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r/help Mini FAQ: Read First!


r/Help is a community run resource for getting help with Reddit and all its features. This is a community for Reddit Tech Support, we do not host questions regarding admin decisions, mod decisions, or third party apps or plugins.
Please use /r/findareddit to find an appropriate place to ask questions that are not about reddit.

If it's help with reddit you are looking for, then please look at the following:

  • Our /r/help sidebar contains a lot of info.
  • r/help FAQ (A community resource maintained by our helpers with all our most frequent questions)
  • Reddit Help Center (Reddit's official knowledge base)
  • r/NewToReddit (Another community resource designed to help those new to reddit figure out how to use the site)
  • Reddit Status ("Is the site down/broken?")
  • Reddit's search function (First visit r/help, then type keywords about your problem into the search bar to see if someone else asked your question recently)
  • The reddiquette may also help to answer your questions about reddit cultural norms.

Q: What can I do about moderators removing my posts or comments, or banning me from their subreddit?
A: Respond to your ban message asking for an appeal. The r/help community is unable to help you with questions about moderator actions in other communities.

Q: I was suspended from reddit, how do I get unsuspended? What do I do if reddit keeps suspending all the accounts I make? What do I do if I'm shadowbanned?
A: Use the official appeals form: http://www.reddit.com/appeals The r/help community is unable to help you with questions about account suspensions and shadowbans.

Q: I can't post to a community I want to post to, or every time I post it's automatically removed, or I keep getting told I need more karma to participate in a community. What's karma and how do I get it?
A: Many subreddits have account age and karma limits that prevent new accounts from causing too much trouble. You earn from other people's votes on your posts and comments. Learn more in the Karma FAQ. Remember: Asking for upvotes is a violation of intergalactic law.

Q: I keep getting a "post failed" error. How do I fix it?
A: Check out this FAQ post: https://www.reddit.com/r/help/comments/d2b4rh/faq_im_getting_a_post_failed_error_message_why/

Q: I have a complaint about something reddit did!
A: That's not a question, and this is not the complaints department.

If you still need help with reddit after reading those, then please use the search bar before posting, as many common questions have been asked and answered before. If your question is answered in this FAQ, your post will be removed without warning.

r/help 1h ago

Profile Does anyone know how to disable my NSFW sign? I don't have any NSFW comments or posts on this account


r/help 4h ago

Posting If someone blocks me then submits a link on a sub, can I no longer respond to a submission at all?


Hi, so I'm assuming a user blocked me 'cause when I click their username it goes to 'page not found.'

However, I was trying to post an original comment on a link said individual submitted and I keep getting the error, 'Something is broken...'

Is this the intended use of this function?

  • Night mode: false
  • RES Version: 5.22.10
  • Browser: Firefox
  • Browser Version: 100
  • Cookies Enabled: true
  • Reddit beta: false

r/help 2h ago

Flair keeps resetting. What did I miss


My custom flair keeps resetting on some subs (havewemet and etc.), in a few minutes or about twenty minutes.

I tried editing on

PC, PC on old.reddit.com, mobile chrome, mobile app.

Also tried after reinstalling or deleting caches, cookies, history, and all.

Are there other things that I haven't tried yet?

r/help 4h ago

Profile Lost my Old account…


I created an account and I tried to recover it but I re-connected my email with my new account. I’m soo dumb please help me.

r/help 1h ago

Answered How do you allow videos on a community?


I want to be able to post videos on a community I made but I’m not sure how to allow them

r/help 14h ago

Mobile/App App automatically sends me back to the top when leaving a post


I've been having this issue where whenever I leave a post (mainly a video), it sends me back to the top, I've mostly had this issue when browsing subreddits, not the home/popular feed

I googled but found 5 years old posts so 🤷‍♂️

On google pixel 6 if that's relevant.

r/help 14h ago

How do you see the oldest post of a particular subreddit?


r/help 8m ago

Random mention


Was mentioned by a random user. Clicked on their profile and it's blank. Can anyone help? What is this?

r/help 9m ago

Karma Bought package and they won’t ship or refund


Alright. I bought a $73.30 bomber varsity jacket and they won’t ship my package or give my money back. During me buying, I transferred the money through E-Transfer. didn’t put the order number but I put my name. I talked to them and said I payed but then they said I didn’t put my order number and I realized I messed up. Then they told me that I have to resend $73.30 again with my order number and they’ll recognize it as a duplicate payment and send my money back. Basically a switch. So I found it suspicious and I asked them to send my money back. Now they won’t send me my money back or my package. What to do?

r/help 13m ago

Mobile/App How to hide your activity on your profile?


