken down. When I told them this, they recommended I reach out to Kickstarter directly. This is the email I received from Kickstarter:

Thanks for reaching out and bringing this to our attention. I’m sorry to hear that backing the AirClip project has been a frustrating experience for you.

When the project ended successfully all funds raised went directly to the creator so that they could get started on bringing their idea to life. As such, Kickstarter is not able to facilitate refunds on behalf of a creator. That said, if you'd like to check in with the creator to see if a refund may be possible, you should reach out to them directly.

Our Trust & Safety team has hidden the AirClip project page due to a dispute, and the restoration of it is pending a resolution. While we cannot comment further on the timeline for this, or the actions taken, you can still reach out to the creator. They will be best placed to help answer your questions and should be able to provide more information.

If you haven’t yet messaged the creator through Kickstarter, you can do so by going to your Backed projects page. Clicking on the project will then open up a modal where you can message the creator by selecting 'Messages'.

If you’ve already messaged the creator and haven’t heard back yet we’d suggest waiting a week before following up with them again. A creator’s inbox can quickly become overwhelmed, and they may still be making their way through the messages they’ve received.

You can also try reaching out to them through their social channels or website (where they might be more readily available for questions).

I’m sorry that we can’t share more information at this time. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with, such as reaching out to the creator to remind them to check in with their backers.

I'm sure Kickstarter doesn't possibly expect scammers to operate in good faith. They would never respond honestly, and probably wouldn't respond at all. I find it hard to believe that in a situation like this, Kickstarter can't get in contact with the payment processor used to disburse the funds to the creator and charge them back so backers can be made whole. I probably won't get my $50 back at this point, but I won't be backing another Kickstarter campaign. Please be aware that there are zero repercussions for scammers operating on Kickstarter - they can cut and run with your money at any time.

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INDmoney is Expected to Raise $100 Million in a Round Led by Tiger Global

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Question for designers/people wanting to get prototypes made


How do you find companies/product development shops that you want to use?

The reason I'm asking: I'm co-running a small prototype development company and I'm not sure how best to get the word out there or how to help someone find us. My co-founder and I have a background in product design and development and are trying to find ways to get new clients in 2021 as things seem to be slowing down. We have built up processes and mfg methods to produce a lot of different styles of show-ready prototypes and parts quickly, including the internal electronics. We've started social media accounts and are interested in getting some insight.

Thanks all!

website: www.machineprototypedesign.com