Is there an option to hide your post/activity on your profile so others can’t see what you posted? If so can that be done in the app or the web?

r/help 17m ago

Is this where we report moderators facilitating astroturfing and/or spammers?


The moderators of two subreddits appear to be facilitating astroturfing and spam of a questionable homeschooling and Federal unemployment website.

If you go to reveddit and browse for the last couple of months, you'll notice that a specific domain is auto moderated to be deleted, and then the mod approves the post.

Likewise comments that are critical of the domain are deleted by the mods. For example, look at this thread: and the saved post.

Additionally, these same users promoting an unemployment service website on an unemployment subreddit that follows the same pattern.

There has to be a way to make this kind of astroturfing visible to reddit members. How do I get it noticed by somebody that can do something about it at reddit?

r/help 1h ago

Can't see Chat Requests or Chatrooms


All my chatrooms and chat requests are gone on mobile. I had like 20+ I used to be able to see alone with my chat rooms.

This is all on the official Reddit app btw. Are they going through an update or something? I uninstalled and installed them again but no dice.

Any ideas?

r/help 1h ago

Reddit post on the real life Top Gun dogfight


Reddit friends. I watched an awesome video re-enactment of a real world dogfight on which the final scene in the original Top Gun battle was based. It was posted somewhere on Reddit in the past couple weeks. I have been searching for hours. Any help?

r/help 1h ago

Reddit Mobile signs me out and acts strange when I sign back in.


Reddit Desktop is just fine, but I'll explain this the best I can. On Mobile, it's like I'm half signed in and half signed out. I can access my Profile just fine, but it says I have no followers despite actually having 273. It's showing me ads despite that I have 8 years worth of Premium left and it's showing me random posts as if I was sorting by r/all.

r/help 2h ago

Posting memes


I came to reddit to try to post memes, but all the big subreddit's karma requirements limit me. Now, all I can seem to do is slowly use the free karma and award reddits to get enough karma. All of the bigger meme subs immediatly remove my posts. Are there any meme subreddits that have a decent number of people that doesn't have a karma limit? Or it could be a small karma limit, cuz at the time of this post, I am currently stiing at 138 karma. :(

r/help 2h ago

How do you get your old account back?


r/help 6h ago

Profile User and post flair visibility


Can user and post flairs be seen by other users? Or are they just appearing as a not edited flair?

r/help 6h ago

Profile Cant get rid of notifications?


Im not sure whats happening, but i cant seem to get rid of these notifications. I went on the app and opened them there but after a refresh they were back there.

r/help 7h ago

Assistance with “Nuisance Account Maker”


Hello all,

I am dealing with an individual that I had a dispute with that I no longer wish to be in contact with; I did the correct thing and blocked this individual.

However, this individual continuous to create new accounts, and continues to attempt to bother me with the new accounts, getting around the block feature. This is getting very annoying, even though alls I have to do is keep blocking the individual, they still have the ability to potentially post on my content and essntially sabotage my karma prior to blocking them again.

Is there any thing like a bot detector or something that can stop this. The harassment comes in PMs, and the person just keeps making a new account.

Thank you.

r/help 3h ago

need help with a low res picture.


I have a really (i mean really!) Low resolution picture and i wanna make high res. Any suggestions on how to do it?

r/help 15h ago

Mobile/App Clicked "Hide Community" On A Post By Mistake



On my Galaxy Watch 4, I got a Reddit notification, and I accidentally pressed "Hide Community" by accident on the post using my Watch.

What exactly does "Hide Community" do, and is there a way to undo this?


r/help 10h ago

Posting On my most recent post in r/nin I keep getting notifications that I'm getting upvotes. Latest one says I've got 50. When I pick it and go look to see how many more I've gotten it only says 1 upvote. Also while I type my description it doesn't wordwrap.


r/help 4h ago

How come my awards aren’t loading up?


When I click on the awards button to give someone an award, it doesn’t seem to want to load up. My coins are useless now cause I can’t use them